The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 23.3

TN: The author was the one who made this short, I swear, it’s not me being lazy today. Haha. Enjoy reading.

Sapphire took a picture of her newly bought Prada shoes. However, the focus was not really at that. She intentionally emphasized her flawless legs on the photo.

Immediately after, she posted it on her Instagram account with a caption: I’m sorry. I have a peace offering when you come back home.


It’s her first time writing a caption that has nothing to do with the photo. And it sounded so off-fashioned. Jeez! But she didn’t tag anyone for it.

She waited for the notifications. So far there are only likes. After a while…

johannd’hottie left a comment on your photo: PLEASE FOLLOWBACK PO!!!





Sapphire face-palmed yet she also smiled. johannd’hottie? What kind of username was that? Ugh! Even the comment sounds idiotic. Why did she even doubt Johann’s weirdness?

She replied: @johannd’hottie followback, your face!



He commented again: johannd’hottie PLEASE FOLLOWBACK PO! You’re so beautiful. You’re really my crush po @saphianderson


She can’t help but laugh. She couldn’t care anymore about the odd stares coming from the salesladies. So what? She’s happy. The two of them have made up. And all it took her was a picture of her legs!

She followed back Johann’s account. After that, she temporarily put her IPhone inside her bag to pay for the shoes that she brought over to the counter.

She’s almost done paying when her phone rang. There’s a notification from Instagram.

johannd’hottie took a photo of you.

She tapped it and saw a picture of Johann’s steering wheel. On the photo, he was holding onto the car’s steering wheel and the filter used was nice.

The caption says: Driving my way home. I really really really miss my Wife. ❤



po – signifies that the speaker is being respectful, though in this chapter it was used jokingly


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