The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 17.2

TN: First and foremost, this one shocked me.

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I actually don’t know if I should be happy or sad. I’m amazed though, since someone appreciated the work, enough to translate it to another language. Thank you for that.

However, I wish you had asked for my permission. Truth be told, the first time I found it, I was astounded and then glad. Who won’t be if someone liked your work? But… there I saw something like 10 XX per chapter which totally left me speechless. What’s with that? Since I can’t understand the language, I don’t dare come up with a conclusion. How would I know if google translate was making fun of me? It’s just a machine translator so maybe that meant something else… Still, I’m feeling bad about it. :/ Well, whatever. I’ll just act as if I know nothing about it. I won’t freak out over it  as well. It has already happened, eh, and I know it’s all probably to every novel translation out there. lol 

Just saying… Sorry for the rant. Here’s the chapter, please leave comment if you see any error.

Just stop denying, Sapphire. The one who will find it complicated is you. So what is you admit you love Johann, right? It’s not going to kill you or something.

She drank her tea and waited for her order. She won’t ponder about anything for the meantime. She won’t. She’ll save it all for tomorrow. She’ll just enjoy the Tagaytay breeze tonight.

Her eyes wandered toward Johann’s car. As she saw it, Xan was already trying to pluck all of Johann’s hair at once, in a violent way. She could only shake her head. To actually joked around each other that much, their degree of closeness was clearly seen. She noticed how the two of them were so comfortable with each other.

She supported her chin using one hand and then closely observed the two. Especially Xan. She knitted her eyebrows after watching her. She seems so familiar…

At that time, her order arrived. Since then, she busied herself with the food.

Half has already been finished when she suddenly remembered who Xan resembled. It’s Tanya Aragon! That girl was another rich man’s daughter and a classmate of her way back in high school. They both attended an exclusive school. She was two years older than that girl but they became co-members of the writing club before. She couldn’t forget about Tanya because they were always partners whenever there was a club assignment.

Unfortunately, she heard seven years ago that Tanya died in a car accident… But, that woman really looked like Xan… In the end, she shrugged. Perhaps, there are really just so many people who have the same faces.


Her eyes instantly went up and saw Johann before her together with Xan.

“The two of you finished your discussion?” Surprise was in her tone.

Her husband took the seat next to her while Xan sat in front. The woman appeared sad but was still forcing herself to smile.

“You remind me of someone,” she suddenly said to Xan.

The woman sighed. “Let me guess, Tanya Aragon?”

She nodded.

“You know that girl?” asked Johann to her.

“Yeah. We belong to the same circle, so we do bump with each other when she was still alive. We’re also schoolmates in high school and were also part of the same school org before.”

Johann and Xan exchanged glances.

“Why?” Sapphire asked.

“Do you know Tanya well?” Xan asked her interestedly.

“We’re not that close. She’s timid and aloof of people. And she’s always with her sister.”

Xan gave a nod. “Okay.” Then her gloomy aura returned.

At that moment, she was feeling embarrassed to ask what was troubling the other woman and so she stealthily turned to Johann. The guy was busy finishing her food though.

“What did the two of you talk about?” she asked her husband through a whisper.

He first minded what his teeth was grinding. “She’s only having some trouble which she has to breathe out somehow. Just let her be. She’ll eventually turn okay at the time she finally accepted her fate. She only acts sad but is actually pondering.”

When she turned her head to Xan, the woman was just staring outside.

“You ordered such delicious dish. What’s this, by the way?” he asked.

She shrugged. “I don’t know. That’s the best they serve her so I just ordered it.”

He took a big bite of the steak which appeared to be meat but also seemed like it was made out of vegetables. The taste was strange yet delicious. “Wow. The trip angered my stomach.” He once again cut the steak and was about to feed it to her. “Wife, eat more.”

They’re sharing the same spoon, fork and food. Why did she think that it was sweet?

Because you’re really in fact in love.

She only rubbed her forehead.

“By the way,” Xan suddenly chimed in. “I’m sorry for troubling the two of you, husband and wife. Ano, Sapphire, next time let’s have our bonding if time keribels it. Right now, my life is such a mess. It’s all Johann’s fault!”

“Fool. Don’t involve me.”

“Hmp! F*ck my life!” The other girl threw herself to the table. “Why is everything got to be this complicated?”

“Because you’re speaking in English.”

“All I want now is to return to my job. I only want to be a director again…” Xan murmured.

“Let it be. You’ve still got yourself a guy with eight-pack abs, as well as a cute child,” said Johann who looked like someone without a care to the world as he ate.

