The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding Chapter 25.3

TL: And here’s the friendly season 1 finale! Yehey! I’ve finally finished the first season. XD Have fun reading! And please don’t die of diabetes… Haha.

“I want to make things clear. You know, that picture given by Big Bro Bari? I don’t know what he’s been scheming. But… no matter what it is, can you please not listen to that bastard? I won’t ever cheat on you. What would I even get for fooling you? Would I gain more abs?”

She shook her head.

“Even if it’s possible to develop abs through cheating, why would I care? They can hug it all for themselves. All I want is your trust. All I want is you.”

“You cannot owe anyone!”

“Do you know that I asked the Lord to give me someone like you? I prayed if you’re going to love someone, please let it be me. Because I can cherish you.”

Sapphire smiled. “Really?”

He keeps on nodding. “And one more thing, about that request of yours, about me reverting back to being friendly again? Well, sorry. I can no longer do that. Wife, I can no longer pretend I am not going crazy for your legs. I’m really sorry. My eyes already view your legs with desire.”

“Don’t tell me you’re just in love with my legs?”

“All of me loves all of you!” he answered in a singing manner. As usual, he’s off-tuned. And she could only smile wryly.

It’s embarrassing to their neighbours. But, she’s kinda enjoying and loving Johann more.

“What if I’m still not ready?”

“Don’t be like this. I’m badly missing you. Soon, I’ll be getting a music video for going emo there by myself.” He lowered the hand holding on to the balloon and rubbed his eyes. “Wife, please g-go back home. I-I’ll prepare a glass of milk again for you.”

“Oh, wait,” Haley whispered next to her. “His voice is shaking! Is he going to cry?”

“P-please stop being afraid of my big l-love for you,” he continued as he rubbed his eyes. “Just a-accept what you can accept. Just t-trust me to the best of your abilities. Just love me in any possible way you can. You don’t need to match up with the level of my love…:

“Oh, my gosh, Sapphire! He’s really going to cry!”

“I-It doesn’t matter how many times you doubt or whatever. I’m still going to understand and love you anyway. Wife, I really really love you. My whole person, all parts of my body and muscles are longing for you whenever you’re not around. Don’t mind what others are saying about you being a mere distraction or rebound. How dare they? Are they the one feeling what I am feeling? Are they the one going crazy thinking of you? Damnit! Each and every problem solving on my test paper has your name as examples!”

His cousins began laughing and are even clapping. Johann bowed down and wiped his tears. Sapphire hastily ran down the stairs with Haley following after her.

She was running after she opened the gate and ran out. And about Johann, she can hear the snuffling sounds he’s making.

“Husband…” she called out.

He immediately raised his gaze to her. His eyes were red, and he looks like he was suppressing his cries.

“Wife. Please go back,” he begged with those puffy red eyes. How adorable.

“Can you sing for me first?” she smilingly replied.

He suddenly busily roamed his eyes around. “No one’s going to shoot me down if I do that?”

She shook her head. If ever there is one, she will catch the bullets for him. Oh, I’m getting romantic. How nice.

Johann made a few throat-clearing sounds. “Mic test. Mic test. Check. Check. One. Two. Three.”

“Prepare your ears, countrymen!” warned by Charlie which the people around ignored.

In Sapphire’s eyes, only she and Johann remained in the world.

“Other girls don’t matter, in your presence can’t do what you do. There’s a million girls around but I don’t see no one but you!” he sang.

Sapphire’s smile grew bigger. His off key tune is the best for her ears.

“Baby, you’re so one in a million. You are, baby, you’re the best I ever had. Best I ever had and I’m certain that there ain’t nothing better, no, there ain’t nothing better than this!”

She didn’t let Johann finish singing. She snatched the microphone from him and threw it away. Haley managed to catch it.

She jumped at Johann for a hug and he, full of warmth and yearning, returned the embrace. And after that, the Wife kissed the Husband with no care about the embarrassment.

