The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 24

TL: This chapter should have been posted earlier. However, because of so many irritating circumstances, something happened to the file and it couldn’t be recovered, leaving me with no choice but translate from the start. Ugh. Unlucky me. T.T
So, here’s a full chapter as compensation for the lack of update yesterday. Enjoy reading.

“I’m leaving. My wife and I are already okay,” said Johann to his sister.

“That’s great!” replied Agatha while gently rocking her newly born son, Rainiel, in her arms. “Just remember, Kuya Johann, you’re doing well. Just be gentle with her. We can’t blame Sapphire because it’s her first time to be in love. She’s just afraid to lose you.”

He smiled. “I know. I just got a bit displeased. But I’ll work on my patience. I’ll love her more. You’re my idol at it, eh.”

His sister smiled. “Inform me what will happen, okay?”

He gently rubbed his sleeping nephew’s head. “Sure. Thanks by the way for last night. I’m ashamed for disturbing everyone here. I made Reeve annoyed at me,” he apologized. Yet he was also laughing because Reeve’s face looked funny when the latter went to work. Reeve was just unable to sleep next to Agatha for a night but he was already acting like that.

The man is really Sapphire’s cousin, easy to annoy.

“Don’t worry about Reeve. He’ll be fine. He’s just not used to not having me next to him when sleeping. He also got troubled when putting Rainiel to sleep last eve.”

He grimaced. “I’m really sorry, sis. Pray for me, okay? Pray for me and Sapphire. Wish that we will become as happy as you and Reeve.”

“What’s your plan when you get home?”

“I’ll impregnate her,” he said while laughing.

Agatha can’t help but laugh too. “Foolish brother. Go ahead. Just love her more and everything else will follow.”

He nodded and kissed her on the cheek. It really felt wonderful asking for her advice. He would always find his mind getting clearer. It was as if ten angels mopped up his dirty thoughts. Amazing!

He also kissed his nephew’s head before leaving. He boarded the car and took a photo of his hand that is on the steering wheel. And since the WIFI from Agatha’s house extended to outside their gate, he managed to post something in his Instagram account. He usually goes to that SNS to check his students, searching for some teasing materials for his selfie-loving students.

Who would have thought that he and his wife who possesses a pair of beautiful legs will make up in Instagram. Of course, he’ll be going home! Go! He’s already missing his wife even though they’ve been only apart for a night.

Actually, he should not have let things escalate like that. He got carried by his emotions. He won’t let it happen again. His wife will become pitiful eh. He’s now worried that she cried.

Tsk. He doesn’t want to think that Sapphire cried but most probably, she did. Ugh. He has to repent.

Sapphire has to experience a Johann Anderson. (TL: Ah-huh?)

It’s me, really. It’s Johann’s moves, baby!

He put the cell phone away and began driving. He’s feeling excited, damn it. As he thinks of Sapphire and of going back to their home sweet bungalow, he can’t help but smile.

If at this rate he’s still not in love, then what should it be called?

He turned the car to where the gate of the village is. But he stopped when he saw a familiar car parked outside of the gate. At the sight of a familiar girl who was looking troubled, he parked the car at the side road and went out.

“Czarina?” he called out to his childhood friend.

The woman turned her head to him with a surprised expression. “Oh, Johann, why are you here?”

“I’ve just visited Agatha. I’m on my way home now. What about you? What’s the matter with your car?”

She scratched her head. “Eh, I’m also going to Agatha’s house, eh. Kuya Reeve asked me to do something. However, when I was about to cross the gate, my car suddenly broke down. It’s already lucky that I had it park at the side.”

He opened the car’s hood. He coughed at the smoke that escaped there. “Your vehicle overheated.”

“Is that so? Eh, when I checked it before driving it, it’s still fine. Why did it overheat? My Ford is new.”

He shrugged and inspected the machine. “Let’s pour some water on the radiator. Do you have some water?”

Czarina went inside her car and grabbed a bottle of mineral water.

“Yikes. It’s not enough,” he said laughingly. He walked to his car and took out a litter of water from the trunk. He always has a reserve of water since his beloved Toyota frequently overheats.

He was already pouring water on the radiator when Czarina spoke up.

“Sorry, ah? I’ve been a bother.”

“What are you saying? It’s fine. It’s a good thing that I noticed you. You know me as well. I will always help you.”

He will always help Czarina no matter what the problem will be. He’s greatly indebted to her family’s goodwill. Maybe he grew to love her before because of this. He was really hurt when she rejected him but then he realized, it’s all for the better. Maybe they are never meant for each other.

Well, Sapphire came. That proved he’s not meant-to-be with Czarina. He immediately liked Sapphire, after all.

He realized, probably he loved Czarina because he’s indebted to her family. And Sapphire… he loved her because of… no definite reason. He loves her because he wants to love her.

It’s soothing to the heart to watch his wife clean the bathroom as she bombards him with nonstop complaints. Yet she will still do the tasks even if she hates them. Then she will say she doesn’t want to be hugged, but will eventually agree. Really, women will always remain puzzling for him.

“You’re happy?”

