11 Ways to Forget Your Ex-Boyfriend

Way 1.2


Hello, hello! Good day to you all! Happy weekend. I hope you will have an amazing weekend filled with fun.

Here is another chapter for you all. If you find any mistakes feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading this story.

Here is way 1.2. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Way 1.2”

    1. Thanks for informing us and sorry for the inconvenience as we had just added some feature to the site, so some links are not working.

      However it may take a while to fix it since I’m only using a phone now and don’t have a pc. And I’m outside.

      Please wait in 3-5hrs.


  1. Excuse me but the link is not working it showing another story please fix it i want to complete the story as i became so attached to it please i beg yoy


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