The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 4.1

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Johann’s house is simple but spacious and clean. Sapphire also can feel that the people living in this subdivision all have jolly aura. She knew, because before entering the house, Johann had introduced her first to his neighbors. And that’s why she discovered that the neighborhood is friendly. All of them smiled at her, with some even hugging her. There’s also those who gave her beso-beso*. It was because Johann introduced her as his fiancée. (TN: google gave me kiss-kiss when I searched for the English meaning, lol. Beso-beso = a form of affectionate greeting by exchanging light kisses on both cheeks)

“Hep!” Johann stopped her when she was about to enter the place. “Miss, take off your shoes. I had just mopped the floor this morning before leaving the house.”

“Ha? My feet will get dirty.”

“I said, I’ve mopped the floor.”

“Eh, that’s many hours ago. Your floor is dirty again. It’s dusty again.”

He took off his shoes and entered the residence first. “Wait here, I’ll get you a pair of house slippers.” He marched without pause until he reached the back door which seemed to be at the kitchen. She could see it from her spot.

Johann went out of that back door and when he returned to her, he’s holding a pair of rubber slippers. He bent down and personally put onto her the white slippers with yellow straps.

“What’s the brand of these slippers?” she asked while staring down. It was her first time seeing this kind of slippers.

“Market brand.”


“Yeah. It’s expensive. Twenty.”

“Twenty thousand?”

Johann laughed. “Twenty pesos. It was being sold at the sidelines. The real price was twenty-five pesos. I only haggled for the price.”

There’s actually a pair of slippers available for twenty pesos? And it’s okay to the feet! It’s unexpected since the cheapest slippers she had always bought from the mall cost five hundred pesos.

She walked inside towards the living room which has a long sofa and two single seater sofa at the two side. In front, there’s the 27-inches flat screen T.V.

Johann flopped himself down on the long sofa. He reached out for the remote placed atop the side table together with the landline telephone. When he turned on the T.V, the sports channel greeted them.

He dusted the spot next to him. “Sit down.”

She sat next to him. “Why is your T.V. in the living room?”

“Why? Where should it be?”

“Ahm, at the entertainment room? Or the bedroom.”

He chuckled. “My home is this small so where else can I squeeze that entertainment room? Actually, it’s better that it’s here so that when I have visitors, they can enjoy watching T.V. here.”

Her eyes darted to and fro of the whole house. Johann’s walls don’t have many decorations. Not even paintings or picture frames. If she will live here, she can already think of several items to hang here and there.

Oh, wait! Is she considering living here now?

Hmm. Sapphire, why not? The feeling here is quite homey.

That’s true. One of the things that had surprised her. Johann was a bachelor so she was more on expecting a house with a very manly style and aura. She even imagined before that his house was messy. But it’s not. He even said that he mopped the floor this morning.

“Can I see your room?”

He shrugged. “Before the kitchen, there’s a spot to slip through at the right. The sole door there is my room.” he said while his whole focus remained on the basketball game he was watching.

She stood up and let herself explore the place. It turned true that before reaching the kitchen, there’s a space there at the right side. The part was elevated. There’s only a single door and when she opened it, a male scent started lingering. There’s a huge bed in the middle of Johann’s not-so-big room. It seemed her walk-in closet is even bigger than this place.

Johann’s build-in closet and working table was in line to each other. The working table was the messy one. On top his table, many papers were stacked up. His folded laptop has many layered papers on top as well. In front of the table was the wall with tons of post-it notes. She started reading some of the posted small papers. The contents were all about deadlines of submission. There’s even a note about a faculty meeting with date and time included.

She let her eyes roamed again. There’s an aircon in line with the window. That’s all and there’s nothing more to peer at inside his room. She went out and inspected the dining area next. Only a four-chaired round table was there. And only a rattan divider divides the dining and kitchen area. Another step and she would be inside the kitchen.

The kitchen is good. It’s also clean. It resembled her grandma’s mansion’s dirty kitchen. The counter was shaped like ‘L’ and the oven toaster was neatly placed beside an electric water heater in line with the stove. The sink can be found at the long part while on the side was… she doesn’t know what that container was called but that’s where the glasses and plates are stacked upside-down. Her eyes searched left and right. He doesn’t have a dishwasher?

