The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 17.3

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“Why do you keep on explaining to me? I truly believe that the two of you are not lovers. I mean, the two of you look good together but it’s pretty obvious, you and Xan are only super close friends.” She snatched from him the fork and the last piece of steak.

He chuckled. “You’re right, many people are saying we suit each other.”

She glanced upon Xan who was still staring outside the window, looking as if lost in thoughts.

“You two look good together,” she admitted, her claim based from the chemistry she saw between them when they were talking inside the car.

“The two of us, as well.”


He smiled. “We also look good together.”

“No.” She moved away a bit. “We don’t suit each other.”

“Why? Just because you grew up in a mansion while I, on the other hand, only lived in a bungalow? Or because you’re very beautiful while I am very handsome and there’s a possibility we will both explode if we get together – ouch!” he whimpered in pain as the spoon thrown by Xan hit him.

“That’s not how a man woo a girl. This idiot,” the woman said while laughing and then eyed Sapphire before smiling. “After building your bookstore, leave that man.”

“Wow. I salute you, Xan.” Johann sounded sarcastic. “You are really a very supportive friend. Bro, hands down to you! Thanks for the encouragement. Thank you, really. I drove all the way here for you, eh. Really, thank you. I’ll thank you for the rest of my life.”

Xan stood up and said her farewell, with a dog’s smirk on her mouth. “Friends, let’s just text each other later! My escort is here. Ahm, good luck for the two of you. Go and multiply. Babush!”

And it only took the woman a few seconds to disappear.

“You have a weird relationship with her,” she commented.

Johann laughed. “That’s how true friendship works. We tease each other without getting mad.” He reached out for her teacup and also drank from it. “Pwe! What’s this? Why is the taste like this? So bitter!” he complained as he scowled.

“Husband, that’s a tea.”

“So that’s why,” he wryly replied. He put the teacup down and asked water to a passing waiter.

“What do we do now?” she asked. Since Xan was no longer here, she assumed that everything’s okay already.

“You, what do you want to do?”

She looked at her silver wristwatch. It’s passed nine pm already! Time is really fast! “Let’s go home? You still have some workloads to finish…”

“Don’t worry about me. I can do that tomorrow. Well, it’ll be Sunday. Now that we’re in Tagaytay, maybe you want to sight see?

“It’s now dark. Where could we go?”

He grasped her hand and pulled her up. “Let’s take a walk. The cold breeze feels good, let’s take the best of it while we’re still here.”

She liked the idea, so she agreed with him. After paying the bill, they began walking outside. A good thing that the restaurant had a beautiful garden and walk path.

Johann was still holding her hand. The memory of that eve before her birthday came back to mind. That time, she and Johann were also walking on the beach while holding hands.



“I know something has been bothering since earlier. Are you still not going to open it up to me?”

“How can you say that I do have a problem?”

“I’m observing you. I’m staring at you in the eyes. You’re not difficult to read if I’m paying enough attention. Which I always do.”

“You like reading my thoughts?”

“I like putting all my attention to you.”

She stopped walking and pulled her hand away from his. “Johann, stop fooling around. I get it. You’re brokenhearted and you need to divert your attention. But please, don’t flirt with me, okay? I’m a friend, you said. We’re friends! Just leave it that way.” She turned away from him. Because she knew, one more punch line from Johann and she would fall. Eh, she already knew what her heart’s real condition is.

This was the reason why she doesn’t want to accept that she loves him. She’s perfectly aware that her feelings won’t be reciprocated. Johann was still in love with someone else.

“Sapphire!” he followed.

“Let’s go home. I no longer want to walk. I’m tired,” she said without turning her head.

“Sapphire, I like you.”

Her steps halted. Her heart just jumped out of her rib cage.

“Yes, I’m still not in love with you. But I like you. I really like you.”

She slowly turned her head. “W-what the hell…?” her voice sounded suspicious.

His face looked very serious though. The smile she was used to see on his lips was not there. The usual glimmer from his eyes was also not there and was instead replaced by conflicting emotions.

He stepped forward. “I’ll be honest with you. If you think I’m being fast, sorry but I don’t care. Just, I want to say that I like you. I always want to hug you. I always want to see you. I also want to kiss you again. I want… I want…”

Sapphire was already panting for breath even though she never did anything other than to stand there.

Johann exhaled deeply. “Since the moment I saw you walking towards the altar when the wedding ceremony was held, I already began to want…” He exhaled. “I don’t know why, but I want to love you.”

Sapphire couldn’t move from her place. This was the first time she felt like… all organs inside her body were in chaos. The most chaotic one was her heart.

Johann wants to love her… She started shaking her head and tried to grasp for words. But before she could even speak, he was already imprisoning her in his arms. He was embracing her tightly.

“Sapphire… I’m falling,” he whispered. “Can you please catch me?”

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Babush – Filipino gay lingo for bye-bye.

Pwe – sound of spitting

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