The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 11.1

TN: Enjoy reading! Sapphire has finally learned the way of life (the joy of cleaning toilet) lol!

“The beach getaway is on your birthday, okay?”

From scrubbing the bathroom’s tiled floor, Sapphire’s eyes went upon him. “What?”

“I said, let’s have a beach getaway. Aren’t our ‘honeymoon’ postponed for our cousins who couldn’t go with us? I contacted my cousins and asked a day from them for your birthday.” replied Johann who was standing at the doorway. He was still drinking coffee.

Sapphire smiled. “Really? OMG. I’m gonna call my cousins later. For sure they’re always available,” she excitedly said and then went to scrubbed the tiled floor more enthusiastically.

“Lavender and you made up?”

She nodded as she splashed water on the floor. “Two days after the mall incident, we made up. We, cousins have been like that. When we got into an argument, we fight. But we will reconcile not long after. We don’t harbor long-time grudge against each other.”

“But, you’ve got guts, alright? You pulled somebody’s hair at the mall? That’s wild!”

She merely shrugged.

“Eh, why did you do that, by the way?” he curiously asked.

“Lavender had pushed me to my limits.”She’s done working here so she washed her feet and hands.

“What did she say to you?”

“Just shitty assumptions,” her answered.

The guy stood next to her when she went out of the comfort room.

“Wow, Wife, you’re improving! Our toilet room’s tiles has become too white. As if it’ll be a crime to dirty it. Even the toilet will make your conscience prick you when doing that business.”

She smiled. “Thanks. I learned to use muriatic acid.” When she reached the dining table, her breakfast was already prepared. Sweet husband. He was always preparing her breakfast whenever she was cleaning the toilet room every other morning.

After doing it for almost a month, she learned to stop complaining about the toilet-cleaning.

She took her seat and prayed before eating. She’s already munching her bacon when Johann appeared in front of her. Topless!

“Why are you topless? Just a while ago you’re on your uniform, ah?”

“I wore the wrong uniform. It’s actually Friday today. I should be wearing the sky blue polo. Have you seen it?”

“I think it’s at the back. It should be one of those I have laundered yesterday.” Her eyes unintentionally landed on his stomach. She said in a mocking tone. “You still don’t have abs?”

He pulled a face. “Why? Are you hoping for it?” he said in a grin. “Well, if I got myself abs, you’ll be free to touch them. And I won’t be able to put up a fight.”

She raised her eyebrow. “As if! I’m not interested to touch any abs.”

“Should I believe you? Sure, just you wait. In the future, I will gain abs. I won’t let you touch them when that day comes.”

She sarcastically laughed. “If you managed to gain,” she emphasized.

He spun and marched out of the back door.

Good thing he has a nice butt. She could only shake her head for what suddenly came to mind and then finished her food.

Johann retrieved the uniform and ironed it for a while. When he came out of their room, he’s finally wearing the correct uniform.

“I’ll be leaving.”


He approached Sapphire and kissed her cheeks. She no longer protested since it has become a routine.

“What do you want when I get home?” he inquired.

“Abs,” she still insisted on mocking him.

“Wife, you’re a badtrip. You really know how to tease, ah.” It looks like he was now irritated. “When I get myself abs, prepare to drool!”

She just laughed and shoved him away. Just when he left, she phoned her cousins and invited them for her coming birthday. They agreed which made her excited. Their plan for their cousins’ closures will finally come to life.

For the meantime, she freshened up and dressed herself up. She has to deal with the issue of choosing the vacant lot for her bookstore!


Badtrip – Filipino way of expressing annoyance over someone or something. Johann was saying that Sapphire was being annoying.


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  1. Thank you for the chapter. Now he has to actively work on sculpting those abs. And then bringing another woman, perhaps one of her unattached cousins?, to admire them right in front of her, and drive her wild with jealousy…or something.

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