The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 11.2


Three more days and it will be Sapphire’s birthday! However, out of all those people who will celebrate their birthday, she’s the only frustrated one.

It’s all because she still hadn’t bought a lot for her bookstore. All prospects she saw had all been crossed out from her list from having title deeds issues, problems with the owners and such. Though she no longer treated money as problem, her dilemma was in fact the plan itself.

Out of frustration, she hit the nearby pillow with full force and urge to vent, and then screamed.

Johann who was already fast asleep couldn’t help but be startled awake. “Ah! Where’s the fight? Where? Where?” he said in a sleepy manner.

With a frown in her face, she told him. “Husband, my birthday is near.”

He rubs his eyes. “Wife, why be like that? You screamed just because your birthday is near? Excited? Excited? Do you really have to wake someone up?” It seems he was quite unhappy.

She pouted. “I still could not find a good spot for my bookstore! Those that I liked all have some sort of complicated problems!”

Johann couldn’t help but scratch the back of his neck. He returned to his lying position. “Do you have a deadline and so you have to rush yourself to look for your bookstore’s commercial space? You have plenty of time to search for that.”

“I have goals, you know. I must reach those goals. By next year my dream bookstore’s construction must begin. If I won’t move fast, all my plans will be postponed.” She shook his shoulder. “Husband, do you have any suggestions?”

“What time is it now?”

She glanced upon the wall clock. “Four AM.”

“Ah! I have a good suggestion.”

“What?” Interest was in her tone.

“Just go to sleep.”

She frowned. “Husband! I’m serious here. I badly need suggestions.” She knelt to face him and then started shaking his shoulder again. “Help me with these! Otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep.” It’s all because she’s not used to having her plans out of hand which made her restless.

His upper body rose with his eyes shut. “What do you really want to happen?” he sleepily said.

“Help me find a potential site for my bookstore.”

He yawned with his eyes still closed. “We won’t be able to find anything right now. No one’s crazy enough to sell at this hour. Can it be by tomorrow? After my classes?” He once again lied down and thoroughly covered his body with the comforter.

“Do you know someone who sell a lot or space?” She thought, it’s more desirable to buy land since she won’t have to trouble herself with the demolition if ever a house was already built on it.

Johann groaned.

“Hey, talk to me,” she still persisted in pestering him. She couldn’t understand how her husband need energy for his teaching later. “Knock knock! Husband!” She even knocked on his head.

“Already sleeping. Come back tomorrow.”

She went inside the comforter and once again shook his arm. “Johann, I thought we’re friends? You should help me.”

He turned to her while the two of them were covered by the comforter.

“Hey, you’re trespassing!” he stated and then turned his back against her. “Don’t be importunate anymore. Tomorrow, please. If you don’t want to sleep, then just let others sleep, please?”

“But we’re friends…”

“You only remember our friendship when you’re in need of something. We’re like that, eh.” He loudly yawned. “My Wife, tomorrow, okay? I’ll help you find a vacant lot, everywhere you like, promise! We’re gonna roam the whole NCR if needed.”

Sapphire’s eyes gleamed. It seems it was a great idea to roam! “Husband, really? We’ll do that?” She suddenly felt at ease.

“Yes po. So just sleep.” his voice sounded weak. “Also pray that we find something tomorrow. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, if God still doesn’t want us to find it, we won’t be able to.” He faced her and slightly opened his slanted eyes. “Don’t rush things, Wife.”

She finally came out of the comforter. “You know, Husband. You look more handsome when you talk ‘holy’ to me.”

“Being close to the Lord really makes men more handsome.”

She finally lied down on her place. When her head touched the soft pillow, she realized she’s now feeling sleepy. Stresses from all her bookstore’s chain problems really made her tired. “Is it true?” she suddenly asked.

“Hmm?” he replied in the same sleepy way.

“Is it true that when we pray, God hears our prayers?”

“Of course. He can hear it all.”

She shut her eyes and smiled bitterly. “Did He hear my prayers when I was still a child?”

“Yes… Anyway, what did you pray?” he asked even though his sleepiness was very evident.

“For me to know my Dad.” She felt a small pinch in her chest. Ugh! Why did she bring that up, anyway?

Johann didn’t answer. Maybe he has really fallen asleep. Now she no longer has to elaborate about it. She didn’t even know why she said that when in fact they were just talking about her bookstore.

She moved and made her back faced Johann. Sleep was already pulling her in when she felt a warm arm enveloping her waist.

Her forehead wrinkled and her eyes opened. Then she abruptly turned to her husband. “H-hey! What are you d-doing?” She was about to move away but he pulled her closer.

“Hugging you. Only a friendly hug. For comforting.”

She attempted to flung his arm away from waist. “Why? Do I need to be comforted?”

“Shhh… You’re being like this again. Don’t deny it to yourself, Wife.” He pulled her closer to him until she felt her back against his body.


“God has three possible answers to those things we pray to Him. There’s a ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘not now’,” he said softly. “Probably when you prayed to meet your Dad before, He answered ‘not now’. Because there’s a right time for everything in this world.”

He put his arm under her neck. Now her head was lying on it.

“I, before I met my real father, have waited for so many years. So who knows, maybe you’ll meet your Dad in the near future.”

She closed her eyes. “I don’t want to see him for now,” she bitterly said.

His hug tightened. “That’s only what you want to think.” She knew, his lips kissed her hair. “Just sleep. Just don’t forget to pray.”

Sapphire did not protest anymore about their current position. She felt comfortable lying her head on his arms and she felt okay while he’s hugging her by the waist. She likes the feeling of her back touching his body. She can feel the warmth. She was experiencing again the same thing she felt when they had a nap on the sofa while hugging each other before.

It seems, of all man-hater in the world, Sapphire was the only one enjoying the embrace of a man. But Johann isn’t any other man. He’s her husband.

She was gradually being pulled into dreamland but… like what Johann had reminded, she prayed.

Although, she didn’t pray to meet her father someday or… to find a vacant lot tomorrow. She really didn’t know why but she prayed to thank Him. She thanked God that she has a friend like Johann.

Though not obvious, she was always grazed whenever he talked ‘holy’. His words had really been engraved into her mind.

She slowly turned to him with her eyes closed. She could feel that he’s already asleep since his hug loosened.

Her sleepy eyes opened slightly. Then she smiled when she saw his face – peacefully sleeping. “Thank you, Husband,” her whispers. She snuggled close to him.

And hugged him back.

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