The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 13.1

TN: Laugh-trip here. Johann is so pitiful! XD

The sky has risen high but no one managed to stop Sapphire from pushing her companions out of the house to swim.

It’s all because being inside the house was boring. Everyone else was obviously faking being busy for the sake of avoiding some people.

“Wife, you pulled us out at the wrong time. The sun is up so high.” He opened the umbrella he has with him and sheltered the two of them.

“Can’t you feel the tension inside the house? And my cousins too, they evidently has no plan to come out if not invited.”

“But, who do you think would want to swim as of now? They are all hiding under their beach umbrella. Look.” He pointed out to those people lost in their own world. Lavender, Crystal Jane and Haley were ‘busy’ with their phones. The three were sharing the same beach umbrella. On the other hand, Charlie chatted with Ramses. The latter had no choice but listen to his cousin’s nonsense. Reynald was busy taking pictures while Gideon was reading a book.

Ibarra was nowhere to be seen. He was left alone in the beach house since he preferred sleeping.

She exhaled. “It’s so boring inside the house, eh.”

“How about we host a game, you want?”

She frowned. “What is this? A children’s party?”

“I was only suggesting, Wife. Anyway, what’s wrong with games? Why? Are you saying only children play?”

She shook her head. “When are we initiating our plan?”

He also shook his head. “This evening, after dinner. I still have to talk to Charlie and Big Bro Bari so we will have accomplices. You know, we have to jail them in different rooms.”

She gazed upon the sea. It seemed swimming will be very enjoyable at this time. But even if she applied to herself some sunblock, sunburns might still get to her if she insisted diving while the sun is at its peak.



“Aren’t you close to the Lord? Can you ask Him to hide the sun behind the clouds? That way the sky will somehow turn slightly dark and then we can take a swim.”

“How fierce. You, try to pray. Maybe you will be answered. After all, it’s your birthday.”

She pouted. “Let’s do it at the same time.”

“Let’s duet, you want?”

“I don’t know anymore. I’ll do it myself.” Sapphire knew it’s very impossible for the sky to dim a bit since it’s currently on its peak. But nothing’s gonna be lost if she tries, right? She just really really want to swim.

She closed her eyes, brought her chin up and put her hands together. “Lord, can you take the sun away? Just a little bit? Please hide it behind the clouds. I really want to swim and also want others to swim too. Please?”

She heard Johann chuckled.

She suddenly opened her eyes and stared at him. “What? Am I doing it wrong?”

He suppressed his laughter, smiled at her and then shook his head. “Go on. Continue. Close your eyes and pray.”

She really did repeat her praying. She even tightened the closing of her eyes and pressed her hands together. It’s really very impossible for the sun to suddenly hide but she still persisted in trying. “Lord God, please po. As a birthday gift to me. Please?”

She slowly opened her eyes. And the sun was still so high. Her shoulders went down and her eyes searched her husband. Her eyebrow rose up when she saw him intently looking at her.


He blinked. “H-huh?” he mumbled as if not really conscious of it.

“Why are you staring at me?” Confusion was in her tone.

He once again blinked but later on, the corner of his lips arched up. “Do you even have to ask that?”

Her forehead’s crease deepened. “Is there something wrong with my face?”

He didn’t answer but after a while, he smiled to himself and then started shaking his head. “Nevermind. What happened to your prayer?”

“I guess, Lord is still busy. He couldn’t accommodate me for now.”

“If you called unto Him, He’ll never be too busy to listen to you.”

“Eh, why is the sun stil – “ Sapphire suddenly stopped speaking and stared up when the sky darkened and the sun vanished. The clouds were not too dark so it seemed it won’t be raining.

“Like I said to you. The Lord is listening.”

She stared at Johann in disbelief. And then she screamed in joy!”Guys and girls! There’s no sun anymore! We can swim!”

Haley stood up and looked up. “Oh! It’s really not up there! Come on, girls! Let’s take a dip!”

