The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 13.2

“Don’t strip me off! Ah! Rape! Rape!”

She gasped. “You’re really so thick-faced!”

It was now the guy’s turn to laugh. He caught her hand and pulled away his shirt from her. “Stop convincing me to strip off. I really don’t have abs, fine. I can’t compare to my cousins. Stop pointing that out, okay?”

She chuckled. “You know, you don’t really look pitiful. So what if you don’t have abs? You’re still handsome.”

His eyes widened. “Wife?” He suddenly pinched her cheeks, “Wife, is that you? You told me I’m handsome? Are you really my Wife? Bring out my Wife! Bring her out!”

“Ha-ha! You’re not funny.” She swatted away his hands from her face and turned away from him. “If you don’t want to go swimming, then don’t.”

She returned to the sea and joined the fun there with her cousins. Their group stayed away from the boys. And since it seemed very favorable to the both parties, Sapphire could only let it slide.

Her gaze went to where Johann was at a while ago. He’s no longer there. Perhaps he had entered the beach house.

A pity.

She has to admit, she was only teasing the guy since obviously, he was not as hunky as his cousins. But deep inside her, she wanted him to join her to swim. So that she will have someone to play around with. It’s because whenever Johann’s around, it’s simply fun.

Anyway, what she said was true. Although she found it difficult to express, she told him he was handsome, because he’s really good looking even without abs or great body.

She had never praised a man and told them they’re handsome. But Johann will always be an exception.

“Where are we going?” Haley asked Sapphire.

They had just finished dinner but Sapphire and Johann were already moving. They pulled Charlie to their side as helper.

“Haley, I think, you have to stop messing around with Gideon. You have to put the dot to end the issues between you two. He’s already gotten himself a girlfriend. Stop approaching him.”

“FYI, I’m not the one approaching him. And we’re impossible to have closure. Whenever we talk, his blood always boils against me. It’s either he walks away, I walk away, or we end up making out.”

She glanced back at Haley in surprise. Her eyes grew larger than usual. “W-what? You, Haley, are the youngest among us but it does not mean you don’t know what’s right and wrong. You’re making out with someone who has a girlfriend? What are you? Are you following after Lavender’s footsteps? You also want to be a girlfriend-number-two?”

Haley rolled her eye. “As if Gideon will still make me his girlfriend number two.”

“And you actually seem to wish for it.” Sapphire suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. She’s now doubting whether it would be fine to lock up this girl together with Gideon. What if instead of making up, a miracle was created?

Haley shook her head. “We can no longer fixed the things between Gideon and I. He’s already fed up with me due to the nonsense I did last year. He’ll never listen to me, again, or trust everything I say.” The woman’s eyes saddened and then she turned around.

Sapphire let out a sigh. If she will be continuing the plan, there’s a huge risk of Gideon not listening to her cousin. But… will she take the risk, especially now that the two don’t only have a simple tension between them?

“Haley,” she called out as she grabbed the woman’s hand. “Maybe this should be a lesson to never fall in love again with a guy twelve years older than you.”

“Yeah, right.”

She pulled the girl by the hand until they arrived in front of the room assigned to Gideon and her.

“What are you doing, Sapphire? And where are Lavender and Crystal Jane. We agreed to have a night swimming at the pool.”

“If you were locked up in a room together with Gideon, could you promise me… that nothing like ‘you-know’ will happen between you two?”

The person before her furrowed her forehead. “Why will I be locked up with him in a room?”

“It’s a hypothetical question. What now?”

“Nothing’s gonna happen between us. Maybe we’re even going to ignore each other.”

Her lips contorted. “But you’ll try talking to him? Without making out?”

Haley laughed bitterly. “We were drunk when we made out that time. If he was in his right mind, he would have never done that.”

“But you want to have a closure, right?”

The girl shrugged. “Yeah, kind of.”

That fueled Sapphire’s desire to continue her plan. “Go inside,” she then pointed at the door. “Lavender and the others are there.”

Haley really went inside.

“Ahm, Saphi, are you sure they’re here? There’s a man’s clothes he— hey!”

With full force, she pushed the girl into the room and hurriedly pulled the door closed before locking it up.

“Saphi! Saphi! Open the door!” Haley screamed from the inside. “Saphi! This is not funny!”

She saw Johann nearing her.

“Saphi, I’m gonna kill you!” Haley threatened her. She only grimaced.

“Lavender also said the same to me. She said she’s gonna kill me when she managed to come out,” Johann interjected while laughing.

“Is everything okay now for Lavender?”

“Yup. She’s now with Reynald. According to Charlie, Crystal Jane is with Ramses as well. So… they have until 3 AM tomorrow to have a closure. Hopefully.”

Haley suddenly stopped her screaming spree. Johann and Sapphire planted their ears on the door at the same time.

“What are you doing here?” They heard Gideon asking Haley.

“I wish I know why. My cousin locked me up here! Are you conspiring with them?”

“Me? I’m perfectly having a peaceful time here. You see, I just finished freshening up.”

Since the two inside already started arguing, Sapphire and Johann withdrew their ears.

“Do you think they will make up?”

“They will eventually talk to each other in serious. After all, they have the whole night for themselves. They must chat. By the way, here are the keys to Reynald and Ramses’ rooms.

She grabbed the keys from him and pocketed them. “I hope this would be really successful, otherwise, the both of us will die.”

“Eh, then Wife, let’s see each other in heaven,” he replied laughingly.

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a miracle was created – cough… miracle of procreation


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  1. Eh, so two of the cousins are the other woman?! Is there some linked story that explains the cousins? Their drama is a bit much to be a sideline.
    Thank you for the chapter.

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