The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 16.2

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She sat on his stomach and pushed the pillow harder to his face. He protested saying he couldn’t breathe. But she was too infuriated by him. “Just go die!”

“Wife!” He was now randomly throwing his hands in the air.


He caught her hand and used his strength to take the pillow off of his face. When he moved, she screamed.

Next thing she knew, she’s the one beneath him. He took her hands captive. Right now, his hair was so messy, with some strands obstructing his vision. His breathing turned rough as he panted for breath. “Are you really going to kill me?! I was just joking! You reacted way too much!”

Her eyes narrowed. “It’s all because it’s not a good joke!”

“Why are you affected?” He even leaned his face closer to hers.

She closed her eyes and turned her face to the left. “Let go of me!”

“You’re already being OA.”

She attempted to raise her hand to slap him but his grip on it was firm. “Johann, your jokes are no longer funny.”

“Eh, even if it was not a joke, you still wouldn’t find it funny,” he whispered in a way she could hear.

“Move away from above me! Enough of this folly! We’re just becoming like foolish children. I’m just going to sleep! And you!” She faced him again and sharply glared at him. “Stop being funny. Stop smiling like a matinee idol smiling to his fans. Stop hugging me. Stop talking about your philosophies in life. Stop. Just stop. Okay?”

The grip on her hand began loosening. He returned to his previous spot. “It was like you’re ordering me to stop being me, Sapphire.”

Hell yeah! Stop being you, Johann. I’m falling, damn you.

She moved away a little and turned around. She hid herself under the comforter again and also covered her head with the pillow. She hopes she would be able to sleep this afternoon. Maybe it will clear her mind. Maybe when she woke up, she’ll realize that she’s not really falling for her friendly husband.

She heard Johann’s deep sighing. However, he didn’t say anything after that.

The cold room started being enveloped by silence. She tried hard to fall asleep until she heard a cellphone ringing.

“Hello? Xan?” he answered.

Xan? Roxanne? The best friend he was talking about before?

“Huh? Wait a minute, wait. Where are you? You’re the one who left the message about you moving away and then now – what?! A-Ah! O-okay. Okay. Where are you again?”

She silently put away the pillow covering her head to hear Johann’s words better.

“Nothing. I’m not really busy. I’ll go there to you at Tagaytay. Wherever you are, stay put there. Don’t leave, okay?” he worriedly said. She felt her husband’s rushing to step down the bed and heard the sound of the closet’s opening.

“Damn it. It’s all because you’re going around with anybody. Stop crying. Fine. I’ll go to you. Muddy. Don’t cry, please! That’s making me jumpy.”

Sapphire bit her lower lip. Why was Johann being nervous like that for his friend? He’s so worried and ready to go to that whoever Xan! And that’s even at Tagaytay!

She gradually removed the comforter covering her and peeked at Johann who was already in his jeans and was putting on a black shirt while letting his back face her.

“How to make haste? I’m in Manila, you’re in Tagaytay! What am I to do? Fly? Fly?” he replied sarcastically while his phone was on his ears. “Fine. I’ll do my best to get there as fast as I can. Calm down. I’ll be on my way.” This time he said it more calmly as he grabbed his wallet and the car key on top of his work table.

The moment he opened the door, something unexplainable pushed her to stand up.

“W-where are you headed?” she asked him.

He immediately glanced back at her. “To my friend. I’ll return. I’ll get this done fast.”

“You’re going to Tagaytay…” She jumped off the bed.

“Ah, yeah. Don’t worry I’ll be back at night. Late at night. Lock the door. Don’t wait for me – “

“Why are you going to Tagaytay? You still have to do so many things, right?” She doesn’t want him to leave just for another girl.

He sighed. “Wife, my friend needs me. Xan needs me right now, I can’t let her be and pretend that I don’t know she’s wailing somewhere that place. What if something happened to her?”

Her eyebrows knitted together. An unknown feeling rose from within her.

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OA- Overacting

Tagaytay – a popular holiday town south of Manila on the Philippine island Luzon. Probably three hours away from Manila where they are currently at.


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