The girls put down their phones and raced toward the sea. They didn’t hesitate to remove their cover ups. Her cousins beautiful bodies clad in two piece swimsuits had been revealed to the public. They all dived happily into the water.

Johann whistled. “How about you, Wife? Also wearing two-piece? If so, then, let me see!” He then folded the umbrella.

She gave him an eye roll.

True, she’s also in her two-piece but because of him she suddenly felt embarrassed to take her cover-up off. She doesn’t know why. Her body’s also beautiful. But her cousins’ are more beautiful.

All of them were taking the same wellness and training program. But she’s really confused on why they have better bodies. Even their skins have different kind of glow.

“You feel embarrassed to me? Come on, go swimming. You prayed for that, okay?”

“Why are you being impatient? You only want to see me in two-piece, eh!”

He chuckled. “Somehow.”

He tasted another beating from her.

“Eh, what’s wrong if I see you wearing two-piece? I’m your husband, no? I’m also your friend! No malice, please! Come on, go and swim. Your cousins are already enjoying the water. Join the fun.”

She was even pushed by him towards the sea.

In the end, she removed her cover-up and her shame. Why the heck was she being ashamed around him?

When she revealed her two piece outfit, the guy was stunned.

She laughed out loud. “Speechless?” She teased him and even put her hands on her waist.


Sapphire couldn’t help but smirk and throw at his face the cover up she took off. Then she ran towards the sea and joined her cousins’ fun.

She felt so happy. God is indeed listening. In her mind, she thanked Him for letting the sun go. She had no clue how the sun went away. But she could now have fun swimming.

“They’re making people envious. Let’s have a swim, too!” Charlie urged his cousins. He ran to the shore and gotten rid of his shirt.

Lo and behold, the nonsense-loving Charlie was actually hiding some abs! He’s not one whit behind those male models in a fashion magazine.

Gideon, Ramses and Reynald followed his example. And when they took off their shirts… Oh my. They also don’t lose out to Charlie.

They are hunks, for crying out loud!

When she glanced at her cousins, they’re already frozen stiff and so she could only shake her head. Fortunately she has never looked moronic when seeing men’s body. Yeah, their bodies looked good and have been obviously maintained. But in her whole life, she had never been enamored by any guy’s abs.

She was only using that matter as teasing material against Johann. Speaking of Johann…

“Husband!” she called out to him. He was only standing near the sea while watching them.

“What’s the matter?”

“Take a swim, too! The water is cold.”

“Ah, I’m fine here,” he refused. “I don’t like swimming.”

Her eyebrow rose. She went out of the water. A teasing smile appeared on her lips as walked to Johann. “Just say so if you don’t want to take your shirt off. Back at home, you always had so many guts to walk around topless! So why not do the same here?” Her eyes darted back to his cousins. “Intimidated?”

“Me? Intimidated? Where?”

“They have abs.”

She laughed after seeing his frowning face.

“You’re so happy, ah. Fine, just laugh,” he sounded annoyed.

She laughed even more and tugged at his shirt. “Take it off!”

He retreated away from her. “You really want me to look pitiful?”

She laughed even more intensely and continued tugging at his shirt. “Husband. Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!”

“Wife, what the? Don’t embarrass me like this, please? Just because I don’t have abs you already bully me like this?”

“Take it off! Take it off!” she cheered.

Tsk. Just go back to the sea. Try me and I’ll throw you there!”

She only went nearer and jokingly pulled off his shirt. “Come on! Show off your body too!”

Tsk, approach me more and you’ll be dead to me.”

But Sapphire only persistently pestered him. “Show them your ‘abs’, Husband.”

“We’re like that, eh. You really want me to be embarrassed. Don’t strip me off! Ah! Rape! Rape!”

TN: XD Comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated, thanks for reading.

po – when used in a sentence, it means the speaker is speaking respectfully

Tsk – tongue-clicking


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