Forlorn Madness

Forlorn Madness

Written by Direk_Whamba


Forlorn Madness


Genres: Fantasy, Action, Horror, Thriller, Humor, Mystery, Vampire

Hio is a rich boy that was brought into the orphanage because their family went bankrupt.

Seven years passed since then.

Living in a poor community and having all women near him mysteriously killed. What mystery lies ahead of him?

The following contents may not be suitable for children.
It contains violence, sex, cursing, bashing, trolling, foolishness and drugs.
If you don’t want to, ‘don’t read this anymore and avoid angering the author because he bites.
/Author’s translated warning/


[ VOLUME 1 ]
Opus 1
Opus 2
Opus 3
Opus 4
Opus 5
Opus 6
Opus 7
Opus 8
Opus 9
Opus 10



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