The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 7.1

TN: A short update. I hope you enjoy reading this one. Have a blessed day, everyone. By the way, I was listening to this when I translated this part, just wanna share. XD

The plan Sapphire was essentially talking about was to help her three cousins to move on from Johann’s cousins. What they are going to do is to bring them to their vacation and then the two of them will conspire to trap the pairs that need to have closure and clearance of misunderstandings inside each room . Like Johann’s cousin Gideon and her cousin Haley.

That was actually the productiveness Sapphire was pointing about! To help on her female cousins’ love problems.

“Ah, okay.” Johann replied while nodding. “I actually thought the productiveness you have been thinking about was to do ‘that’ so I kissed you.”

He was strongly struck by her with a pillow. Then she loudly screamed in rage. “You, bastard! That was my first kiss!” She’s really on the brink of exploding! He actually kissed her due to a misunderstanding!

“I’m sorry. You responded to my kiss, so I thought that you wanted it too.”

She once again roared and started hitting him using the pillow. He dared to remind her the stupidity that she did! Oh, how can she kiss him back? She didn’t know how to kiss but… but… for goodness’ sake! She kissed him back!

She had promised before that no man would be ever able to kiss her. But that promise was broken!

“J-just forget what happened. Or, think of it as a mere friendly kiss. Like that.”

She didn’t speak up. She only lied down on the bed and hid underneath the blanket. “I hate you.”

She heard him sigh. “We’re fighting against each other for something so small. This is only our first day but we’re already always fighting. What more of the remaining 365 days?”

“The kiss is a big deal for me, Johann. For almost twenty-eight years of my existence, I guarded myself to not be kissed. I hated boys to the core. I hated how can they easily hurt girls. So, no guy deserved my kiss. Because you guys will think, we’ve fallen. That it’s now easy to manipulate us to do your bidding.”

“Is it really like that? Let’s see, you clean the bathroom.”

“I hate you.”

“I’m sorry for misunderstanding you. But I won’t ask forgiveness for kissing you. It felt good, you know?”

Once again, she let out a shrill scream. Because her mind wanted to agree. Johann’s kiss was good. No, it’s great! It was if she felt something racing inside her chest. It even seemed like she heard fireworks, what the hell?

“Stop worrying anymore, Sapphire. I’m not like the other guys. Not because I have kissed you, I would think that you’re an easy girl. I know that you’re different.”

“Good that you know.”

“So, let’s have peace now. I hate it when you’re angry at me. I don’t want us fighting.” She felt Johann’s both hands on her shoulders. “Wife, please?”

“We’re going to forget that kiss?”

A long time passed before his reply came. She removed the blanket covering her head and stared at him.

“If you really wish to forget it, then fine,” he shrugged and said.

“We will never discuss it again. As in never.”

He nodded.

She sighed. “Okay. I’m gonna rest first.”

“Sure. When you wake up, you’ll be cleaning the bathroom.”

She groaned. “Can it be by tomorrow?”

“I’ll be teaching you how to do laundry tomorrow.”

“You got to be kidding me!”

“We’re also going to water the plants and car-wash my Toyota.”

She lied on her stomach and covered her ears using the pillow. When she closed her eyes, the memories of her husband’s kiss haunted her. Ugh! What is happening to her?

She actually has the mood to remember the kiss? Why is he teaching her to be a slave! What the heck did she involve herself into?

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