He turned his head to Czarina. “Me? Of course! I’m always happy,” he replied. “You’re car’s fine now. Try restarting it.”

But the woman didn’t leave his side. “Are you really in love with her now? With Sapphire?”

He smiled. “It’s a natural thing to love your spouse. So, yes. I really love her. Is it too obvious?” The smile on his lips vanished when he saw the tears falling from Czarina’s face. “Czarina?”

She avoided his eyes. “You used to tell me that you love me,” she suddenly murmured.

Johann was startled. “Czarina…”

“Why did it fade away so quickly? Three months have yet to pass, why?”

Johann was confused. Why is she suddenly bringing this up?

“Ahm… are you drunk? What happened to you?” he worriedly asked. He approached her and supported her by the shoulder. “What are you saying?”

She bowed her head and began crying.

He panicked. He doesn’t want her to cry because she’s very hard to pacify. It will take them a long while to do so. “C-czarina? Hey, why are you crying?”

“S-sorry, Johann… S-sorry. I regret my decision. I became scared of answering you before because I feared that our kinship will be lost. I mean,” her voice cracked. “W-we’re so close  and… and…”

“Hey, don’t be like this. I’m fine now. I don’t mind that rejection anymore. I understand. And I’ve already moved on. Perhaps, it’s been too fast but it’s hard to not fall in love with Sapphire if you’re always together with her. Maybe the others are thinking ‘she’s just a distraction’ or ‘rebound’, but I’m the one who feel it.”

“A-are you really sure about your feelings for her?” asked Czarina with her still sobbing voice.

“If it’s fake, then I’ll do everything to make it real.” If Sapphire is hearing this right now, she’ll surely say, “Eeew! Gayness level 999.”

She would say gayness level yet will surely get moved by it. Sapphire’s really odd, always making him want to kiss her!


He sighed. “If you’re still feeling guilty about it, then stop.”

“I’m not just guilty, Johann! Didn’t you hear what I said earlier? I regret letting you go. When I was in hiding, that’s when I realized that… that…” She breathed deeply and stared at him. “That I actually love you.”

His not-so-big eyes grew large. We’re screwed at that!

He slowly released his hold of her shoulder. “Czarina… I have a wife.”

“It’s just for a year!”

“But, it’s now for forever.”

Her crying intensified. He scowled. Suddenly, he’s not the right guy to comfort Czarina anymore. Unfortunately, there’s no way he could leave a crying maiden at this place.

She said she loves him?

Ay, really screwed. He faced the skies. Lord, why did you give me another problem? Can’t I go home to my wife first?

“C-Czarina… this…” He sighed. Where should he begin? Should he call Agatha who’s inside the village? For sure, she knew much more than him when it comes to comforting people.

He heard the ringing of his cell phone. Ugh! That’s probably Sapphire calling.

“Johann, please. Let me be the one again.”

Ay, suddenly saying that? He massaged his temple. Is this what they called ‘hottie problems’? It’s sh*t.

“Czarina, it’s not that easy. You’re a writer, aren’t you? You should be aware what a man’s point of view will be at this time. I love Sapphire. So much…”

“But I’m the one you loved first!”

He stepped back. Okay. What’s happening to Czarina? She’s not usually like this. She’s not the type to suddenly scream and put someone else in an awkward situation.

Is the one in front of him a doppelganger? Or maybe the real Czarina has been kidnapped by an alien?

Damn, Johann. You still have the mood to joke around. Think straight! You’re a man yet you’re thinking so many odd things. Sh*t.

“Calm down, Czarina. This is not possible. You can’t just suddenly say that – “

Johann was greatly shocked when Czarina pulled him and kissed him on the lips.

“CLICK! Oh, this is a controversy!”

Charlie grinned when he stared at the image captured by his phone’s camera. His car was currently near the scene and he was heading to his cousin Agatha’s house. But he stopped when he saw Johann and Czarina nearby.

It seems what Big Bro Bari had said came true. Amazing!

And here, he already has a picture of Johann and Czarina kissing. Tsk tsk tsk.

He called his eldest cousin right away. “You’re right, they’re here.”

“What happened?” the guy asked casually.

“I’ll send the picture to you.”

When Sapphire arrived at home, she was perplexed on why Johann was not yet there. She’s expecting him to arrive earlier than her since the Instagram post was posted one hour ago. The traffic was not that heavy too, after all, it’s not rush hour.

She tried to call him but no one’s answering.

“Hmm… maybe he’s still busy preparing a sweet gimmick for me. My husband is really…”

With that thought in mind, she entered the room with a smile on her lips and changed her clothes. She went out again and waited for him at the living room.

But another half hour passed, no Johann came.

She was already planning to call him again when her phone rang first. Johann was not the one calling. It’s Bari.

Her eyebrows arched up as she answered the phone call. “What?”

“I’m outside the house. I’ll show you something.”

She began walking towards the gate and saw Bari standing there. Without saying anything, he raised his phone.

Then, she saw a picture of Johann… and Czarina. Kissing.

Sapphire stiffened.

“Now do you believe me?”


Without displaying any emotion, she raised her eyes to Bari. “Yes.”



Kuya – older brother or cousin

Tsk – tongue clicking


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