The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 12.2

TN: Here’s today’s friendly update. Have fun reading! Meanwhile, I’ll be watching The King’s Avatar’s anime. Ahaha, I love Ye Xiu’s voice, but only the voice. XD

“I’m not really a man-hater,” she admitted.

He didn’t look even a bit surprised. His forehead only wrinkled. “What’s new about it?”

One of her eyebrows rose. “You knew?”

“I do. I really know. It’s all obvious from your mannerisms. We can say you avoid boys but you’re not a man-hater. Because if you really are, you won’t let yourself be kissed and hugged by a handsome guy.”

She stared daggers at him and was about to punch him on the belly but unfortunately he managed to catch her hand.

Johann laughed. “Wife, I’ve already noticed long ago that you’re not really a man-hater. That’s a big word. Difficult to consistently stand for. Your actions also dropped hints, you’re still a woman in need of a man.”

She sneered at him and pouted. “I don’t need a man. I can live without you guys.”

Tss. But it’s okay for me even if you keep insisting that you are a man-hater. It’s good, I won’t have rivals.”


He only smiled at her but refused to talk about it anymore.

“I don’t like your smile.”

His smile grew wider. “Many had already told me that they hate my smile. They said it can easily make people fall.”

Her forehead creased. “Make people fall? What?” She questioned in a puzzled manner.

“Make people fall… make people fall in love, my students said.”

She snorted, “What the hell? “ She was shaking her head but deep inside her, his smile was really probably like that that’s why she disliked it. It’s dangerous for her.

“But, Wife, why did you think you can entrust saying to me that you’re not a man-hater although it’s very obvious?”

She crossed her arms and looked at the sea again. “I trust you. And you’re my…friend.” Her eyes went to him. “Didn’t you say so, I can tell you everything? Moreover, I’ve already wished for so long…. to gain a friend.” Her head lowered, she glanced at her feet. “I guess, you’re a wish came true, Husband.”

She felt him raising his body up, his arms wrapped around her shoulder. She looked upon him.

He’s wearing that ‘easy to make people fall in love’ smile again, as glanced down at her. “You would actually turn kind when celebrating your birthday. Now I’m excited for tomorrow. Maybe you’ll become  more kindhearted then.”

She laughed and then leaned her head to his shoulder. “I’ve just realized something from your words after our first month of marriage. You told me you’re my friend. An ally as well. So, I think, the one who would eventually become tired from all the acting as a man-hater and from always reproaching you is me. When I’m with you, maybe, I can just be… I can just be myself.”

Sapphire clearly understood now that she can freely let her walls down when she’s with Johann. In that past whole month of marriage, this guy had already proved to her so many things opposite of what she thought were always done by men.

Johann is one of a kind, that’s for sure. He keeps his promises. Like when he helped her find a perfect location for her bookstore when they thoroughly inspected the whole Manila. If before she didn’t have any choice, after that tour, she now has three choices to pick from.

Before she met him, she never imagined that such a guy exists. But yeah, a guy like Johann still exists.

“No matter what, I’m always here. Even if our marriage expires, I’m still your friend.”

“You said it, ah?”


Since he swore, she’s now relaxed. She stood up and invited him to eat. Johann became happy because he was actually feeling hungry for quite some time already.

Side by side, they entered the huge beach house of the Monteverdes.

Sapphire’s head turned back when the room’s door swung open.

“Why do we have separate rooms?” Johann immediately asked after entering.

Her hands found her waist. “You don’t know how to knock?”

“Ay, sorry. I was carried away.” He went out of the room again and closed the door. After a while, he knocked. “Wife!”

“Come i – “

The door immediately opened up even before she finished talking. “Why do we have separate rooms?” He asked the same question with meeting eyebrows.

Sapphire continued arranging her clothes. “Nothing much. I just thought, the house is so big, so why share a single room?”

“That’s it? I want us to be in the same room.”


He lied on her bed. “I’m only worried for you, what if you find yourself not being able to sleep without me beside you?” His grin was very taunting.

She threw a piece of cloth at him and it hit his face. But it was a wrong move. What she had thrown was actually her red bikini!

Before he could even grab what struck him, she had already ran towards the bed to snatch the bikini away.

“Is that panties?” he laughingly asked.

She fiercely rolled her eyes at him. “It’s a bikini, FYI.”

A whistled suddenly sounded out. “Okay, we’ll be in the same room. Settle separately? That’s an impractical use of electricity.”

“You’re not the one to pay.”

“I’m only being practical. Also, why be like that? Let’s just conserve energy. We can help Mother Nature that way if we’ll be sleeping in a single room.”

And since Johann always had the point, Sapphire could no longer do anything but agree. A while passed and now the couple’s belongings were in the same room.

They were busy unpacking when Johann’s cousins arrived.

Hala? Why did they arrive first?” she asked to Johann in whisper.

He shrugged. “Dunno. Eh, why are your cousins not here yet?”

She shrugged too, and tried to call Lavender. Johann had gone downstairs to greet his cousins.

“Hello, where the hell are you?” she hurriedly questioned Lavender.

“Caught in traffic, okay? But we’re already close. Give us five minutes.”

“Ah, okay. Bye,” she said straight away, hung up and went downstairs.

“How’s the trip? You’re all early, ah” Johann greeted his cousins. “Hey, why are you with them, Charlie? I didn’t invite you!”

“Hah! You think I’ll be absent? Even if you don’t invite me, I would willingly bring myself here . In feasts like this, I must never be absent. Otherwise, you’ll all gonna miss me.”

She strolled out of the house and approached them. Johann’s cousins stared at her and it made her feel awkward. “Ah… hi!”

“Sapphire! Advance happy birthday!” Charlie enthusiastically greeted. The guy attempted to hug her but Johann hid her behind him.

“Sapphire’s a man-hater, remember? Charlie, you’ll be punched if you suddenly hug her.”

The guy laughed. “Is that so?”

TN: Heh?

Manila –  the capital of the Philippines

Tss – Like Tsk, Che,… a sound made by the tongue to show mocking or annoyance

Hala – something said in surprise or shock


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12 thoughts on “The Friendly Wedding Chapter 12.2”

  1. Thank you for the chapter.
    Do they pronounce the “H” in “Hala”? I generally hearth words in my mind when I read, and it throws me when I don’t know how to pronounce something.
    The girls are going to scream. I recommend removal of spark plugs, so everyone has to stay until the end, when they may be returned.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes they read the ‘H’ and the all the ‘a’ as apple.
      It’s sometimes use as an exclamation remark, or an expression. Like ‘oh my’. Or sometimes blaming someone if added with a pronoun or a noun.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I curiously searched Urban Dictionary for spark plugs and deeply regretted that decision. Lol. Thanks for the suggestion. And seiji is right about the pronunciation of Hala. 🙂


  2. A party at the beach to help cousins terminate their relationships . Not exactly a happy Birthday to me. And Charlie I think he may be trouble.
    Thank you. You have made Johann’s smile so infectious. I can feel it.His actions with Sapphire are so smooth.Has he really set his heart on her? Or is this just an experiment in how to bring someone out of
    their thoughts that have handicapped them all their lives? I hope this cousin thing doesn’t get in the way of Sapphire and Johann’s relaationship

    Liked by 1 person

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