The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 9.3

TN: I like what Sapphire said in this chapter. XD Enjoy reading.

“I had a great time! Next time, the two of you should go to my house and I’ll cook for you,” Sapphire’s mother said gently to the couple.

“Mom, we also enjoyed your company! You’re enjoyable to be with and your stories are pleasing to the ears, though your arrival was quite unexpected,” Johann replied with a smile. “Till next time.”

“You know, I like you for my daughter. I can see that you are a great man.”

Johann seemed to embarrassed so he scratched the back of his neck. “Great. Not really po. I’m already contented with being handsome.”

Her mom laughed and embraced Johann. “Take good care of Sapphire.”

Sapphire’s eyes narrowed because it looked to her that they have been embracing for quite a long time. She even saw how her mom’s boobs almost crashed Johann.

She made a loud ‘ahem’ sound which successfully made her mom released her husband.

“Can I talk to my daughter for a while?” her mother pleaded to Johann.

“No problem po. I’ll go inside first.”

“Where will you stay, Mom?” she asked when they’ve been left alone.

“In Mama’s mansion, where else? That’s my only house.” She was then embraced by the woman. Sapphire was somewhat surprised since she was not used to her hug.

She hugged back although it’s an awkward thing for her.

“I missed you,” the woman whispered to her.

“I missed you, too, Mom.”

Her mother let go of her and pinched her cheeks. “You’re such a big girl now.” She noticed a particular emotion from the woman’s eyes which she could not give name. It vanished so quickly. “Somewhere in your heart, maybe you could love your husband.”

“That would be not possible, Mom. I’m never gonna love a man.” And she was the reason.

“Open you heart. Loving can bring happiness, my child.” The reply came with a smile.

She didn’t answer. How could her mother say that loving can bring happiness when she was already hurt for innumerable times?

The woman kissed her forehead. “Be a good girl. Be a good wife.”

She rolled her eyes. “This is only for a year.”

“So what? You have no way to tell. Johann’s a nice catch. If you let him out of your grasp, you won’t ever find someone like him again.”

“If  he would only make me clean the toilet and wash briefs, it’s better for me to never encounter guys like him again.”

Her mother could only shake her head. “I gotta go, baby,” The woman said her farewell and then boarded her car.

When she heard the sound of the car leaving, she immediately entered the house.

“You locked the gate?” asked Johann when she saw him washing the dishes.

“Yup.” She grabbed a plastic container and wrapped the leftover food.

“What did you mom say to you?” he casually inquired.

She brought the empty pots on the sink and the plastic containers containing the leftover dishes in the ref. “She said not to let you go. She said you’re a nice catch.”

He suddenly whistled. “How true.”

“And then she also urged me to try loving you. What the hell?”

“Why not? I’m pretty lovable.”

She faced him. She stared at him in boredom. “Whatever. This marriage will only be for a year. After a year, it will be over. And that’s it.”

“After a year, I could finally go to your mom.”

She gasped. “Johann!”

He laughed. “Why? Your mom is more likable, she appreciated me. She only gave way to you till next year.”

She strongly hit his arm.

“Ouch, man! Why is you hand so heavy?”

“Don’t you dare date my mom when we separate next year!”

“Uy, jealous.”

“As if!”

He had finished washing and was already drying her hands with a towel. “I was just kidding. Don’t be overly jealous. You know for yourself that you’re my one and only wife,” then he pinched her nose.

She turned her back against him and then marched towards their room. When she emerged out of it again, a towel and sleepwear were in her hands while walking towards the bathroom.

She only washed up for a few minutes. When she came out, she felt refreshed in her pajama. The table and the sink have already been cleaned when she passed by.

The only light was coming from the living room. Johann was there and busying himself on the center table. The TV was on though he was not watching.

“I’m going to sleep. What about you?” she asked him.

He didn’t raise his eyes upon her. “Later. I’ll finish first my lesson plan. Can you please get my laptop from the room? I still have to prepare my lecture for tomorrow.”

She returned to the room and fetched his laptop bag.

“Here,” she turned to him after returning in the living room.

He raised his head and grabbed the bag from her. “Thanks, Wife.”

Instead of going to the room, she sat beside him.

“I thought you’ll be sleeping now?”

“Actually, I’m not feeling sleepy yet,” she replied while gluing her eyes on the TV.

He glanced at her. “Your eyes look drowsy and you said you still don’t feel like sleeping?”

She only shrugged. “I’ll just wait for you.”

He seemed puzzled as he stared at her.


A smile was slowly forming on his lips. “You can’t sleep without me by you side, right? Ayiiiiiee!”

She struck his face with a throw pillow. For three times. “Don’t flatter yourself too much. You dare tease when you’re the one being waited upon.”

“You won’t get mad if you’re not guilty. Okay, just admit it…” His eyebrows went up and down. “You can’t sleep without me by your side.”

She stood up. “Eh, okay, fine, I’m going to sleep. Just be alone here!”

He grabbed her hand. “You know, you girls only have to say to us directly what you want to happen yet you all do it in a very vague way. Come here. Okay, just wait for me. I’ll do this fast.”

She pouted. “That’s not true. We girls don’t have to state the obvious all the time. It’s not our fault if you boys are slow.”

He smirked. “Eh, now, you admitted it.” He strongly pulled her and so she landed on his lap.

Her eyes widened and was about to stand up when he suddenly grabbed her by the waist. “Johann!” She struggled.

“Wife, just stay put, okay? You don’t know how many girls dreamed of being on your place now.”

“Arrogant! You, ha! I can already see it,” she pointed her finger at him. “Since the day we got married, you always took advantage of me. Those hugs, those kisses on the cheeks which you’ve been attempting to cover up as trend, you putting your arm over my shoulders… you thought I didn’t notice it all, huh? You’re seducing me!” she accused.

Johann laughed loudly. “I’m not seducing you. Just being friendly here.” he defended.

“’Friendly’ your face! Are all brokenhearted like that? Searching for someone to flirt with- mmm!”

Johann had suddenly covered her lips… with his.

TN: Next chapter, let’s see how Johann will die. Jk.

po – when included in a sentence, it means the speaker was being respectful


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  1. Back after a few days of closet organization – it’s still not done. Please, if you have mercy in you, you’ll find a way to either kill me, or perhaps burn all of my random possessions, so I can stop caring about them enough to stop trying to keep them tidy and organized!
    Uh, back on track, thank you for the chapter.
    Johann dies…well, she’d be back to square one with getting the husband, and the money. I wonder how that would work with the will.

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