The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 15.2

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She’s become too comfortable with Johann in just a span of less than two months. Since she accepted that Johann’s a friend, she does not mind being close or too attached to him.

Johann pulled over her hand. “Wife, you really love to walk out when guilty. Sit down here again.”

She attempted to reclaim her hand but he used force to make her sit down next to him. The moment her arm accidentally came in contact with his naked chest, she frightfully moved away. She became aware of his bare upper torso. Why was it like this? Why did she suddenly feel embarrassed? Haven’t she been used to him walking around inside the house topless?

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? It was as if you’ve been turned into a stone.”

She shook her head and forcefully retrieved her hand from his hold. “Wear something! Stop flaunting your body. I get it, you’ll gonna have your abs. Fine. Just put something on!”

“Dearie me, as if you haven’t got used to me. After all this time, you’ve only complained about my being topless again today,” he laughingly replied. “Blame the sun, it’s so hot!”

“Just take a bath!”

“Let’s bath together?”

He tasted another ear-twisting from her. “Stop being a pervert maniac, Husband. Freshen up. I’ll be turning on the room’s aircon. Hep! I don’t care right now about our electric bill. I can pay it even if you present me the whole subdivision’s electric bill. I would even install aircon in the whole house, even at the garage, just for you to don’t feel the heat.”

He smiled. It was said it’s called the smile that could make people fall. He even bit his lower lip to stop himself from widening that grin.

“What’s funny?” she snorted at him.

“You sound so… wife-like. Are you really willing to make the whole bungalow air-conditioned for the sake of not letting the heat get into me?” His upturned eyes narrowed even more as he smiled, “Sweet.”

She blinked. Did her words sound like that? “I-It’s nothing like that. It’s all for that you won’t run around topless again. Even if your body became beautiful, I still won’t like you flaunting it before me.”

He massaged his chin. “For real? Very well.” He sprung from his seat and entered the room. When he came out and went inside the bathroom, two towels were draped over his shoulder.

She tidied up the used glasses. Then she washed the dishes and rushed inside the room and turned on the aircon. She was also powering on her laptop at the same time. She’s going to check her blog and write a new article. Good thing that she’s free this day to deal with her blog. In the past few days, she couldn’t turn her attention to it because of her bookstore’s construction.

So far, her plans for her future bookstore had been properly organized. She now has a secretary who deals with stuffs that needed attention, and plans for her schedule too. All expenses were being handled by the accountant she had hired. She also had hired engineers and architects for the bookstore’s floor planning and landscape.

Fortunately she heeded Johann’s advice to get those mentioned people. Before, she was too foolish to think that she could carry it all out by herself. Stupid of her. Sometimes, listening to people  is really good for her. Oh well, she only learned how to listen to others from Johann. The guy was a total idiot but he had already proven to her that he knew more than her. He was the one who recommended all the people she has now for the sake of successfully building up her bookstore. He’s supportive like a true friend.

She likes him even more because of that.

Wait. What?

She actually thought that she likes him?! Well, she liked his supportiveness as a friend. That’s it.

That’s really it.

That’s it.

Why am I convincing myself? What the eff is happening to me?

She started shaking her head and then tried to focus her crazy brain into her article. She already finished writing two paragraphs when Johann entered the room. Her eyes went to him and she saw his hair still wet and his towel was tapered around his waist. Droplets of water were even making their way to his chest.

He brushed his hair to his back using one hand before closing the door. After that, he eyed her who was on top of the bed, lying on her stomach.

“I’m going to put some clothes on. You sure you’ll stay?” he asked.

This was not her first time seeing him only covered with a towel. But all of the sudden, she found herself dumbfounded, staring at him.


She suddenly stood up. “Ah… I-I’ll be going outside.” she said and speedily went out of the room. She was stupidly rushing ahead almost to the point of tripping.

She loudly closed the door. And after she reached the outside, her eyes were only staring at the doorknob. She clutched her chest. Why is her heart not on its usual beat? Why did it suddenly race faster?

She took a deep breath and shut her eyes. The heck! She had been unable to understand herself since a while ago.

She’s being clingy. She’s being unconsciously caring. She’s being too observant of Johann. It was like she could notice everything about him. Like she wants to be with him at all times. It was as if she might even be willing to give everything he desires or needs.

Is she still acting like a friend? Ugh! She had no idea how to be friend. Perhaps, what she’s all been doing were still alright? Anyways, Johann had also acted the same to her.


Literally, that sudden call made her jump out of her solemn pondering. She saw Johann already wearing a shirt and he had actually already opened the door.

He laughed at her reaction. “Wife, you’ve been badly shocked. So, is it real that nowadays, people react like that at the sight of a hottie?”

“Can you please stay out of the way?” She strongly pushed him to the side and once again marched inside the room. She swiftly made her way to the bed and faced her laptop. However, she was only eyeing the screen.

Johann shut the door close and lied down next to her. “Wake me up at four PM. I’ll only be taking a nap since I still have to do stuff for Monday.”

She ignored him. It was because she was forcing herself to know how to calm her heart. It was really refusing to stop the fast beating.

“Wife…” Johann called out in a gentle voice. “Did you hear me?”

Her eyebrows were almost reaching each other when she glanced to him. “My heart… it won’t stop beating fast.”

His forehead wrinkled because of what she said. “Huh? Are you attacked*?” (TN: He asked if she’s having a heart attack)

She shook her head. Since she actually has no heart disease.

He woke up and placed his hand to where her heart should be located. “Right! It’s really fast! As if you are running because a dog is after you. Take a deep breath. What is happening to you?” He was noticeably worried.

She couldn’t answer since that’s also what she wants figure out.

“Are you in love?” he joked.

That question made her stunned and frozen. She then looked at him. He also directed his eyes to her and so their eyes met.

And when she looked into his wondering eyes and realized how he’s far too close with her… it was as if she’s going to run out of air.

Oh, my gosh. This. Can’t. Possibly. Be.

“I-I’m in love…?” she whispered to herself.


She looked at his lips. And she had this urge to kiss him. Oh no. That’s not normal. That’s not how friend thinks of her friend’s lips.

“Sapphire, Wife? Your heart is beating more furiously! Your face is also red. Is it allergy? I think I must send you to the hospital!” he said in panic.

“No… No…” She replied with her head shaking. They once again exchanged glances. “Johann…”

“What now? To the hospital?”

She swallowed some saliva before pushing him away. She put the laptop down on the bed and stormed her way out of the room.


She ran towards the toilet room and locked herself up inside.

“Are you in love?”

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her face was flushed. Her crazy heart just couldn’t stop running! Suddenly, she felt the butterflies in her stomach.

“Sapphire?” Johann repeatedly knocked on the door. “Wife, what’s the matter? Are you okay? I’m really worried about you…”

She blinked.

“Are you in love?”

Her husband’s question still running inside her head.

“Are you in love?”

If that’s the feeling of being in love… then, maybe… just maybe, she is falling in love with Johann.

Oh, boy. This is not good.

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