The Peculiars' Tale

Peculiar Interlude 2


Lovelots guys! We finally reached part three! Finally! Finally, the other Peculiars will appear soon, along with my idol JR! XD I’m so happy to reach this point in my translation. I don’t know about milestones but for me, this marks my true involvement to the world of translators/editors. I said to myself, if I manage to translate half of TPT then maybe I can really become a translator. I actually have no knowledge about how real translation team works. I only knew how to leech off the others of their works so I’m still not familiar with all of a translator’s whatnots.

When I posted the earliest translated chapters, I somehow got discouraged since it seems it won’t become popular but later when seiji96 offered her support, I told myself who cares about read counts or visit counts or whatever that could be found at the Stats page?! Since I started this project, might as well finish it and then translate more so that my username whosays25 will no longer be remembered as the nonsensical Queen of Shippers and Wedding Planner of NUF (Haha! Sorry for all of the NUFian victims, *peace sign*) but as a translator.

However I’m aware I still have long ways to go. There are several aspects which needed improvement.I feel like I have a big grammar issue so I will surely work on it. Another thing, I’m not knowledgeable on how to manage a site even if it’s just a free wordpress site so I’m sure there are some visitors who feel awkward about the site designs and such. Uhm… forgive this humble one’s lack of creativity!

By the way, one of my friends asked me if this translation project was permitted by the author. The answer is yes. Ms. AnakniRizal, one of my idols, was kind-hearted enough to let me translate her work. The truth is, when I sent her the letter asking for her consent, I messed it up big time but she only laughed it off and forgave me. Hooray to her! I almost thought I have to prepare myself to see my name being butchered in her ongoing prequel but I’m glad I don’t have to. (BTW, TPT has a prequel and its title is The Mnemosyne Tale, I haven’t read it but it’s probably about how Memoire was established).On the previous post I mentioned the author asked me to also post the translated chapters at wattpad. If you have time, please check it out. It’s not yet as updated as this site since I only started posting chapters there the other day.

Haha… I know, some might have given up already reading this long post, sorrayyyy~ I’m just happy so please let this one case slide. XD

So lastly, I want to thank all the readers, supporters, and likers. I don’t care if there’s not many of you. I only care about how you all became my source of motivation. Haha.

Okay, for real…here’s the Second Interlude.


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