The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 23.2

She only rolled her eyes at him. Oh, right. She’s at the main branch, meaning, the main office is also here and so her cousin can immediately come here.

“Go back to your, Mrs. Castueras,” he ordered to the manager. “I’ll handle her.”

“Y-Yes, Sir.” The frightened woman hastily ran out. Poor her.

“What’s your problem, Sapphire?” asked seriously by his cousin who was currently knitting his brows as he stares at her.

She walked inside the bathroom and fetched a bathrobe. She was feeling so disgusted at her wet back. It seems even her underwear became wet. So irritating! Why the heck are there stupid people in the world?

“Sapphire?” Reeve called again, dangerously.

“My clothes are wet because there’s a moronic waiter out there who spilled water on me,” she replied sarcastically to her cousin as she closed the door of the bath room.

She took off her wet clothes and wore the bathrobe, when she opened the door, Reeve was looking at her angrily.

“Sapphire, can you please not bring your personal issues at my hotel if you are your husband have problems? You have no right to storm inside here and make all my employees rattle in fear out of your childish bitchiness!” he said in rage.

Her forehead wrinkled. “How did you know that I and Johann have problems?” she asked with confusion.

He was wearing a poker-face now. “Obviously because it was so late at night, yet your good husband rushed into our house. He went berserk there. And pestered the people as well. He talked to his sister. Asking for advice. And my wife was more than willing to comfort his brother up until dawn,” he calmly said. But he looks annoyed.

Oh. Johann spent the night at their house… “So what?” she bitchily asked. She pushed him out her way and stepped out of the bathroom. “And can you please follow up my clothes? I want to go out and eat.”

“You’re one hell of a headache. Don’t hide behind your bitchy attitude, Sapphire. You look so pathetic,” he frankly announced.

She gasped and turned to him. “How dare you! I’m your cousin, Reeve! You should not be saying that to me! I’ll tell you to Mom!”

“Stop. The. Crap!” Now, Reeve’s seriously looking at her. “I know why you are acting like this. You’re feeling miserable. Johann and you had a fight. But you don’t want to feel the sadness, right? So, the high and mighty man-hater Sapphire Monteverde is back.”

“What are you saying?”

He crossed his arms. “Lie to me more, Sapphire. Come on,” he suddenly turned calm.

She balled up her fists. “Why do I have to get sad? What can even make me feel miserable? I’m a Monteverde! I’m very rich! I can have everything I want! And I’m very happy with the power and wealth that I have! Damn Johann but I don’t need a man in my life.”

He stared at her. The expression on his face softened and now he no longer looks mad.

“I hate Johann. He’s changing me. He’s changing who I really am. He’s dragging me away from the things that give me comfort. He settled me in his cheap bungalow. He makes me clean his bathroom, makes me polish the floor, not letting me use the aircon in the afternoon!” She suddenly wondered why tears are making their way out of her eyes.

“He doesn’t want me to shop to my heart’s content. He’s only giving me a ride in his old-model car. Sometimes, he’s even making me commute in a jeep with no aircon! He’s so frugal! He kept me away from the mansion, from the 24 hours air conditioner, from my Porsche! He kept me away from the wealthy lifestyle. He turned me into a plain housewife, who will wait for him to come home from work… who will cook for him, take care of him… I don’t deserve that! I should be the one receiving care! I should be the one to get the pampering!” F*ck the freaking tears, why are they falling from her eyes?

“He agreed to my proposed marriage because he didn’t want to dwell much on his broken-heart. And now that his girl’s back, he scolded me for doubting his love for me. Screw that gaytard!”

Reeve slowly approached her and held her arm.

She lowered her head. “He dragged me away from the luxury that makes me happy before. He changed Sapphire Monteverde. Turned her into Mrs. Anderson.” She sniffed. “Then we’ll fight over small things, argue about contradicting beliefs, and laugh about his funny gayish antics. He never failed to bring home some cheap food for me after getting off from work, and he matches it with sweet warm kiss on the cheeks. When it’s breakfast time, he makes me eat dried fish and he tells some fun stories about his experiences in life. He’s serving me stirred milk, preaching me about God, always making me smile, singing for me, dancing for me, embracing me, k-kissing me, making my heart moved…”

Finally she couldn’t hold it in. She broke into sobs. Reeve pulled her for an embrace and didn’t say anything. He just let her cry.