And there’s no perfect description for their kiss but perfection, passion, and romance. It’s full of longing… and of sweetness… full of great understanding, trust and love.

Johann’s kiss deepened. Now, it’s really knee-melting, mind-blowing and heart-racing.

“I love you, Husband,” she whispered after the kiss. She cupped his face. “You are one in a million. Friendly. Sweet. Cheerful. Maniac, sometimes. And most of the time, gay. But I really really love you. You are one of kind like the song says. And I’m certain too, that there ain’t nothing better than you,” she passionately declared.

Johann’s stares once again turned warm. He inhaled and Sapphire can feel his fast-beating heart.

“Husband, thank you for shedding light on me when I’m in the dark of hatred and denial. Thank you for making me realized that it feels so good to be loved. Thank you for opening a whole new world for me – a world of brighter mornings, lively smiles, dirty comfort rooms, and a world with God’s presence.” She touched his hair along with the party hat. Hayyyy… “It’s true being near God make someone more good-looking. Because even though you still don’t have abs, it feels so good to love you. Johann Lawrence Anderson, you’re just mine because you’re the only one for me. And I’m all yours too for the taking.”

Accompanying  Johann’s smiles were his falling tears. He stared down and asked. “W-wife? Are you really the one talking?”

She chuckled and kissed him once more. “I love you very much, Husband.”

He pressed his hands on the eyes that keep on welling up tears. “A-are you finally going home?”

“I am.”

He imprisoned her inside his arms and buried his face on her neck. “I missed you so much.”

And God knows, how she missed him too. Yes. Their plan was all worth it.

“Okay! We know now what’s next! A wedding!”

Johann and Sapphire just found themselves being pulled away from each other.

“Huh?” said Johann in confusion. He doesn’t want to release her despite the fact that Johann is being pulled away by Charlie and the rest. Meanwhile, Haley is dragging her off too.

“What wedding? Wait! My wife and I have to go home now!”

“Get married again first.  Haven’t you memorized this pattern yet? Do you think Big Bro Bari will set up something like this without preparing a grand celebration for the after-event? This is Big Bro Bari’s birthday gift for you.”

Johann released her and suddenly stiffened.

Sapphire frowned. Here it is. The truth will be revealed.

“Hey, do you get it now? You’ve become another Dylan, Johann!”

“Ugh! Stop using my name!” Dylan protested.

Aside from the dumbstruck Johann, everyone else started laughing. The next moment, he was already hitting, beating up and cursing his cousins. Then, Johann looked at her.

“You’re also an accomplice!” he accused her with knitted brows.

She sweetly smiled. “Happy birthday! I love you, Husband! See you in our wedding!” And then with Haley, she ran away so she could change into her wedding gown. Oh! She’s excited for wedding!

She heard Johann screaming and cussing again.

“Wait! Damn it, you bastards! I’ll bring Sapphire home first! Can’t I have my honeymoon before that! My Johann’s moves have been delayed for so long!”

They laughed.

When they entered her room and when she saw the gown, Sapphire smiled. She changed her outfit fast and got makeup from Haley fast.

Her mom and other female cousins were also helpers for this wedding that only has its preparation began last week. And Bari was the one who sponsored everything.

Hah! Just right!

After an hour, Sapphire’s already standing outside the entrance of the church. The moment the huge door opened, she took a deep breath.

She slowly marched down the aisle. And when she saw Johann – scratching his eyes, wearing a dark blue tuxedo, Sapphire is all ready now.

To love freely. Without doubts. Without fears. She’s ready to marry again a man like Johann – loud and gay-like, but trustworthy and sweet.

And so, she continued walking to her forever.

TL note:

Another Dylan – refers to the case of Dylan, the first victim of Bari, who was also framed up, made to cry and married off for the second time. Haha, if you’re planning to read his story, Making Love, sorry for the spoilers.

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