The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 19.1

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“Wife, are you a hen? Why do you keep on looking sideways from time to time?”

Sapphire’s pout became more prominent as her husband actually noticed her paranoia. Right now, they’re at the Shangri-La mall after she brought him with her to go shopping. “N-Nothing. Don’t mind me.” She calmed herself to not look around to avoid looking like a paranoid again.

She began being like this the day Czarina appeared. What if that woman’s also in this mall and sees Johann? Unacceptable!

Her grip on Johann’s arm became firmer.

“Why are the clothes here so expensive? It’s cheaper at SM. Let’s just shop at SM Megamall. We only have to cross the road to get there.”

She frowned. “I don’t like that place. It’s very crowded. And why do I have to buy cheap clothes if I have the money to buy the expensive and branded ones?”

“Saying it’s cheap? Hey, my briefs and boxers were all bought from there. The term is not ‘cheap’, it’s affordable.”

“I’m more comfortable doing my shopping in here. One more thing, SM malls are always crowded. I don’t like places flooded with people.”

They turned to the swimsuit section of the department store. “Just say so if you don’t want to mingle with people who are not on your level. Tch. Looking down on common folks.”

She let her eyes inspect the two-piece bikinis on display. “I’m not looking down on people. I just don’t like joining such crowds. I never like crowds no matter the level, whether rich or not. If I had been the type willing to mingle with people, then I would not have been friendless before.”

The only time she participated in a crowd event was when the student council organized a college night party. She left for home pissed off because those boys kept on approaching and dropping pick-up lines at her. Yuck!

The other instance was when she tried to join a girl group but realized they were not comfortable with her since they kept on giving her fake smiles. Hmp! B*tches.

“Their bikini is very pricey, o. Php 569!” He whispered to her as he held the price tag of an orange bikini. “It’s only Php 50 in the market.”

She laughed and tapped the hand holding the orange bikini. “How did you know the bikini prices in the market?”

“I got curious so I once asked a lady vendor,” he replied while laughing. “But seriously, for just a piece of cloth, it’s already worth five hundred plus?” He looked sideways then went to check out a sexy red swimsuit and its price tag. “Php 2899! Wow, don’t tell it was priced like this because the one who buys it will become sexier?”

“What’s your problem with expensive things? You’re also rich, right? Price does not matter as long as we’re comfortable with what we wear, where we live and as long as we get what we want.”

He slung his arm around her shoulders as they walked to the accessories section. “Wife, I’m only being practical and you know that. I didn’t grow up in richness, okay? For people who are not wealthy, if there are stuffs that can give the same comfort, at the same much more affordable, then buy it. Though, you have your point since you grew up in that money-filled environment. But try to lessen your shopping time. I’m not used to having a wife who shops for dresses that are not even used every week, only being stocked inside the clothe cabinet, appearing not much needed. We should use the money to buy more food for the street children. Or maybe we can give more tithes to the churches.”

She raised her head to meet his eyes. She finds herself smiling at him. Only through Johann did she realize that being practical is never the same as being miserly. It’s just getting what one needs. Johann has never been a miser because when giving tithes to the church, he gave more than what she could spend when shopping.

If someone’s knocking on his car window, he hands out food. His car has stocks of biscuits and cupcakes. She even laughed at him the first time she saw his stocked up foods in his old car. But then she realized it’s for that purpose. It was really for the needy.

He’s a cheerful giver. And he’s influencing her to also practice giving.

“I love shopping for myself. It makes me happy. I love buying expensive things because I’m rich. Is it wrong?”

“Being lavish sometimes is not bad. But you, are always like that.” He smirked at her. “You don’t have to seek that kind of satisfaction all the times just to say you are happy. There are times when true happiness is felt from helping others, making them smile and feeling that after seeing those smiles, you also become glad.”

He stared at her. “Like you, whenever I see how I made you laugh, I feel relieved. Kilig much!”

She laughed and pulled his ear. “Kilig much? What kind of gayness is that, Husband?”

“I only picked that up from my students.” He said before sneaking a quick kiss on her lips.

“Johann!” She lightly reprimanded him since she noticed the stares from the salesladies. All of them were smiling at each other, trying to avoid eyeing their direction. “You should not kiss me in a public place like this.”

She pulled him out of the department store. Fortunately, there’s no crowd outside.

“I’ll kiss you anytime and anywhere I want. I want people to envy you. Not because you are rich and overly pretty, but because you have a husband who is so addicted to your lips.”

Jeez, I love this gaytard! Forget about macho-ism and abs. This one’s the real man worth loving.

Sappire turned her head to him. He’s smiling widely while looking straight at her. She sweetly smiled back and held his hand tighter.

He blinked. “Don’t give me that kind of smile, Wife. Please.”

She knitted her eyebrows. “Why?”

He avoided her eyes and looked up. “Lord, don’t be like this. My heart’s already going crazy for this girl. Have mercy on me. Is me being a hottie still not enough of a retribution for me?”

Sapphire face-palmed and shook her head as she laughed. Johann also laughed at his own folly. He pulled her nearer to him and brushed his lips on her ear.

“But, I’m serious, Saphi. Your smile just made my world stop and heart skip,” he sincerely whispered.

Her cheeks heated up. Now, how the heck won’t she fall in love with this kind of man? Honest and sincere. It seems he was the only one of his kind in the whole wide world.

“Is it not good?” she asked. Because that’s what she always experienced at the sight of his smiles and winks.

He straightened his stand. “Not really. It’s pretty much desirable. Our feelings keep on levelling up.”


He nodded. “I feel that I’m almost loving you. Only needing a bit more of a sexy dance.”


“That’s it. I’m almost there. What about you? Is your feeling for me also levelling up?”

“Yeah, I feel so.” In fact, maybe she has already reached the highest level.

Johann grinned. “Good, good. I like that. See, we’re working it out. It’s fun, right? We don’t hold back feelings. There’s nothing to hide to each other.”

She secretly grimaced. She’s hiding Czarina from him, is it still okay? Her eyes darted to Johann but suddenly lost focus when she saw a familiar figure.

Oh, shit!

Speaking of Czarina, the woman was on a table set outside a coffee shop, sitting there with a laptop before her while sipping coffee. Sapphire’s eyes widened. Why… does she have to appear in this place while they’re around?

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