The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 21.2

TN: This one nearly killed me. Haha. Enjoy!

A friendly advice: Single people, it's preferable not to translate a romance novel. This is a friendly bitter gourd alert!

The first thing Sapphire did after waking up the next morning was to get out of the room. Last night, when the mother-daughter talk ended, her mom decided to stay the night. Sapphire got excited to sleep next to her mother so she agreed. They took the room for themselves and made her husband Johann sleep on the sofa.

Fortunately, he didn’t protest, saying it’s okay since he knew they wanted to catch up with each other.

She yawned as she heads towards the living room. Johann was there, lying on the sofa with one arm covering his eyes. He’s still asleep. She kneeled next to him and gave him a swift kiss.

Johann was startled awake. He removed the arm on his face and opened his drowsy eyes.

“Wife…” He murmured with a hint of smile on his lips. “Did you just made me taste a true love’s kiss?”

She ignored the fact that the sofa couldn’t accommodate them anymore and nudged closer to her husband. It’s quite a miracle but due to her persistence, she succeeded. She’s now inside Johann’s arms.

She looked up and kissed him once more.

“So good. More.”

She kissed him again.

A smile appeared on his lips, his eyes still closed. “Dreams like this are so lovely.”

Her brows knitted. “Stupid. You’re not dreaming.”

The hug tightened. His hand went down to her thigh. It gently caressed her thigh up and down and then pinched. “Ay, it’s real!” he exclaimed with a grin.

He swatted away the hand exploring her thigh. “Don’t grope!”

“Hashtag Johann’s moves!”

She laughed. “Ugh! Behave yourself. What if Mom comes out? It will be embarrassing if she saw us like th – “

He only kissed her. She laughed because he kept pouting and his lips were repeatedly meeting hers.

“You’re disgusting.”

“But you like it.” He pouted more exaggeratedly. “You’re much more delicious than a Jollibee’s Yum burger. Yum yum yum yum! So delish!” he said in between the small kisses.

She giggled like a little girl. Sometimes, she doesn’t really like how Johann plays with his language. She’s not used to seeing a guy speaking like that. The society where she grew up only uses formal or sophistically boasting language. But then, Johann is Johann.

“How’re you and your mom?” he asked. After raining her lips kisses, he moved to her cheeks.

“Oh, we’re so much fine. I mean, all my issues with her have been settled. If only I had learned beforehand that I only have to open up to my mom to make her realize how I felt, I would have done it long ago.”

“Eh, why didn’t you do so?”

“I guess, I’ve become too prideful. I don’t want to be the one approaching. Since she was the one lacking, I want her to be the one to approach me first. But I learned that sometimes, it does not work that way. If I have issues with her, she said, it’s better if I tell her immediately.” She sighed. “I guess, you’re right from the first time you told me how conceited I am. I should have levelled down my pride.”

“You did. You moved in to my bungalow, you clean the bathroom without complaints, you shop in the market even though the road is always muddy, you don’t turn on the aircon if it’s not bedtime, and…” He raised her chin and met her eyes. “You learned how to love me,” he mouthed slowly, the tip of his nose brushing against hers. “A future bookstore owner man-hater who fell in love with a handsome teacher… perfect!”

She pouted. “I really don’t understand how I fell for you. Seriously, I never fell in love before. I disliked men and I have issues in life. But then…” She smiled and buried her head to his neck. “She sighed. “How did you do that, Husband? Your wedding vows… how did you turn my bitterness into sweetness? How did you fill my every day with sweetness?”

“A mere Johann’s moves,” he boasted and then laughed.

Yeah. He has the most unlikely but adorable moves. “I love you, Husband.”

Her forehead creased when she felt him shivering. She promptly raised her head. “What happened?”

He was closing his eyes while forcefully pulling down the corner of his lips. “Mud.”


“My heart’s moved, damn! Don’t be ahm…” He suddenly covered his face with his hand. She noticed his blushing ears and suppressed laughing.

She shakes her head and smiled. So Johann reacts like this when touched?

“Husband, can we continue your version two-point-o?” she curiously asked, half-teasing because most probably, they won’t do it for real, since her mom’s next door.

His squinty eyes grew large and his hand reached out to her waist again.

“But where are we… g-going to do that?” he asked. Anticipating. He even swallowed some saliva.

“Bath room?” she suggested. But she was only making him hopeful. She’s just teasing Johann. In actuality, she doesn’t want her first time to be at that place. Not so ideal.

“Rejected. I want it be where you’re comfortable and relaxed. It will be your first, right? And you want it to be in the bath room? It’s not like paid services. I don’t want it to be like that. It’s heartless. It should be with feelings so it will be memorable,” he uttered with frankness.

Aww! Johann, you’re unlike any other. Good thing, I got you.

“Wife, don’t worry, when it’s no longer your first time, we can experiment. It’s healthy. No matter what, it will be good to Johann you in every corner of our bungalow. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!”

Her fist descended on his head. “What ‘to Johann’?”

He grinned. “You know it. Hashtag ‘Johann’s hottest moves version’. When you become Johann-ed, you won’t be able to escape from me anymore. You’re mine forever.”

“You like playing with words, huh? You’re talking too much.”

He winked at her. “You know, part of Johann’s moves.”

“You’re only mine, okay? I mean, that silly hash tag of yours. I want you to act like that only to me.”

“You mean, flirting in a friendly way? Sure! I love you, Wife!” And then bit her shoulder.

“Hey! That will leave a mark!”

“Ay, sorry, sorry.” He laughed and kissed the bitten part. “I remember, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

“Same here.”

“Isn’t it disgusting?” Johann imitated her usual accent in speaking.

“Nah, I love you anyway. Morning breaths don’t matter.”



“My heart’s moved again.”





Her brow went up. “For what?”

He smiled. “For making me happy?”

“I-I didn’t do a thing… In fact, you are the one who always make me happy.”

“To know you also love me and how you opened up your heart for a man like me, that made me very overwhelmed. I feel, so hot and handsome!”

“Me, too.”

“You also feel handsome?”

She hit him yet he only laughed. “What I mean is, I’m happy also for making me feel like I’m the only girl in your eyes…”

“In my heart as well. And also in my mind. Now I’m thinking… maybe my kidney, lungs and liver should shout your name too?”

“Ugh! Gayness! Just kiss me.”

He gestured with his lips. “Try to bring your lips near mine this time. My neck hurts – mmm! Mmm… Mmm! Yum yum!”

Mud – the word can also mean damn, or an exclamation expressing one’s shock

Jollibee – a popular fast-food chain in the Philippines


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  1. Hilarious. These two are beyond goofy. Well, Johann is beyond goofy, and Sapphire deals with it alright. He actually says “Hashtag” – repeatedly! Oh my.

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