The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 9.2

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Her mom didn’t reply anymore and just shifted the topic to another. Seems like the woman got embarrassed or what. Probably ashamed to herself since Johann had emphasized for numerous times how Sapphire was his wife and she was his mother-in-law. He was even very consistent in saying po and opo.

They sat in front of the dining table. Johann and her were next to each other while her mom was in front of them.

“So, Johann, what do you do?” her mom asked while they’re eating.

“I’m a UP Professor, though I only teach minor Mathematics subjects. I’m also a high school teacher but for this school year, I only took half a load,” Johann answered as he put rice on her mother’s plate.

When she was about to get the rice container from him, he didn’t let her do so and instead filled her plate by himself.

“Is that enough, Wife?” he asked after serving her rice.

“Ah… a-a bit more.”

He smiled and started putting more rice onto her plate.

“So, you’re a licensed teacher. That’s pretty impressive. But, don’t you have plans to build a business? You won’t get rich in being a mere professor and high school teacher,” her mom commented.

She was about to get the bowl of chicken curry but Johann had gotten it first. And like what he did earlier, he also filled her plate with curry.

“I actually don’t plan to be so rich. My life’s already good. I’m able to eat three times a day and sometimes even four times when snack is included. There are days when it’s five times with midnight snacks.”

Her mother chuckled. “You’re a funny guy. But honestly, you don’t plan to become rich? Or are you already that wealthy? You’re an Anderson. Even if you don’t work for this lifetime, you won’t ever starve.”

“The one who’s rich is not really me. It’s my father. It feels good to be a wealthy man. It’s true. No one has never dreamed of being like that. But sometimes po, if you don’t find yourself lacking in anything anymore, why still desire much more than that?”

Sapphire didn’t notice that she was already nodding while eating her food. She likes what Johann had said. His husband is actually not all jokes and pranks!

“But sometimes, having just is never enough,” her mother disagreed.

“It depends on how you define the word ‘enough’,” Johann answered in his light tone. “Just that for me, having a very beautiful wife is already more than what anyone could ever wish for.” he said and then turned to her with a wink.

Sapphire almost choked on her food. It’s already okay, eh! Why throw a punch line like that? She covertly rolled her eyes at him for the hateful guy irritated her with his wide grin.

“Wife, do you want juice?”

“Yeah. So I’ll have something to pour on you.”

Johann laughed. “You’re really sweet,” then he pinched her cheeks. “Let me kiss you.” And then he really planted her cheek a quick kiss before standing up to prepare juice!

The stupid guy was fast! He once again one-upped her.

“You married a wise guy,” her mother said when they got left by themselves on the table.

She only shrugged her shoulders. She saw the admiration in her mother’s eyes.

“Guys like him, are rarely found. If I were you, my child, I won’t let him go. And did I mention that he’s obviously caring and sweet?”

She pouted. How come that her mother can see through Johann? They have not even been acquainted for more than an hour yet her mom can already say those things?

And Johann, is wise, caring and sweet?

Don’t deny, Sapphire. It’s all true.

Her frown deepened. “He always make me clean the toilet room,” she complained to her mother.

The woman chuckled. “Now you know how to clean the toilet? That’s nice!”

Ay, too much. The people around her are really weird. Is cleaning the comfort room a very good thing? She can’t understand.

Johann came back bringing a water pitcher of mango juice filled with so many ice cubes. He was also the one who filled the glass of the three of them.

When he took his seat again, she simply elbowed him.

“Aw!” he whined in a low voice. His hand went to his side and then asked in a whisper. “What did I do to you this time, Wife?”

“You kissed me on the cheeks! I can notice it all now. You’re always trying to take advantage of me.”

“Eh, then just get even at me. Kiss me also on the cheeks,” he whispered back while grinning.

She was about to pinch him again but he swiftly grabbed her hand and then poked her at the side. She almost jumped in shock and ticklish sensation. She used her free hand to take revenge but it was also caught by him who once again poked at her side.

He silently laughed at her reaction. She forcefully attempted to reclaim her hand from him but he didn’t let her have her way. Now they looked like children playing with each other.

Her mother made a throat-clearing sound which made the two of them stop.

“You, two, look good together. Do you two have plans to make your marriage real?” the woman asked to tease them while a playful smile was on her lips.

Johann and Sapphire exchanged gazes. Sapphire laughed. “No way!”

Johann merely smiled and didn’t let go of her hand. This was why she couldn’t continue eating.

“Why is that so, my child? Oh, you don’t know what would happen in the future. You won’t know when destiny will take place.”

“Mom, you still believe in destiny? You’re already old.”

“My wife, why not? Destiny is for all ages,” Johann butted in. “And it’s real.”

So, it was her mom’s destiny to get pregnant with no one take responsible to her? It was also her mom’s destiny to have many boyfriends so that she could be happy? Sapphire really had the impulse to say that but she stopped herself. Destiny is just a shit.

“Can you let go of my hand? I want to eat,” she said to her husband in a snappy  manner.

“But what if we’ve been destined to each other, what say you?”

Sapphire felt an eerie chill. “Eeew! Husband, don’t! You’re creeping me out!”

Her husband and mother suddenly laughed.

Johann freed her hand but not after giving it a kiss. “Your hand smells nice. The smell of chicken-curry.”

She gave him an eye-roll and then resumed her meal. In the next few minutes, only her mom and Johann were chatting. Meanwhile, Sapphire was observing her mom. It seems the woman no longer harbored motive against Johann. With her husband’s endless ‘po’ and after repeatedly addressing her as ‘Mom’, who wouldn’t be discouraged? Johann was also like a dim-wit throwing sweet gestures at her.

Yet, she wants to salute her husband. Because he understood what she meant earlier.

He’s really different. He’s different from any other guy. He’s responsible and was aware of his limits.

“Wife, why are smiling by yourself? Have you come up with a joke? Share it to us!”

Her smile suddenly vanished. She was actually smiling? She’s not aware! And wait, she’s smiling while thinking of Johann?

Her lips contorted. “Ah, n-nothing. I don’t have a joke here.” She could only swallowed a spoonful of food.

“I thought you have come up with a joke, eh. You’ve suddenly begun to smile,” said Johann. “If I don’t know you well, I would be believing that you’ve been thinking of me,” he teased.

She suddenly felt like something was stuck in her throat.


po – when interjected in a sentence, it mean the speaker had spoken respectfully

UP – University of the Philippines

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