The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding 19.2

TN: Today’s update is longer than usual to compensate for yesterday’s lack of update. XD Enjoy reading!

Sapphire’s eyes widened. Why… does she have to appear here while they’re still around?

“What’s the matter?” Johann looked puzzled when he saw the face she was currently making.

He almost turned his head to take a look behind him but she immediately grabbed his face and forcefully made him look at her. “Ah! Let’s go to Megamall. Come on!”

She was literally dragging him towards the elevator.

“Huh? Why?”

“Don’t look back!” Her shout rang loudly. She held his face in place again but he pouted because of that.

When the elevator closed up, that’s only when she released him. She finally can breathe.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m okay!” she answered with a shout which he followed up with a dumbfounded expression.

“What’s the matter back then? Why are you in panic?”

She instantly shook her head. “Nothing. Nothing. Let’s go to Megamall? I haven’t been there, eh.”

“I thought you hate places like that?”

She pondered over it. Since it’s Sunday today, there should be bigger crowd in malls like that. With more people, the likelihood of Johann and Czarina crossing paths with each other should be impossible. Right, right! “I changed my mind. Since you said so, shopping there should not be that bad. My money can also cover more items.”

“You sure?”

She immediately gave him a nod. He only stared at her for a long time. She tried to smile and did it. The smile that her lips have formed turned out into a sweet one and that influenced him to smile in the end.

“Wow. Just one smile from you… tch,” He was whispering to himself while shaking his head. Then they came out of the elevator.

She grabbed his hand. Their fingers’ locked as they walked towards the other mall.

She looked at their clasped hands and realized, she wants to be like this for all times. Call her possessive, insecure, scared, or what… she’ll do anything just for Johann and Czarina to never meet.

The urge to pull the hours faster rushed to her. He said, he’s on the brink of loving her. Just a little bit more.

And surely, she will wait. In order to make sure that he will be hers.

Three days after, Johann’s classes finished early and she was surprised to see him inviting her to go to a mall. He said they can walk around and eat outside.

She consented since she also liked the idea. He brought her to SM North Edsa. It was because she also hasn’t been there before.

The joy and energy he was emitting confused her. His eyes were like shining stars. His smiles were much happier…

“Ahm… you seemed happy… Is something going on?” she asked him as they toured the place after eating.

His smiles grew wider and then he glanced at her. “Yup, something happened.” He shifted his eyes from her. She noticed that his ears were red and that he was clearly struggling to stop himself from smiling.

Her brows furrowed. What’s gotten into him?

Oh, wait! Don’t tell her… What if Czarina went to his school and they had exchanged words to each other. She weakly gasped. Damn! Why didn’t she think of that? How did she miss out the fact that if Czarina was to be that desperate, there’s a chance she would directly go to where he works…


She let go of Johann’s hand. That gesture of her made him turned to her quizzically. “Hey, why?” he asked.

“Spill it. Why are you so happy? D-did something occur? Did you… Did you meet up w-with an acquaintance today?”

His forehead creased. “Nope. Is me being happy not a good thing?”

“What’s your reason? Why are you… like that?” Her nervousness was now rampaging in her heart. If they didn’t meet, what if they had talked through their phones? Oh, hell! Why didn’t she also think of that?

Does it mean, Czarina already confessed her true feelings to Johann? That she was regretting why she didn’t reciprocate his love before?

“I’m happy because you’re with me, Wife.”

Her eyes went up to him. “We live together, Husband. We see each other every day!”

“That’s it, I’m actually always happy.”

She stomped her feet. “You are different today. I can feel it. Come on, tell me!” she demanded. She no longer gives a damn if people began watching them the moment they suddenly halted in one spot.

Johann blinked. After a while, he let out a sigh. “Sapphire… Have you learned to love me?”

It was as if her heart was kicked when she heard his sudden question. “W-why?” she asked back.

He held her hand and pulled her to walk again. She followed until they reached the mall’s parking lot.

“Are we going home?” she asked him. At that time, he’s no longer smiling.

When they reached his car, they immediately went inside. But Johann didn’t start the engine.

“Have you learned to love me?” he once again asked as he looked at her.

Her lips parted but she couldn’t utter her answer.

Johann suddenly grabbed the steering wheel and buried his head on it. “Wife, don’t be like that. You’re making me suffer.”

Huh? How come? “What’s the relation of my answer to your question and to my question about your unusual happiness for this day?”

Wait, was he asking her about it since if her reply is ‘not yet’, he would be relieved to go back to Czarina?

Wait, Saphi, you’re still unsure if he has met up and talked with her…

Johann slammed his forehead to the steering wheel. “I’m like this because I realized something this morning.”

All of the sudden, she felt herself weakening. Shit just got real. He probably knew about Czarina!

“W-what did you realize?” She asked after gathering enough courage.

“In the middle of my class… my phone rung,” he began his story-telling. “I answered it… then after that, I realize it.”

She closed her eyes. Czarina called him! Damn, damn!

“Wife… I know now.”

She bit her lower lip.

“My heart knows what’s real now.”

He realized that he still loves Czarina after the call, maybe it’s that. Damn, she’s going to cry! She doesn’t want to hear what’s coming next anymore.

“For the reason that after the call, I saw my wallpaper. By the way, my wallpaper is your picture. And then, suddenly this thought came to me. I can’t let this drag on any longer.”

Because of Czarina, he can’t wait for their marriage annulment next year? She gasped for air. She felt her heart slowly breaking.

“When my eyes went to my wallpaper, which is your picture – “

“What? You realized you don’t really like me? That it’s still Czarina after she phoned you and – “

“Huh? What the heck are you saying? What about Czarina giving me a phone call? Why did she even have to call me?” He looked dumbfounded and confused.

She opened her eyes and eyed him. “Why? Didn’t you talk to her and comprehended your true feelings? That you still love her?”

He was rendered speechless and slack-jawed. However, when he came back to his senses he suddenly roared in laughter.

“What’s funny?” Irritation welled up in her voice.

“Where did you pull out all of that? Why was Czarina mentioned again? Even now, I still haven’t seen her again and I also don’t have a clue on where she is now.” He resumed his laughing spree.

Her mind was filled with question marks.

“So, why are you happy? Who gave you a phone call?”

“My co-teacher called me then to ask about some school related matters. After the call, I stood frozen while staring at your picture.”

“You’re in high spirits because you saw my picture in your cell phone? Hey, we’re together everyday a-“

He brought his face to hers and captured her lips. The shock came so suddenly, she was unable to respond immediately. He also ended the kiss abruptly.

He charmingly beamed. “I’m happy because I realized I already fell for you. You have to catch me because I was first to fall, okay?”

“Huh?” Her mind was still busy processing it all. So, he really didn’t meet up with Czarina? Not even talked?

He gently held her hand and kissed it. Then, he lovingly looked at her again and tenderly smiled.

“I’m asking you if you’re already in love with me because I…” He kissed the back of her hand again. “I’m already in love with you, Wife.”

Her eyes widened. Wait, what? Did… did… she hear it right?

His eyes shone and his smiles became more sincere.

“I love you, Sapphire.”

Oh, damn!

She did hear it right!

Not long after, Johann’s old car was filled with Sapphire’s joyful screams.

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    1. Well, yeah. If she does it right now it won’t be a problem, it’ll be a joke. If she waits a day, she’s in trouble.
      Oh man her mind spins way out of control. It only has one track, but her mental train seems to derail frequently since meeting Johann. She’s stupid for him.

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