The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 14.2

She didn’t notice when she started to cry. Her sight went blurry and her tears fell down one after another.

Johann stopped walking and so she also paused her steps. She doesn’t want to face him because she hates others seeing her crying.


Her eyes shut but she automatically turned her head to him. It’s in the way that he called her name which made her faced him.

He gently cupped her face and wiped the tears away. The guy didn’t open his mouth. No joking or consoling was said. He just silently wiped her tears.

His arm went down to her waist and then he pulled her to him. He brought her head to his chest and hugged her closer.

Because of this, her wails went louder. She also returned the hug and buried her face to his chest.

He only gently stroked her back. “Just let it all out. You’ve been keeping that to yourself for so long.”

And that’s all she needed for the past years that she kept everything to herself. Even to her grandma, Sapphire had never cried this way when she was still alive. But this actually was all she needed.

To have someone to cry on with no one stopping her.

Good thing, Johann didn’t try to stop her from crying. He was only silent. Embracing her. Consoling her. He always knew what was the right thing to do.

Indeed, he’s really a friend.

“I believe your Mom will realize someday that she only needs you in order to gain true happiness,” he said, after the long while of silence and cries.

“She wants a happily ever after.”

“ Wife, you are her happily ever after. All because you’re her daughter. And you’re the only one who will love her no matter the circumstances. Also, another bonus, one day a person who will make you feel you’re everything to his life will come.” She felt him caressing her hair. “In the end, we only have to wait. Everything will fall into their proper places at the right time. Believe me. I said it in English.”

She laughed as she cried. “Johann, you idiot.”

He lightly chuckled and hugged her tight. “Hay, my wife, still beautiful even when crying.” He kissed her hair. “But I admire you. Your love for your hot Mommy is genuine.”

She hit him on the chest.

“But you’re still hotter. You’re such a jealous woman.”

She now wiped her eyes and stepped back from him. Her forehead creased when he took off his shirt.

“How brave of you to strip off now, ah! Just because your cousins are not here?”

He laughed. “We must be observant of when things have to be revealed or hidden.”

She screamed when he suddenly caught. He scooped her up and ran towards the sea.

“No! I don’t want to swim!”

Though she already sunk into the water with him. The water was so cold it could freeze people up. She screeched loudly due to the cold and hung tightly on Johann’s neck. “So cold!”

“Very well, Wife, just hug me. Don’t worry I don’t refuse body heat.”

She hastily swam away from him and then splashed some water to his face. He took his revenge. She would always try to storm her way out of the water but he would also always go after her and catch her by the waist. The next thing after that, they were playing around and messing around with each other in the water despite the chilling cold.

Only their laughter rang out to mess up the peacefulness of the night and the sea.

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