The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 21.3

TN: I swear, it’s not my fault that this part is short. Blame the author? Just kidding. XD

Johann was feeling like he’s in cloud nine, with the angels singing lullaby for him. And what about it? It’s just simply a fact that loving and being loved is something to rejoice for. He’s thankful knowing that the one he loves is also in love with him. Before, he thought he was about to be an epic failure again, rejected, so to say.

Right now, as he washes the dishes, he’s wearing a stupid look on his face with an inerasable smile on his lips. It’s Sunday. Sapphire and he had just attended the mass. He’s not with her as of the moment since together with his mother-in-law, Sapphire went to the mall for a shopping.

He’s really happy for his wife. Finally, the issue with her mother was now over. They’re both catching up now. His wife who possesses great pair of legs will now grow her heart to be much softer and gentler than the most gentle.

“Knock knock.”

Johann pressed on the water tap and shouted “Wait!” as he quickly put away the washed plates and glasses. He wiped his hands before heading out to open the gate.

“What do you need….” his voice suddenly faded with his smile.

“Johann… H-hi!”

He felt as if the air was rapidly thinning out. Shit. “C-Czarina…” He blinked. It’s real. Before him was the girl he loved for more than a decade… she, who didn’t reciprocate it.

“It’s wonderful that you’re here. I couldn’t find you at home the last time I -”

The girl stopped talking, shocked when Johann suddenly hugged her tight.

He missed her.


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14 thoughts on “The Friendly Wedding Chapter 21.3”

  1. “He missed her.” !? So what? I get that Johann is a touchy feely, hugging sort, but oh man, he really shouldn’t do that. He knows how wildly insecure his WIFE is. If/when she sees that, she’s going to shrivel up into a Sapphire raisin and take ages to get over it. Stupid stupid stupid boy.

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