She Died

She Died – Chapter 8

Kittens enjoy! Chapter Eight   Eris Jane Trinidad “Hmm, is Eros already awake?” I placed my index finger on my chin while walking towards Eros’s house. I was already wearing the uniform that was given to me by her sister. Eros and I are going back to school! Yehey!1  I miss going to school. When I… Continue reading She Died – Chapter 8

The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 23.2

... She only rolled her eyes at him. Oh, right. She’s at the main branch, meaning, the main office is also here and so her cousin can immediately come here. “Go back to your, Mrs. Castueras,” he ordered to the manager. “I’ll handle her.” “Y-Yes, Sir.” The frightened woman hastily ran out. Poor her. “What’s… Continue reading The Friendly Wedding Chapter 23.2