The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 25.2

TL: Enjoy! The Cliff!

She walked towards the closet and began packing her clothes. She temporarily stopped her movements when Johann embraced her from the back.

She did resume what she was doing. Until she felt Johann’s warm lips on her nape, side of the neck, and shoulder. Next, his lips went up to her ear.

“Cause if one day you wake up and find that you’re missing me…” he sang softly. Off tune. But it sounded nice to her ears. “And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be. Thinking maybe you’ll come back here to the place that we’d meet… And you’ll see me waiting for you on the corner of the street…”

He made her face him. “Return home when you’re ready. Return here to our home. Even though we didn’t have our first meeting here, this is where our hearts first knew each other.” He smiled. “I’m being corny.”

“Since long ago.”

He cupped her face and gently brushed his lips to hers. “I won’t leave this place. I’ll wait for you, Wife. Promise. Even if our neighbour’s goldfish dies.”

“Our neighbour has a goldfish?”


“Argh! Whatever!” She went back to packing.

“Please return immediately, okay? I’ll be here. Waiting for you. Okay? Okay?”

So demanding.

Sapphire wants to smile. Now, her Husband is a man who can’t be moved.


August 7. Johann’s Birthday.

“YOU’RE crazy, Sapphire!” exclaimed by her cousin Haley.

Sapphire pouted when she heard that. “What do you want me to do? I just followed Ibarra’s instructions.” (TL: Ibarra is Bari)

Her elbow was on the terrace’s baluster at her Grandma’s mansion’s second floor. She rested her chin on her hands. “That man said, I should try to measure how far Johann will go to show how true his love for me is.”

Her younger cousin laughed. “That’s an old gimmick. So, what now? You’ll wait for Johann here? Eh, isn’t he also waiting for you at your bungalow?”

“I don’t know. Bari just said to trust him.”

“You started trusting him when he managed to force Johann to kiss Czarina, as part of this crazy plan?”

She rolled her eyes at Haley. “That man also said, I should create a hole in order to have a reason to separate from Johann. You know, the first plan failed because Johann walked out. And so I was the only one hurt. That’s why Bari and I formulated another plan when we held a discussion at Reeve’s hotel. I’ve long realized that I can now fully trust Johann. Bari dared me. To do again our plan if it’s truly like that. But this time, we’re the one who will create the hole. Then, there’s Czarina. I talked to her before I got to shop some Prada shoes last week.”

“The one that you posted in Instagram with an unrelated caption?”

“Yeah, that.” However what she posted there is true. It’s true that she’s sorry for making Johann mad and that she loves him. “So, furthermore, convincing Czarina to act had been difficult. She insisted she can’t do it. When I told Bari about this, he said to leave this matter to him. When I got home, voila. He has the picture.”

At first, she didn’t believe that Bari can make Czarina do it. Czarina does not look like a girl who will just kiss Johann for a frame up. But when she laid eyes on the picture, she started having this belief that Bari can do everything.

“Was he the one who took the pic?”

“It’s Charlie. Their other cousin.”

Haley laughed so hard. “Oh my gosh. There are so many accomplices.”

“They said they had done the same thing before. It’s against Dylan, another cousin of theirs. Last Feb, they made him cry. On his birthday.”

Her cousin shakes her head. “Do you think Johann will cry today?”

She shrugged. “If I won’t go home and not greet him ‘Happy Birthday’, perhaps.”

Within Sapphire, she really wants to go home and be with Johann again. But on the other hand, she’s also curious on how Johann will make her go back to his side. This is the reason why she followed Bari’s instruction, she did not show herself to Johann. She also didn’t call even once.

She sighed. She almost gave up the third day but Bari assured her that it would be all worth it.

“Come to think of it, you guys even had to create the fake fault just to make this plan work out. Does it mean Johann is that clean?”

She proudly smiled. “Yes! What he says in front of me, he also says behind my back. I’m not saying that he’s perfect and that he does not lie, but Johann has been open to me.”

“But then, you just set him up like this? You, scheming bitch.”

She raised a brow at her. “Look who’s talking.”

The girl only smirked. “And here I thought I’m the most immature Monteverde among us.”

“Shut up.” She sighed and looked up to the blue skies. “I just want to see how Johann will push mountains just to have me. Oh, come on! I’m not a man-hater afterall. I’m just a normal girl. I want to feel how it is to be pursued. You know, Johann didn’t encounter any difficulties at this area. And so Bari’s suggestions must be correct.”

“But are those things you said before leaving not true?”

She nodded. “Only a drama. Czarina made the ‘script’. Writer, eh.”

Haley laughed. “Look down, Saphi. Your prince charming is here.”

“Huh?” She stared down and had her eyes widened when Johann appeared outside the gate. He’s holding an orange balloon with one hand while wearing a party-hat on his head.

How did he arrive here so fast?

From a van, all his cousins came out. She saw Reynald who brought over a huge… speakers. A microphone was included on the set which he later passed on to Johann.


His voice probably reverberated throughout the peaceful village because of the mic. Johann raised his head to where she is standing.

“Hey, so you’re up there!”

Haley and Sapphire exchanged glances. Both of them  were secretly smiling.

“What are you doing here?” she shouted at him.

“It’s my birthday today! Why are you not going home? I’ve been waiting for so long and has been going moldy there. .”

Charlie went out of the van with a videocam on hand. “Wait! The camera is not yet ready! Don’t throw pick up lines yet. It must be documented.”

“You’ll take a video?” asked Ramses. “Then why am I here? I should have just watched the video you will make.”

“Can you please do it fast? I really don’t have a clue on what my purpose here is,” Gideon complained.

“Hi, Vice Mayor!” Haley greeted him warmly yet it was also obvious that she’s taunting him.

“You said you don’t know what your purpose here is but the woman giving purpose to your life is here,” said by Reynald.

“Popcorn, please!” Dylan commented.

“I’m getting bored,” said by River who has been silent until now.

“River has spoken up, cousins! Johann, go make your move!”

“Wife!” Johann shouted to her.


“I want to make things clear.”

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