The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 12.4

TN: A short but funny one. Enjoy reading!

Among the boys, only Charlie greeted the newcomers. “Hi! Hello! You, two, look good!”

“Thank you,” Haley replied with a smile. “Nice meeting you all here.”

“Y-yeah,” Lavender seconded before glancing at her. “Sapphire did not say anything about you guys coming here.”

Sapphire apologetically smiled and gave her cousins the ‘I-will-explain-later’ look.

“Oh, well. The more, the merrier!” Haley said happily while clapping. She even gave Johann’s cousins a beso one by one. Though when it came to Gideon…

“Aren’t you too old for this?” Haley playfully teased.

“Ooohh! She said, ‘old’!” Charlie threw woods into the fire.

“And aren’t you a little too young?” Gideon asked back.

It seemed the two’s exchange of words had become a little strange. That made the atmosphere more awkward.

Johann and Sapphire stared at each other’s eyes.

“Girls, why did you all leave me inside the car? You’re all actually here already, and no one even remembered to wake me up!”

“Crystal Jane, you’re here!” Sapphire blurted when she noticed the girl walking towards them. She was wearing a colorful summer dress and her looks gave out the fact that she had just woken up. She might have slept while on the way.

Crystal Jane yawned. “By the way, why are you all still outside – “ When the men present registered into her eyes, she repeatedly blinked. The sleepiness suddenly flew away.

Crystal Jane eyed Sapphire. “Am I still dreaming?”

“No,” She was shaking her head when she replied.

Silence loomed over them.

It’s obvious no one could find the words to say. In short, awkward.

“I’m hungry!” Johann broke the silence. “Let’s eat, guys!” he said.

“We just finished eating, ah? You’re hungry again?” she said.

He put his arms over her shoulders and whispered. “Just hitchhike, Wife, if you still want our plan to advance. You see, the beginning was already an epic fail. They’re already shocked.”

She winced. “Sorry.”

“Guys, come inside! There are many foods.”

Her three female cousins went in first. And all of them looked like racing against each other. It’s very evident they want to avoid some people.

Johann’s cousins followed after them. The last were the two of them.

“You felt the awkwardness?” asked Johann.


“It’s really like this when there’s an unfinished business.”

She nodded. “So we have to proceed with our plan. This is the chance to get rid of that awkwardness. We have to put a dot on where a dot should be.”

Johann grasped her hand. “This is ‘Wife and Husband’s Operation: Put a Dot’. Are you with  me?”

Sapphire grimaced when she heard what he was saying. “You’re so embarrassing. Ewww.”

“Come on. We have to do it hand in hand. It’s all for the sake of reducing the numbers of those who couldn’t move on. Ready?”

She rolled her eyes. She could only hypnotize herself into thinking that she was the one who came up with the plan. It’s all for their cousins. This is why…

“Okay! Ready!”


beso – greeting by kissing someone’s cheeks


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