The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 7.2

TN: Hello, everyone. Sorry for not updating this story for two days, I was busy for some school related matters. I’m back to my regular Friendly updates. XD I hope you’ll enjoy reading this.

Their planned beach getaway was not realized as they failed to invite their cousins. Sapphire became lazy to continue since their arrangement won’t take place anymore.

But Johann had just set their plan to next month, her birthday will be the exact date, so that those to be invited won’t be able to find reasons to refuse. It’s better for their plan for their cousins to be smoothly concocted.

For the meantime, Sapphire’s forehead wrinkled when she saw Johann in his boxers, walking here and there in front of her. She can’t help but peek at his buttocks.

She drank every drop of the fresh milk that she was drinking and then stood up. They’ve been living with each other for four days. It’s also the fourth day of his teaching about household chores. So far, convincing Johann to not always be topless even when they’re just at home was the only thing she still has no clue on how to accomplish.

“Husband! Don’t you have anything to teach me?”

He glanced at her. “No more. Let’s just fix the division of tasks of the household chores. Let’s divide them for the sake of splendid cohabitation.” He sat on the dining table. “Get a paper and pen.”

She swiftly entered the room and grabbed a paper and pen from his work table.

“Okay, Monday to Friday, my classes always end at five PM,” Johann began speaking. “This is the reason why at lunch time, I won’t be here. In the morning, let me be the one to cook and wash the dishes. At night time, you do them. That way I can have my rest.”

“Can you please wear a shirt?”

“You know, it’s hot.”

“Why don’t you make the whole house air-conditioned?”

“Impractical. High electricity bill.”

She pouted.

“Are you distracted by my body? It’s okay. I can understand what my good physique and handsomeness can bring.”

She sarcastically laughed. “You still have no abs. It’s just sometimes hurting the eyes, and your stomach bulges when you’re topless. Feeling macho?”

“When I get myself some abs, you’ll turn ‘who you’ to me.”

She just laughed at him. “Anyway, may I remind you that I am a lifestyle blogger so, most of the times, I’ll be busy with research and there are times when I don’t stay at home.”

“Why? Where do you go?”

“Anywhere. Everywhere. Especially when I have to buy different books to read. I’m always out of the house. This is why I can’t see the point why you had to teach me house chores when I won’t be able to do those things frequently.”

“It’s still much better if you know how to move inside our house.” He frowned and then sunk into thinking. “Hmm. My wife is actually a wanderlust. I thought you were an introvert who would already find happiness in reading books.”

“I just travel for the sake of finding good books and to put something on my blog. If it’s just me, I prefer to not go out of my room with my books and glass of milk.” It’s true. She would already be happy to shut herself inside the room and be able to read.

“Is that so? Eh, then just lessen your travelling. You know, Wife, you got married. That’s why no matter what, some things will still change in our lives,” he said while jutting down something on the paper. “Pick travels which can enable you to go home at the end of the day.” His sight moved up to her. “Because for sure, I won’t be able to sleep without you in the house.”

She pouted her lips. “Why won’t you be able to sleep? Am I a bed?”

“You’re my wife, that’s why.”

Sapphire doesn’t know how to react to his reply. So she chose not to comment.

“How about you? Can you sleep without me going home?”


The guy laughed. “What a kind house-owner, hija.”

She crossed her arms and stood up. She transferred to the sofa and turned on the TV. It was a very hot and lazy afternoon. It would be nice to sleep, but her good husband didn’t want to turn on the room’s aircon. Now she’s getting by through the air produced by the electric fan.

Johann sat down next to her on the sofa. “Here, our schedule is done. See for yourself.”

She glanced on the paper on his hand. He actually made a table with columns from Monday to Sunday. At the right side, the chores to do were written.

He marked the tasks she has to do with “Beautiful Wife”. His, he wrote “Johann d Handsome.”

She wants to laugh at his old-fashioned taste. But that’s Johann, anyway.

After ensuring that the house chores had been divided equally, Sapphire returned the paper to him. She knows that no matter what complaints she had, she would still find herself doing what Johann tasked her to do. Sometimes she no longer knew if she’s annoyed at Johann or at herself.

