The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 17.1

TN: Hello. I think my updates will no longer be 2-3 chapters (posted by parts) per week… Not sure about the releases but for sure it’s going to be irregular. My apologies, bows.

“Damn you, Johann! Damn you!” That was the first thing a woman had said to Johann the moment the two of them got out of the car. They parked the car outside of an organic restaurant at Tagaytay.

“Wow. Yeah, I missed you too, Xan.”

The woman jokingly slapped Johann. “Johann… Hu-hu!” She even began shaking him by the shoulder. Since it’s already night time, only a few people noticed them. “You won’t believe what I discovered from that guy with super yummy body and eight pack abs. The fez is super havey, and a very good kisser. Ugh! Mud in the beach, Johann! W-what I found out… Diz iz zo kreyzi.”

Sapphire’s lips twitched when Xan started crying. Johann pulled the woman into a hug. Xan also returned the hug and then started sobbing on his chest.

Johann was whispering things to the woman but it’s all inaudible to her. Sapphire’s mouth turned sharp. She was yet to be introduced to the other party and yet here she was already being treated invisible in their own world.

“Let’s talk, Xan. I’ll tell you something. But we have to talk in private.”

Xan nods. “H-however, there’s no private room in the resto.”

“Then inside the car.” Johann cleared his throat and turned his head to Sapphire. “Sapphire, go inside the resto. Have your dinner first.”

Her eyebrow rose. There’s a part of her refusing to leave the two by themselves. However… it really looked like they are going to tackle some important matters.

Xan stared at her and let out a shocked expression “Ay! Johann, you’re with somebody.” Then the woman wiped the tears on her eyes. “Hi, Miss! You’re very pretty – wait…” The woman inspected her closely and even closed the distance between them. “Hala! Sapphire Monteverde! I know you! I see you in some social magazines. You’re Reeve Monteverde’s cousin, right?”

“Y-yeah…” She was really not surprised that there are people who can recognize her. Her family was just that famous.

“Why are you together with this idiot?” the woman suddenly asked with intrigue as she pointed at Johann.

“Xan, Sapphire is my wife.”

“Wwwwwhaaaat?!” Xan’s eyes went back and forth Johann and Sapphire. After a while, the woman laughed. “Johann, are you making me laugh? Sapphire’s so elegant, you know? She won’t fall for you! Much less marry you!” she said while laughing.

“But it’s true,” Sapphire butted in. “We’re married.”

Xan’s laughter halted. “Ay, why?” She faced Johann.

“She wants to build a bookstore.”


“Later I’ll tell you. You go tell your gossip first.” And then Johann pulled the woman by the hand.

“What the eff? I’m confused again! When I left, you’re still all-over Czarina – “

“Sssh! Come on. Enter the car. We have tons to discuss. Damn you, girl. You left broken hearted and then you’d suddenly call wailing again for the nth time because you went with some random guy again.”

“He’s not any random guy, hey! Thiz papa’s aura is yumminess! Eight abs! Eight! Though he exploded – “

“Exploded?! So much exploded?” Johann was smirking.

Xan hit his head. “B*tch! Not that kind of explosion! You pervert!”

The two had really gone inside the car. Sapphire was left outside. She felt left out. However, she’s already used to being left out so it’s okay. But, being left out by Johann… seems to be a different feeling.

Perhaps, she’s just really not used to having her husband’s attention away from her. Since she’s been used to those times when the two of them were together, with all of Johann’s attention hers. And now that she could see Johann’s extreme closeness to Xan – which appeared closer than the two of them… well, it feels very different.

You’re jealous, Sapphire.

Stop it, brain! Stop! Just stop!

You’re in love, girl!


She turned around and marched towards the restaurant which looked like it was somehow full of people. It’s due to the fact that it’s now dinner time. She took a table next to the glass window where she could peek for Johann’s car. This was why she could still observe those two who were engaged in serious conversation.

“Good evening, Madam. Here’s our menu.”

She looked upon the waitress who was holding the menu. She smiled at her. “Ahm, no thank you. Just serve me your best course.”

The waitress nodded. “Would you like to have a tea, Madam, while waiting?”

“Sure thing. Thank you.”

The waitress left for a while and returned with a tea on hand. Perfect timing, it’s just the right time for her to drink and calm herself. Her mind will eventually turn clear. For her, so many things had already happened. She has been thinking too much, especially about her feelings.

Why couldn’t it just be simple to accept the possibility of her loving Johann? However, the feeling was new to her so there’s a chance she was just being mistaken about it. Maybe she’s become too fond of Johann, like that…

Okay. Go on. Convince yourself more, Saphi. Just accept that you’re in love.

But I really have no idea what’s the feeling of being in love. Argh!

She frowned. An argument has been ongoing for a quite some time now and it keeps on getting louder. Ugh!


The fez is super havey – The face is super heavy, I don’t know much about Filipino gay lingo but I think she was saying, the guy’s face is stunning or very good-looking.

Diz iz zo kreyzi – This is so crazy

Hala – Oh my (any expression hinting surprise)

Thiz papa’s aura is yumminess – This papa’s (guy’s) aura is yummy? Imo, probably was saying the guy is a super hottie. Lol, it reminded me of Unrivaled Super Hottie from The King’s Avatar

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6 thoughts on “The Friendly Wedding Chapter 17.1”

  1. Translating weeping drunk slang is no easy task. Good work.
    And now Sapphire knows what it is to be of two minds – seriously annoying. Now she knows what it’s like inside most of our heads.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement. 😀
      And you’re right. Having conflicting thoughts inside our mind is veeeeeery annoying. I bet it also makes people doubt whether they’re still sane. Haha


      1. Most of us question our sanity at times. My own internal conflicts drive me absolutely nuts, so I make them external by talking it all through with myself – out loud, frequently in public. I stop going crazy about whatever the conflict was while convincing everyone else I’m utterly bonkers.

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