The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 10.1

TN: It’s the end for Johann, jk.

Sapphire ignored Johann when the latter tried to give him a glass of fresh milk.

“You really won’t talk to me?” he asked.

After what he did yesterday, without warning her, he still expect her to talk with him?

Last night, when he made her shut up with his kiss, she was only stunned for a short while, had quickly regained sanity and backed away from him. She slapped him and then marched towards their room. She locked the door and so he was unable to sleep on their bed that night.

“Wife, I won’t leave until you talk to me.”

She stood up and passed by him.

“Sapphire, it’s just a kiss. Why are you making a big fuss over it? You see, I’m now speaking in English. You’re making me mad.”

She faced him. “And you actually have the nerve to get mad! And what are you saying that it’s just a kiss? Hell! You know I hate being kissed! I let the first slide but not last night. You purposely did it!”

“It’s because you’ve been blabbering about so many things. You only have to tell me ‘Yeah, Husband. I can’t sleep without you by my side’,” he said, mimicking her voice.

“You’re still thinking of why I want to wait for you before sleeping?”

“Yes! I’ll push this! I want you, Wife, to admit it. You don’t have to hide what you feel inside. You don’t need to fool yourself. And what’s wrong with admitting how you want to sleep with me beside you? I’m your husband.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He caught her arm. “Wife, a bit more and I’ll make you drink Sprite. Be true to yourself!”

She retrieved her arm from him. “What ‘being true’? What I say, what you see, that’s the real me!”


Her hands balled into a fist, her eyebrows met. “Why do you refuse to believe it? Just leave! Go and teach! I’m not your student so don’t lecture me about myself!”

“Why are you fuming?”

“You kissed me last night!”

“What do you want me to do? Say sorry? For I kissed you? You slapped me, anyways.”

“I’m not sorry that I slapped you! We haven’t been married for two weeks and you’ve already violated all my rules!”

His forehead furrowed. “Wife, which part of ‘no sex’ and ‘be faithful’ had been violated by me, hey?”

She started stomping. Annoying! So annoying! What had entered her mind to set up only those rules? She should have added ‘no hugs, no kisses, no wrapping his arm over my shoulders, no flirting’! She forgot, the man she married always have ways in things.

“You know, for your ire to fade, just confess to yourself that things should not be covered up with pride. You’re being too faithful to your man-hater image. That’s why you can’t admit that, number one!” He raised one forefinger. “You were jealous yesterday. You got jealous of your hot Mom.”

“No – “

“Number two!” He raised his middle finger together with the forefinger. “You really don’t mind me putting my arm over your shoulders. You also don’t really mind my hugs. Since if you really hate it, you won’t let anyone do that.”

“How thick-fac – “

“Number three!” He raised his ring finger next. “Admit it already – my kiss is good. That’s the second time. You are really so blessed to be kissed by a handsome man like me.”

“Not – “

“And number four!” His pinky finger was up. “You want to sleep with me by your side because you are unable to sleep without us chatting first.”

She crossed her arms and shook her head. “How much air you got inside your head, Johann? Really?”

“You know, Wife. It’s not really bad to deny. That’s you, eh. But if you will always refute to yourself the things you really feel and think, hah! Your life will become more complicated.”

She put her hands on her waist. “Husband, my life really complicated since the time that I grew up without a dad. My life is complicated since the time that I have a mom, but I can’t feel it. It’s a complicated life to see your mom with different boys  who make her happy but would make her cry after. My life is complicated. There’s nothing simple being a neglected loved child,” she seriously said.

He didn’t reply. The grin on his lips faded away and then she saw in his eyes what she hated to see the most the moment she decided to open up herself and tell him her real feelings and thoughts.

She turned around. “Just go to work. Your students are waiting for you.” She speedily get inside the room. And locked herself again.

Earlier, she saw pity from Johann’s eyes.

She hates being pitied. So, she’s used to hide the things that would expose her vulnerability.

If she had admitted that yes, she got jealous last night when she saw that her Mom liked Johann, that yes, she likes the feeling of being hugged and pulled by him, that yes, his kiss made her feel good, and that yes, she couldn’t sleep without him by her side – it will only result to one thing.

That she’s starting to like her husband. That she’s starting to get used to his presence. She was already like this in their first two weeks! What would happen in their coming weeks and months?

She doesn’t want to be that attached to him. She doesn’t want to fall in love with him. She doesn’t want to get hurt.

She had been hurt since young. She no longer desire to feel more pain.

drink Sprite – don’t ever consult the Urban Dictionary for this, in the Philippines the soft drink Sprite has a TV commercial about being true to one’s self. Here’s the link to more explanation.


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