The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 8.3

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“What happened here?” a voice familiar to Sapphire asked.

A security guard was already restraining her when she glanced at the shoe store’s entrance.


Her Mom who wasn’t usually mistaken as her mother looked at her. With the woman’s elegant look and get-up of tights and sleeveless blouse which made her looked sexier than her, she could be mistaken as Sapphire’s older sister. The woman curled her hair and wore a pair of super high heels.

“Sapphire!” the woman also exclaimed in surprise and then walked to her. The security released her. “Did you fight with someone else, my child?”

“Auntie Mercy!” her cousins also exclaimed, aside from Lavender who was still glaring at Sapphire. A couple of hours ago, Lavender was the one who fetched her up but now she’s enemies with her. Well, tomorrow, they’re gonna be okay for sure.

“You got into a brawl against Lavender?” her mother said in surprise when she saw Lavender’s messy hair which was similar to Sapphire’s. “My goodness! You all still haven’t grown up and had even went into a fight in a public place.” Her mom turned to her cousins. “Girls, come on.” Then her mom glanced at the personnel and excused them. She said she’s going to pay the damage the cousins have done if ever there are.

As of her, she was still shocked when she saw her mother. “M-mommy, aren’t you still abroad?”she asked while walking out of the mall. Her cousins were at the back, following after them.

“Actually, I just arrived a while ago. I directly went here since I thought I should buy you a wedding gift. Then, I walked past the shoe store and we saw each other! Hay, my child, why did you fight with your cousin here?” the woman asked gently.

She didn’t answer. Even her cousins refused to open their mouth until they decided to just go home. Lavender and her met each other’s gaze and then eventually fiercely rolled eyes to each other.

“Mommy, why are you dressed like that?” she berated her mom as they boarded the car. She realized it’s already five pm  in the afternoon.

“What’s the matter with my attire?” the woman asked back.

“Your cleavage would be seen!”

Her mom laughed. “What’s wrong? You’re also the same, ah?”

“I’m twenty-eight.” Until now, the thought that she’s with her mother couldn’t sink in to her mind. She’s even going to send her home.

“And I’m just… forty-six. I’m still sexy, so why not flaunt it, right?”

Her mom flaunting her cleavage and sexiness only meant one thing. She’s once again single and looking for a new boyfriend. This was probably why she went back earlier than expected. She broke up with her boyfriend who she was supposed to be with in the US.

Sapphire could only shake her head. She no longer speak except when she’s instructing her mom to where her husband’s home was.

When they arrived, her mother couldn’t believe what she saw.

“I thought you married an Anderson? So, why are you living in this… kind of house?” the woman exclaimed in shock.

She invited her inside. Johann’s car was already parked there.

“Don’t ask anymore, Mommy. Come in, I’ll introduce you to my husband.”

She opened the door and then the aroma of what Johann was cooking wafted over. If she’s not mistaken, he’s cooking chicken curry.

“Mom, don’t wear your heels inside.”

“Why?” the woman asked with her brow up.

“It’s like this here.” She first removed her sandals and then entered the house. “Johann!”

“Hey, Wife, you’re back,” his head poked out of the kitchen. “What an obedient child. You really went home before seven. That’s good!”

“My mom’s with me.”

Obvious was his astonishment. “Your mom?”

She pointed towards her mother who was standing at the doorway, her head looking down since she was still removing her heels. Because of this, her boobs could be seen.

“Ma! Your boobs, my god!” She immediately covered her mother.

The woman only laughed as if she never cared about it. “Oh, sorry.”

She glanced upon Johann. From his view, it was a sure thing that he saw something.

“I didn’t see anything,” he quickly denied even though she still hadn’t asked. He went out of the kitchen to greet her mother. “Good evening po, Ma’am.”

“Oh! You’re Johann Anderson?”

Her husband charmingly smiled. “Yes, Ma’am. I’m the husband of your daughter po. You are actually back to the Philippines. And you’re beautiful! You look like Sapphire’s sister.”

Her mom flatteringly laughed. “Oh, thank you. Don’t use ‘po’ and ‘Ma’am’  on me. Just call me by my name or call me Mom as well.”

“Oh my, it seemed hard to call you Mom po. You’re too sexy to be my mother-in-law,” Johann praised. Naturally, her mother let herself be flattered.

And Sapphire saw something familiar from her mother’s eyes.

Johann escorted the woman on the sofa then chatted with her. They immediately exchanged stories with each other. They suddenly forgot Sapphire’s existence!

She poked at Johann. “Mom, excuse us for a while,” she informed her mother. “I only have some matters to discuss with Johann. Feel yourself at home,” she then pulled him towards their room.

“Hey, Husband! Don’t flatter my mom too much about her being beautiful and sexy!” she reprimanded once they get inside the room. She toned down her voice so that they won’t be heard outside.

“Huh? Did I? Your mom’s really beautiful and sexy. I was surprised, you know? Her sex appeal was actually more prominent than yours.”

She gasped and struck his arm strongly. “What did you say?”

His laughter was so loud. “Just joking. To me, you’re the most beautiful, Wife. Let me kiss you.” And then he quickly planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Johann!” she shouted.

He only formed a peace sign. “It’s only a friendly kiss. Don’t give it malice.”

She only shook her head. “Just, don’t do that again and also watch over yourself while conversing with her. Make her feel that she’s still older, okay? Don’t talk to her as if the two of you are the same age.”

“Your Mom is cool, you know. Obviously, she’s jollier than you.”

“Whatever. Just, my reminders, okay?”

“Was it wrong to compliment your mom?”

“No. It’s just that, she just broke up with her boyfriend. Also, don’t let her touch you. Not even a sneaky hitting,” she prompted.

“Why?” he asked again. Is he that clueless?

“Didn’t you notice?”

“What?” he said with a frown. “Wait, why is your hair messy? Did you play hair-pulling with someone?”

“My cousin and I got into an argument. We pulled each other’s hair in the mall.”

His eyes widened. “What? You did that inside a mall?”

“Yeah. But let the story be saved for later. Let’s go back there. Just, please follow my reminders, alright?”

“Wait, what first should I have noticed? Was I disliked by your mom?”

She shook her head. “I saw it in her eyes. I know, for certain. My Mom has got the hots for you!”


Hay – a sighing expression

po – interjected in a sentence, implying that the speaker is speaking respectfully


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  1. Thank you for the chapter. Her mom is – I’d say a cougar, but more like an equal opportunity carnivore.

    For “making round of someone’s head” you might try something along the lines of “Don’t flatter her too much [or sing her praises too loudly/much/to high heaven]; you’ll give her a big head.

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