Hi seiji here∼∼

I am trying to look for a story to be my main translation project. I was wondering if you could help me. The stories I like to share with you does not wan’t their stories to be translated/publish here. I recommend Josei… because there are a lot of good Josei stories here.

And for those Filipino here please do recommend a story. thanks in advance∼… It’s been a long time since I read Filipino works and I forgot most of them.

I didn’t add historical because we don’t usually have a story of that genre here in the Philippines.

Also I wan’t to add another poll.

There are a thousands of Filipino web novels. Some of them are cliches, plot holes, very amateur work but there are also good stories that are undiscovered[I only read a hundred of it]. Hundreds of the web novels have millions of views and some are already publish(mostly cliches but still good). A few(1/400 stories) of them are really good I wanted to share it with you guys∼.



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