The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 16.3

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“Don’t go to her. Is there no one much closer to where she is right now? Don’t leave.”

Was she being mean by stopping him? She only doesn’t want him to be far from her, with only that Xan to accompany him. She dislikes the idea.

He stared at her. “She only trusts me. Please, Sapphire. I really need to go.” The matter really seemed so important to the point he had to hurry over.

She never saw Johann this worried because a friend called him.

She pouted and unwillingly and angrily went after him. “Johann! Wait! I’ll go with you!”

She’s not jealous. She’s not jealous. She’s not jealous. She’s not jealous.

Really not!

Sapphire let out a sigh and hugged herself and then peeked outside of her husband’s car. Only when they had left the house did her act of stopping and running after him bore into her mind.

What on earth was she thinking? She couldn’t believe what she did. She should not be acting concerned. Johann had the right to worry like that since the girl was his best friend who happened to be in need of help. But she doesn’t know why. She disliked the idea of him being with another girl at another place. No matter if it was only a friend.

How would she know about that Xan? Maybe the woman has a thing for Johann.

So what, Saphi? So what if the other girls like Husband?

Fine, the properly screwed part of her mind was right. Why care?

Eh, why are you sitting inside Johann’s car, together with him rallying the heavy traffic just to reach Tagaytay? You care, Sapphire. Because you’re jealous, thinking that Husband is going to someone else.

No, I’m not jealous! Shut up, brain!

Shit. She’s arguing against her own mind. Great! Just great!

“Wife, you volunteered to go with me but in the end, you won’t talk to me while in the whole trip?”

She turned her head to Johann who was currently focused in driving. The setting sun already caught up with them but they still haven’t reached Tagaytay due to the heavy traffic.

“I have nothing to say.”

Their car was already lining up for the tollgate.

“Xan, she’s been my friend for five years. We’re too close to each other, that people even thought we’re going to end up together,” he suddenly began narrating. “However, from the very start, our relationship has been purely platonic. No malice had ever sprouted between us.”

She grabbed the hot chocomilk Johann had ordered from a drive thru. “And why are you telling me that?” she casually asked and drank. Oh, she can’t believe now that she’s drinking a cheap beverage from a fastfood chain.

“Perhaps you’re jealous.” He said while grinning.

She almost choked upon her drink because of his words. Well, the taste also played its part.  But fortunately she still managed to drink it properly.

“Oh, please, Johann. I’m only jealous with my Mom’s boyfriends. Aside from that, I can’t feel jealousy for others. And why would I even be jealous of your friend?” she said, irritated.

He chuckled. “You were stopping me before. After that, when I couldn’t be stopped, you went with me. Okay. If you’re not jealous, why did you not like me to leave earlier?”

She swallowed and drank some hot choco again even though she really doesn’t like the taste. It’s too sweet. Unlike those expensive hot choco that had been mixed well with real cocoa.

“Now what, you can’t answer?” he continued as he grinned. “There’s nothing bad about confessing it. There’s nothing wrong with telling me how you hate sharing me even to my friends.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “If I told you I’m jealous, do you still plan to leave?”

He couldn’t answer right away since he was paying for the tollgate. But after they passed by, she saw a small smile appearing from his lips. “I would still go, Wife. There are many things that must be put first before jealousy. Like my friendship with Xan. She needed me. And a true friend, is always there when needed. Even it’s far away, if there’s a way to go there, I’ll go, for my best friend.”

“Even if you’re wife is jealous? Your friend is more important than your wife?”

“A true wife who really loves her husband won’t be jealous of her husband’s friends. No matter if it’s a man or woman. Though it’s only applicable to decent couples,” he laughed. “There are times when a friend of the husband is snaking the wife. Sometimes, the wife’s friends are seducing the husband.”

She only laughed. “Crazy.”

“But since I’m a decent guy, rest assured. Wife, you’re the only one I’m settling into a house.”

“What the! I’m not really jealous!” she denied but she’s actually forcefully restraining her smiling lips. She was moved by his statement. Yikes!

“Don’t worry, when you meet Xan, you’ll know why the two of us don’t like each other in a romantic way. We’re just really friends.”

“Stop explaining.”

“All my female friends, I didn’t see them that way. If friends, just friends!”

Then, we will only be friends. After this one-year marriage, we’ll only be friends.. Okay. Fine. Okay. Alright.

Eh, why was there something pinching at her heart?


“What?” she replied disinterestedly.

“But the two of us, can be more than friends if you want,” he smilingly said and immediately glanced upon her. He even gave her a wink!

Ugh! Damn! Just… damn it

It seemed her heart fell.

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8 thoughts on “The Friendly Wedding Chapter 16.3”

  1. Johann making sure to get the flirt in while rushing to a friend’s side, and reassuring his jealous wife about said friend. Nice.
    Thank you for the chapter.

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  2. Johann is very skilled. He is a sensitive man so he doesn’t miss much that is happening around him.
    Sapphire is so caught in his trap.

    Thank you

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