Like what Johann would do when she’s speaking out her grievances.

Reeve’s right. She’s feeling miserable. She’s even guilty. Johann became mad because of her. All that he said before, and his defending of Czarina, were within reasons… Johann’s disappointed with her.

That what’s driving her sad. Because she came to realize from the day they got married up until yesterday, what Johann ever did was to make her happy. But what about her?  She just made him upset.

“Johann helped me to open up my true feelings and that made me reconcile with my mom. He’s my first ever friend. He’s the one who got me away from lavish lifestyle to let me know that… living a simple life is not bad. And living a simple life with him… gave me more happiness than my wealthy ways. Money can’t buy the most precious things that God has made to make a person truly happy.”

“And what’s that?” asked Reeve with a smile. It seems he already knew the answer.

“Trust and love.”

His smile widened. He kissed her on the forehead. “That’s what I want you to have, Sapphire. The very reason why I told you to marry Johann. I might hate my wife’s brother at first, but Johann has extraordinary principles and faith that truly define true friendship, happiness and love.”

“H-how did you know?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “My wife is like that. Also, Agatha told me too. They grew up apart from each other but coincidentally, they have the same faith. And I know you also need someone like that in your life.”

She pouted. “Why?”

“I see myself in you, Sapphire. Among the cousins, only the two of us are from broken families. I can see the way you look with pride and bitterness. But I know behind that, you’re sad. When I got healed with Agatha, I began thinking, who’s the person who can heal you, too?”

This cousin of her noticed her huh. It seems Bari was correct that protective cousins have their ways… “Is that why even though Johann was still hurting inside after being rejected by your stepsister, you still recommended him to me as a prospect groom?”

He knowingly smiled. “Johann has a thing for sexy legs, according to Agatha. So… we kinda know that more or less, Johann will fall for you. And we kind of estimated the kind of guy you can fall in love with, even if it’s impossible for you to love at that time.”

She gaped. “You – oh my gosh You and your wife played cupid!”

He chuckled and wiped her tears away. “Actually, me, Haley, Lavender, Crystal Jane, Agatha and Bari played cupids.”

Her eyes grew large. “What the eff!?” Her female cousins have been partaking in this? Now, she could understand why at that time, they tried so hard to push her to him! And… and that Bari?! “Why is Bari included?”

“When I heard about you searching for a ‘groom-to-be’, I immediately informed my wife. She then phoned Bari about it. I don’t know why. Oh well, Bari’s concerned about Johann because he really locked himself inside his house when Czarina dumped him. So… yeah, we ended up pairing you with Johann.”

She remembered how Bari asked her if she wants to see Johann cry. She started shaking her head.

So, that beast really care for his cousins.

Sapphire’s change of clothes arrived. The price tags revealed their newness. They’re expensive. Fortunately. She went inside the bath room to wear the clothes. Good thing that they included extra undergarments. When she came out of that room, she’s already wearing a white off-shoulder dress with length above her knees.

“Reeve,” he called her cousin.


“Do you think Johann really loves me?” She asked even though she’s quite sure that her husband really loves her.

He acted as if he’s pondering for the answer. “Hmm. All I know is that last night, he stormed into our house. He even startled my baby Rainiel awake. Johann was drunk. And he was blabbering nonstop.” His gaze directed to her. “He keeps on calling your name. Hmm. Does that answer your question?” The smile on Reeve’s lips was evident.

She also smiled. Now she knows what to do.

TN: In case there’s a slight confusion about the mentioned characters…

Haley, Crystal Jane and Lavender and Reeve – Sapphire’s cousins

Bari – Johann’s creepy cousin

Agatha – mentioned before as Reeve’s wife, Johann’s half-sister

Czarina – Reeve’s stepsister, also the one who dumped Johann


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