Xan straightened herself on her chair, put an elbow on top of the table to support her face and then stared at the void.

Since Sapphire couldn’t relate to their topic, her eyes questioningly darted to Johann.

“I’ll tell you about it when the time comes,” he whispered. “That woman’s problem is a top secret. But rest assured, that’s the only secret. We don’t have a secret affair.”


keribels – gay lingo for manageable, in the chapter however, it meant ‘allows’

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10 thoughts on “The Friendly Wedding Chapter 17.2”

  1. Well, the 10 that you saw on that website is the price of Chapter 7.1 and is in rubles. Not sure if they will continue with the pay wall stuff, but it is possible based on other translated works on the website. It is extremely likely that they are retranslating your English translation with some changes, like changing Sapphire’s name into Sophia among others, but they could also be bilingual Filipino speakers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *Sighs* When I first saw it, what I noticed immediately was the good quality machine translation (LOL). Okay, I don’t know if the names had been changed since I can’t read the translation, maybe all was google translate’s fault. However, I can’t say I’m fine with what they are doing. They should have asked us first, it’s not like we’re gonna bite them for it. :/

      Hmm. A big IDC anymore. I’m just going to mind my translation. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


  2. Okay, I am confused about a few things. One, is this Xan possibly Tanya’s sister? Is Xan married? A single mom? Dating a dude who has a kid? Is the writer obsessed with visibly defined abdominal muscles?
    Next, You guys aren’t the original author, right? You just translate? Do you have an exclusive translation contract? For all regions? Otherwise, the Russian translation is possibly working from the original (as you do), possibly with the approval [and potential remuneration] of the author/publisher. In that case, eh, I didn’t know Russians were into Filipino novels, but then, I didn’t know I was either. If you have got exclusive rights, then you need to get a serious lawyer, because they are making your money, and keeping it. If you are the author, you need to get royalties.
    I love to read translations, and I thank you for making them. I also love authors and publishers to thrive, so they keep making more stories for our consumption. I understand the frustration of having your work stolen and credited to someone else, even someone who profits by it. It sucks at your soul. So, I have to hope that site has contracts with the story’s originators and that they translate from the original.
    And [terrible grammar, that] sweet merciful, are their names really Sapphire and Johann? Why change the names? Sofia?! My parents don’t translate my name into the language of their choosing when they get all ranty in another language – my name is my name, not some other language’s equivalent.
    /rant off
    Thank you for the chapter.

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    1. Hmm, though verbal, we approached the authors and informed them. Well, the authors are from wattpad which has a terrible reputation of being plagued by amateurish works,(in reality though, there are also many good wattpad novels that are just challenging to find). They wrote for free and let others read their works for free. They gave different reactions about their works being translating but in the end they consented. I don’t know if TFW’s author permitted others to translate her novel in Russian but I think that if she did and is already receiving something from them, then she would have texted me to stop this translation project. *Sighs*

      Well, I don’t want to bother about it anymore. Let their conscience do the work. And about Xan, please just treat her as a passerby who really doesn’t matter much in this story. I once considered cutting her scenes out of the chapter but decided not to, since this story is not mine. Anyways, thanks for reading. I think I’ve been childish somehow for ranting about it. I’m now reflecting. Haha

      Also, I did not change their names. That’s why I was surprised when they became Sofia and John.


      1. I doubt the author would have any reason to stop your translation into English by agreement, even with payment from the Russian site. Provided that’s happening. But I know how these things can get up your nose, and just irritate (one of my Grandma’s more interesting turns of phrase).
        The name thing is always bizarre to me. They’re names, leave them. Then again, we use different characters to make the same sounds in all three languages, so transliterating names can be seriously rough. Maybe in the future we can get something like auto-pronounce for all written names. Then when we talk about people and places from all over the world, we’d all know who and where we meant. A little SciFi moment, brought to you by my wandering mind.
        It’s a pity about Xan. She could be a seriously interesting addition to the story, but it would probably need to be much longer to include her story. Perhaps the author has or plans to write a book of Xan. Maybe the cousins, too. So many stories just hinted at, but never realized – it drives me crazy [short trip].


  3. Sapphire is in the throws of jealousy.After having her world rotated by this sweet angel of a man She suddenly has to share his affection with a stranger.She Is not ready

    Thank you for the translation .So Sorry about the involvement of the other translator. I am thoroughly enjoying your work. You are talented. Thank you for continuing with this novel

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not sure about the talented part but thanks. XD
      Why say sorry btw? Haha, I don’t plan to bother myself about that matter anymore since I’ve already made up my mind to solely focus on my site and translation projects.


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