“The show really makes people sleepy. Change it to basketball,” he commanded.

“Don’t wanna. Pretty Little Liars is good. You should watch it.”

Johann yawned and then he leaned his head to her shoulder. “It’s nice to sleep at this hour, Wife.”

“I know. So just turn on the aircon. That way we can both have our nap. It’s so hot, you know!”

“It’s more wonderful to sleep at season like this.”

She screamed loudly when he grabbed her by the waist and then buried his head on her neck. “What are you doing?!”

“Sshh. You’ll be heard by our neighbors… I feel sleepy, Wife,” he said in a really sleepy  manner.

She tried hard to push him away. “What the, get away from me. It’s so hot and you’re also sticky with sweat.” Sapphire got goose bumps because he’s still topless and he’s clinging to her as if she is his possession. She can even feel his hot breath on her neck. The hair strands at the back of her neck all rose up.

“Hmm…” His grip on her waist tightened more. And he really thoroughly buried his face between her neck and shoulder!

“Johann!” She turned into a stone at where she was sitting. She doesn’t like their current situation since she’s not used to it. She doesn’t know how to handle the fact that a man was hugging her tightly like this. “Johann!”

However, the man remained silent. When she felt his breathing, the man had fallen asleep!

Argh! When he woke up, he would really be dead to her! He’s been violating so many things in their contract!

Sapphire, the two of you haven’t made another contract aside from being faithful to each other and no sex. That’s all. So, Johann has yet to violate any agreement. Even the kiss you both ‘accidentally’ shared.

Sapphire shut her eyes very tightly and shooed away the memory of their kiss. But her eyes went down to the floor where the incident took place before.

She grabbed Johann by the hand and attempted to remove it from her. However, it only tensed more as her husband clung to her more. She wanted to think that Johann’s just faking his nap, but he’s really asleep since when she tried to poke at his side, he was not tickled.

Sapphire can feel his naked chest to her arm. The feeling is sticky because he sweated earlier! And he has not taken his bath! The thing though… is he’s not smelly. She couldn’t describe his smell. Is this the scent of man? The type which smells like sweat but carried some sort of charm? But how did she know what a guy smells like? In her whole life, the only man she had ever smelled was Johann. Only Johann, and he has not taken a bath yet.

Complaining and complaining about the heat, but he won’t take a bath? This guy is really crazy.

In the end, Sapphire could not do anything but let Johann entwine with her. She couldn’t do anything aside from enduring the hot breathing on her neck blowing at fixed interval. She tried to focus on watching her favorite TV series. But she failed, specially when she also failed to fathom the reason behind the racing of her heart.

And she can’t even understand the feeling of enjoying their current position.

Because of the hot weather and the wind brought by the electric fan, Sapphire did not notice when she started sleeping. And she’s smiling.

She just woke up later on while lying on the sofa… oh, let her correct that, Johann and her were lying on the sofa! Snuggling at each other… hugging!

When her eyes went up, Johann was still asleep. Sapphire’s arm was on his waist. She wants to leave their current position but she couldn’t order her body to move out. Her eyes went drowsy and it was as if sleep was pulling her again.

Ah, come what  may! Perhaps, nothing’s wrong with them hugging each other right now while in a nap. They are a married couple… and they are also ‘friends’.

One more thing, she’s comfortable inside his arms. Inside his arms, she felt secured. As if no one’s gonna maltreat her.

Such feeling actually exists? She actually felt like this inside a man’s embrace? No, she only felt it in Johann’s embrace. Although he made her wash dishes, sweep, scrub the toilet bowl, do laundry, iron the clothes and cook, by his side she can sense that she’s much safer.

In him, he can feel such thing. In her Mom’s embrace, she had never encountered that feeling. Sapphire never did, more so whenever her Mom brought home boyfriend.

She let out an inward sigh and let herself be carried off to dreams. In her dream, she’s not a man-hater. In her dream, she’s free to feel overwhelmed by Johann’s smiles and punch lines.

In her dream, Sapphire has no apathetic mother who doesn’t care about her daughter’s well-being whenever she found another man.

Johann is better, although they haven’t known each other for more than a month, he genuinely cares for her.

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