The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 22.3

Sapphire’s already in front of their house when the gate opened by itself. Or rather, Johann was there, waiting for her.

“Wife! Who owns the car that sent you home?”

She crossed the gate first then replied. “It’s Bari’s.”

“Huh?” he exclaimed in surprise. He suddenly grabbed her shoulders and went to check her here and there. “Why were you with him? That cousin of mine is dangerous. Fortunately, you were not devoured.”

But almost. “We only met at the mall after my shopping session with mom. Eh, then my mom left first and so he volunteered to send me home.” She reasoned.

“He actually goes to the mall,” he said while laughing before pulling her into a tight hug. “I miss you, wife.”

She smiled and hugged him back. They’re still really at the gate yet he’s already showcasing his sweetness to her.

“You smell good. It seems you took a bath today?” She mocked.

“Yup. I suddenly became inspired to take a bath. Isn’t it amazing?” He wrapped his arm over her shoulders and began carrying the shopping bags that she brought home. Then they walked inside the house shoulder to shoulder.

Sapphire’s eyes went to the prepared dinner on the table. He’s really caring. Johann placed the stuff to their room. When he came out, she went inside to change into indoor clothes.

When they’re about to eat, she noticed that Johann suddenly turned silent. As he served her food, he looked distracted.

She held his hand. “Are you okay?”

He stared at her. “Huh? O-of course.” He brought her hand to his lips. “I’m just thinking about some matters. Go ahead, just eat.”

“By the way, how’s your day?” he followed up.

“Me and mom had so much fun.” Then she started telling him what she did with her mom. Minus the part where she met Bari. “How about you, how’s your day?”

He’s almost done eating by then. “Hmm.”

“What ‘hmmm’?”

“I have something to say. But… but don’t get mad, okay?”

She eyed him. “O…okay.”

He cleared his throat. “So, this morning, I was washing the dishes. However, we ran out of Joy Dishwashing Liquid so I went out to buy some from the store at the next street. When I returned, I resumed washing the plates. I mixed Joy (dishwashing liquid) with water and then poured some drops on the sponge…”

She looked at him bored. “Really, husband? Are you going to enumerate all of it step by step?” was her grumpy response.

He laughed. “My dear, this is only the intro. Ahm, after washing the plates, someone suddenly knocked from the outside. Guess who.”

Her chest was suddenly attacked by nervousness. A suspicion immediately sprung up. “Was it… C-Czarina?”

Johann smiled. “How did you guess it so easily?”

She swallowed the lump in her throat. So, they met each other a while ago? Her face instantly warped and then she stood up. However, Johann hastily pulled her back to her seat.

“Look here. I’m not yet done, eh. Why do you become jealous so quickly?”

She violently shook off his hand. “What happened after?” she hissed.

The smile he gave out was a teasing smile. “Of course, I hugged her! You know, I haven’t seen that childhood friend of mind for a very long time.”

Jealousy immediately covered Sapphire’s whole person. “You hugged her, huh? You also missed her? Eh, then why are you still here? Just go elope with her!”

“Now what? You realize that you still love her?! Huh?! Huh?!”

“Wow. Wife, you’re ferocious.”


Hala. Wife, calm down. What the heck are you saying anyway? Just because I hugged her and I missed her, I already have to go away with her? I just missed her but it doesn’t mean that I’ll turn my back on my promises to you. Come here.” He pulled her until she was sitting on his lap. “This is what’s disturbing about a jealous wife. Overly paranoid.”

She hit his head and was already planning to get away from him. However, his grip over her waist is no joke.

“Let me go!” she fiercely said.

“Don’t wanna. You know, I’m properly doing the story-telling here. Listen to me, will you?”

She calmed down but she couldn’t meet his eyes. “What did you feel when you saw her? Don’t lie to me. I know you still love her.” She said without pausing.

“What I feel for her is no longer important. What matters are the things I promised you.”

“You still love her… I’m just a distraction. You’ve just been overwhelmed by my presence. You’re not obliged to fulfill what you said to me, if your heart is against it.”

She felt the loosening of his grip. She got away from him. He also didn’t restrain her anymore. When she turned around to face him, she wanted to cry after seeing his face.

He looked hurt based from the expression of those eyes that are staring at her right now.

“Do you view me that lowly?” he asked with absolute calmness. He’s serious. The usual playful smiles can’t be found right now on his lips.


“That jealousy of yours can make you narrow-minded. Do you think I’ll inform you that Czarina came over just to hurt you? If I want to cheat on you then I should be hiding this fact from you, right?” He pushed the chair backwards and stood up.

“You hugged her. You missed her.”

“But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

She lowered her head.

