Kaliskis Chapter 6.1

Hello everyone!

This is your TL for Kaliskis and supposedly editor of TA and HITA, nier0.

I apologize (deeply) for being MIA in the last three weeks (the heck, I went to?). Well, if anyone is interested, I got sick and was almost confined just right after the start of my classes. And so, after I was patched up, I had to chase after with the lessons!

I have now, erm― a better schedule (I hope); and although the time I have is still limited, I guess I can still manage the two chapters per week. Just don’t send a ‘death card’ if I couldn’t immediately post them. Believe me, I will finish translating Kaliskis (by hook or by crook).

Alright, I’ll stop with my excuses. Let’s not mind me. Quickly get your new chapter of Kaliskis here! Note that there are more to come to make it up with you.


nier0 (nier) (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง


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