The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 12.3

The guy laughed. “Is that so?”

“Yes. So, it’s okay even if you don’t give her a greeting kiss. Just greet her. Right?” Then he glanced at her.

She’s not fond of doing beso with a man and so she gave a ‘yeah’ response. However, she had now come out from hiding. After all, Johann hiding her was kind of OA.

“There’s so many beautiful views here,” said Reynald while letting his eyes roam. A DSLR hung from his neck. “Sapphire, thanks for inviting us.”

“Your invitation has been so timely. It’s so stressful in the court. Finally, I have time to relax!” Ramses exclaimed.

“If inside the court, you already got that tired, what more in the government? Politics is such an ass,” Gideon commented. “Good thing though, we can still take breaks like this.”

They will only stay here for two days. After her birthday tomorrow, they’ll all leave too. One more thing, Johann could not be absent in work for so long as well.

“Will Dylan come?” asked Johann.

“Nope! His wife Lana was advised not to take long trips. It’s her last trimester, so they have to be careful for their firstborn,” Charlie replied.

Her cousin Reeve also couldn’t attend for the same reason since Agatha, his wife and her cousin-in-law slash sister-in-law, is in her labor month and absolutely won’t be safe for travelling.

“And River?”

“He has a tournament in Germany.”

“Professional car racers are really big time,” Johann clicked his tongue. “What about Big Bro Bari?”

That’s exactly when the door of the Hummer, one of the cars they brought, opened up. The one who came out from inside the Hummer was the oldest of the Anderson cousins. It’s Ibarra. But his cousins prefer to call him ‘Big Bro Bari’.

He stood tall and solid while surveying the whole place. After that, his eyes directly went to her. “Sapphire,” he acknowledged.

The first time she met the guy at her cousin Reeve’s wedding, she already hated the guy’s air. Something’s telling her that Ibarra’s aura was unusual. He’s unlike any other boys, the presence he exudes is intimidating. And she could feel it even though he was only looking at her from afar.

Ibarra is dangerous, a part of her mind warned her. But she does not care at all.

When he stepped closer to her, she rapidly hid behind Johann though. Does not care, huh? her mind mocked her.

Johann laughed. “You really love to scare people, Big Bro Bari. You still aren’t tired of that hobby of yours?”

His cousins all roared in laughter.

The guy lightly smiled. “I’m not scaring anyone,” he said and turned to her. “Did I scare you, birthday girl?”

She cleared her throat and went out of Johann’s back, though unconsciously she was still clutching her husband’s arm. “Not really. You just look like a man-eater,” she replied.

The guy only smirked but his cousins once again laughed.

“Wait, Johann,” Charlie suddenly meddled. “You invited them all, except me?” It seemed he was sulking.

“It’s because if you went along, Charlie, the clowns will increase,” Reynald answered him. “Eh, Johann alone could already squeeze out all our laughter. You’re not much needed.”

“Right!” Johann agreed. “But since you’re already here, nothing could be done about it.”

“You guys! You’re all bullying me? Hmp! Only Sapphire will be able to taste my masterpiece! I only have to cook for you, Saphi, right?” He was about to wrap his arm around Sapphire’s shoulder but Johann swiftly pulled her away.

“Trying to wrap your arms around her, eh! A man-hater doesn’t let man do that to her. Don’t be annoying or else I’ll be the one to give you a good beating.”

Charlie gave the two of them a teasing look. “Why did I seem to hear some jealousy from your tone? Have the two of you developed something for each other?”

Sapphire’s brow went up. “We’re just friends,” she said.

Johann’s cousins showed up disbelieving reactions. She could only roll her eyes and shake her head. She’ll leave the task of explaining things on them to Johann.


All of them turned their heads to the newcomers when they heard the voice. Sapphire was suddenly struck by nervousness. She still hasn’t told her three cousins about how Johann’s cousins will be with them in the celebration. But, let’s leave things to fate.

“Oh my gosh!” Haley screamed when the girl ran to her. The girl looked super sexy in her outfit and she could already go swimming with her super short shorts and oversized top. “I miss our beach house! Fortunately you’ll be celebrating your – “

Haley suddenly stood there frozen when she saw the guys with them, especially Gideon. “Oh. We have other… visitors.”

“Saphi! Happy birthday for tomorrow!” Lavender greeted after exiting the car. She was wearing a maong shorts and citrus-printed shirt. “Good thing that we’ve made up or else, you probably would not have invited me! Ah! I totally missed the sea! And – “

The woman’s reaction mirrored Haley’s when she saw Johann’s cousin.


beso – greeting someone by kissing that person’s cheeks

OA – Overacting


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