The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 20.2

TN: A short update. 😛

Just when she badly needed her cousins, Sapphire actually couldn’t contact them. She wanted to seek some advice. About love. Yeah, right.

It’s her first time to feel this way and she wanted to be consistently on it. She might be the oldest of them but right now, she really needs a few encouragement from her cousins who are much more experienced when it comes to love. But too bad, those girls were out of reach with none of them showing signs of availability.

She ended up visiting her grandmother’s mansion, the place where she used to live in. The urge to see her grandmother’s picture welled up within her. She missed her, her heart’s not unwilling anymore about her grandma’s condition with regards to her inheritance. If not for it, she wouldn’t have gained a husband who always tries his best to bring out a smile from her.

Just as she entered the mansion, her Mom who was currently at the living room busily flipping and reading a magazine came to her view. Sapphire suddenly wondered why her mother is here.


The woman raised her head and greeted Sapphire with delight. “Saphi, baby!” Her mom stood up and immediately embraced her. The woman was still on her sleepwear – specifically, she’s wearing a sexy night dress. “Oh, I missed you! How wonderful that you can come here, are you with Johann?”

“Ahm… No. He’s working. I only came to check the mansion. I was not informed that you’re here…” If she’s recalling it correctly, her mom made up with her boyfriend. She expected her to stay at her boyfriend’s house.

“Oh, yes. You know it, right? This place is my only home.”

They sat on the sofa. The older woman requested a maid to bring them some snacks.

“How are you, my child? Sorry if I missed your birthday, ah? Though I’m perfectly aware that you still enjoyed it. I saw some pics from your husband’s Instagram account.”

Her forehead furrowed. Her husband knows Instagram? She’s not aware!

“Ah, yeah, I enjoyed it. But it could much happier if you were there.”

The woman’s expression softened. Regret was faintly discernible on her face. “My child, I’m really sorry. It’s Arthur’s fault since he invited me to – “

“It’s okay, Mom,” she understandingly said. “I know that your boyfriend wants to make up with you. I also know how you love being with him. If Arthur can make you happy, who am I to force you to attend my birthday?”

It seemed like her mother got shocked by what she had said. “Saphi, baby…”

Standing up, she spoke. “I’m numbed to it, Mom. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy for you too. I lived my whole twenty-eight years and saw you chase your happily ever afters. You’re my mother but you’re not mine. I mean, that heart of yours? It’s all theirs, owned by your boyfriend.”

“Sapphire! What are you saying? I love you, my daughter.”

She turned her back on her mom.  She asked herself, why couldn’t she just say it all? Ugh! “I l-love you, too, Mom. So I’m also glad whenever your boyfriend made you happy. They can give you what my real Dad can’t. I understand, Mom. I understand.”

“My child, no – Sapphire! Come back here! We’re not yet done talking!”

However, she had already run out of the mansion. Her heart was beating so loud as she boarded the taxi. The gasp she let out was louder. She lowered her head and cried.

She really hadn’t intended to blame her mother for she truly loves her. Unfortunately, her heart just couldn’t hold on anymore as reality struck. She could never make her mom contented. She’s never enough for her.

This was the reason why she was scared to admit the truth to Johann as well. Even Czarina’s return, she’s still hiding it from him. Because maybe it’s true that Johann loves her right now. But how about when he sees Czarina again?

Johann’s full heart, can she be so sure that it’s already hers?


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7 thoughts on “The Friendly Wedding Chapter 20.2”

  1. Sapphire and her mother need therapy.So Sapphire can embrace her own happiness.She must trust Johann first.and not worry so much about Czarina.Thank you for this translation.

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  2. Oof. She really needs some confidence – and probably the therapy. She isn’t going to get confidence from her mother, and she hasn’t gotten it on her own, so Johann is her best bet.

    Liked by 1 person

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