“Is it bad to miss her? Is it bad to hug her? Czarina and I grew up together. Even though I was hurt when she dumped me, I accepted it because I am not that prideful of a person to become so bitter about a rejection.”

“Can you blame me for it? She might be a threat, Johann. She dumped you, alright? Why is there a need for her to talk to you again?”

“What threat? Czarina is not like that. She won’t destroy a relationship between two people.”

“Now you’re defending her.”

“I’ll really defend her because she’s not doing anything bad. Do you know her well to judge her like that? That’s the common problem among people, eh, they judge as if they don’t sin.”

“Now, I’m pretty sure that you still love her! Is it bad as well to worry about her snatching you away from me? I don’t know her, so I don’t know what she’s capable of!”

Johann’s stares became painful for her. “You really want to push that? That I love her? Eh, then fine! Yeah, Sapphire, I still love her! Are you happy now?”

Because of the impressible emotions, she cried.

“And now you’re crying?”

“I hate you!”

“You know, Sapphire, maybe I still have a bit of feelings for her. But most likely, it’s just the feeling of being indebted. Because when I was still ten years old, my mother’s husband left me at a place where I couldn’t recognize anyone. He said I should be at my real dad’s place. He brought me in front of Czarina’s house because that foster father of mine thought that Czarina’s father was my real dad. I couldn’t follow after that foster father of mine since everything was so sudden. Do you know who opened up their home for me, a person they don’t know, after that? It’s Czarina and her family. They fed me, clothed me, and sent me to school. They don’t know anything about me, except from what I said about me being left behind by my foster father. They didn’t think ill of me. They didn’t judge me nor suspect that I was a child reared by a syndicate to steal from them when they are not around. They trusted me.”

“That’s why I said to myself, if someone trusts me, I’ll take care of that trust. I won’t break it. So when you said you love me too, I thought, you already trust my love for you. Then suddenly I would learn that Czarina went here yet you hid it? And when I checked my phone a while ago, I would just be shocked to find out that the reason she couldn’t contact me was because you blocked her number? I realized you don’t trust me because you did those things.”

He let out a long sigh. “It’s fine to get jealous Sapphire, but make it moderate.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

“If I still love Czarina, Sapphire, I would have been willing to ignore what I feel for you. You know, sometimes you don’t always have to follow your heart. You should also hear God’s words. And I believe that there’s a reason why out of all the men on earth that you could have proposed to, I was the one chosen. I have a purpose in your life.”

He solemnly looked at her eyes. “And I want to believe that my purpose in your life is to give you the love that you’ve been searching for so long – a true love from a true friend, and from a real man.”

Johann turned his back. Still upset, he went outside the house.

Sapphire was left there crying.

TN: This one is guilty since I know I’ve been MIA for a week. I’ll make up to you guys by updating regularly ’til the epilogue of Season 1. Have a nice day.

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3 thoughts on “The Friendly Wedding Chapter 22.3”

  1. Thank you for continuing with this novel.I love the way your words bring me right into the embrace Johann gives Sapphire. I can see the longing and frightened gaze of Sapphire as she thinks of Czarina.Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Eh, update when you can. It’s not as though this is your career, nor your life. You must go live, and possibly also work, sometimes, at least. Like everyone else. That said –

        I can definitely feel their emotions, but my own kept interfering. For instance, Sapphire is still a bit emotionally immature, and sometimes that results in childish outbursts that make me roll my eyes (e.g. “I hate you.”) Mainly, though, Johann comes off as oddly sanctimonious with all the “trust me, regardless of the fact our relationship is young and nothing else has ever tested that trust, and certainly disregarding the fact all men make you wary, and by all means ignore the heartbreaking betrayal of trust and hope you’ve experienced any time you’ve opened up to people in the past”. He may be a great guy, but Sapphire has seen enough guys who seem great be far less than, and she is obviously not the Mary Sunshine, everyone-is-good kind of girl; her suspicion and fear… Ah, it would annoy most men. He is claiming to not be most men, but he is acting like them. Even the explaining. Ugh. I get that it’s tiresome and irritating to have the person you think trusts you wind up doubting you, and lying because of the doubt. So annoying.
        Some of my personal irritation is the God thing. Please don’t take this as criticism of anybody’s belief or disbelief, or ambivalence on the idea of God(s) and how god(s) may interact with people. That’s not it. I don’t find comfort or pleasure in making life choices because God(s) said something to you, or me, or anyone. I also tend to doubt most gods would have said at least half of the things people say they did. I could be wrong. The extremists and fundamentalists have soured me on everyone else’s joy in their God(s). Besides, half of the world would lock you in a loony bin and drug the gods right out of you if you started “listening” to God.

        Apologies for the rant.
        I should be all better by the next chapter section. No, really.
        Thank you for the chapter.


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