She approached the fortunately big enough refrigerator. After opening it, she found that the food stocks are complete. She then opened the back door where he had exited earlier. Beyond that was the laundry area. The space was not big. When she looked up, hanged there were clothes which seemed to be his uniforms.

She closed the backdoor. Looking back, she could see everything – the kitchen, dining area and living room. She returned to where Johann was and the guy was still engrossed in the program.

“Why do you only have a single room? Where will I sleep if I live here with you?” her hands on her waist, she asked as she stands in front of him.

He backed away a little to see what he’s watching. “Eh, of course, in my room.”

Her eyes widened. “You mean, I will sleep with you?!” she exclaimed. They will sleep on the same bed? Ha! That’s a no-no!

He looked up at her. “Couples sleep on the same bed, right? It’s unthinkable to have separate rooms. Sorry for you, but I don’t have an extra room. That’s not a trend in my bungalow.”

Her eyes widened again. “I’m not gonna share a room with you!”

“Don’t be noisy,” he reprimanded in a low voice. “Our neighbours will hear you.”

Feeling irritated, she hits him with the throw pillow she had grabbed from the side. “I don’t want to sleep together with you. I plan to never sleep next to a man!”

He snatched the throw pillow from her and hit her waist. “Sapphire, don’t be nit-picky. Even if you sleep next to me in the nude, I won’t you-know-what you. If the girl doesn’t want to do you-know-what, I won’t engage in that. Also, we’re friends, right? Hey, no malice, please!”

“Just sleep here on the sofa.”

“Eh, then I will have to use electric fan here instead of having only the aircon working at night? A waste of electricity!”

“I will pay the electric bill, then!”

“There are many mosquitoes here!”

“I’ll buy you a mosquito repellent – “

“You will make me sleep on the sofa, here in my own home? Have mercy on me, please. I always go home feeling dead tired from work and then you’d only make me sleep here? I can’t even squeeze  myself here.”

“That’s why let’s just settle down at the town house.”

“We have talked about that.” He stood up in front of her, towering over her. “Sapphire Monteverde and future Mrs. Anderson, I’m a decent guy, okay?” He held her in both shoulders. “I will help you get your inheritance. In exchange for that, I can practice being the head of the household. It’s so for the next time I marry the girl I love, I know what to do. Do you think, only you should benefit? Of course, I, also.”

She wants to answer back but he obstructed her lips with his finger.

He inhaled and removed his finger. “Now, there are clear rules which I know even without you telling me, because our drama is only a marriage for convenience. A marriage on paper. No sex. That’s all. You also don’t have to worry about my loyalty, and I’ve told you that. But we cannot not mind each other.”

Her eyebrows furrowed. “I don’t want someone to meddle with my dealings.”

“I won’t as long as your actions are still within acceptable range, in sanity. If you’re gonna be my wife for a whole year, naturally, you are my responsibility. I will vow to God when we marry. It’s already a sin to not fulfill the ‘til death do us part’. That’s why don’t prick on my conscience anymore.”

“But – “ He once again brought his finger on her lips.

“We’re now friends. Your decisions will matter to me. I will worry if you leave without giving me a notice. I will scold you when you are in the wrong. All your actions will matter to me. Since we’re now co-conspirators in getting your inheritance, let’s go all the way in being partners in crime until our expiration. The only rule to abide for in this relationship is ‘respect’.”

Sapphire continuously blinked at him. Why does Johann talk like this? She can sense that he’s sincere to everything he said. He really wanted to play the role of a good husband. He values their newly-founded friendship. He… he cares about her…

There’s actually a man like him even though he would virtually not get anything in exchange from the girl? Johann is not after her body. Only respect.

Maybe, Mrs. Anderson was right. She will marry the right man.


I’m quite sad, 20 Php is 0.401 US dollars.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    My knowledge of the Philipines is limited – I didn’t even know their monetary unit was pesos(pisos). And their peso is roughly 2 cents…


      1. The real question is cost of living: is it about the same as US average? Or more like western Europe, or like central America? Because if it’s like the last, I could go vacation Filipino – on my budget that’s fly like a sardine, live like a King, or uh Queen.

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      2. Well, if you’re gonna rent an apartment here, less than a hundred dollars will probably be enough for a month. Add another hundred and your expenses for the whole month won’t be an issue.


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