Memories can be deceiving sometimes. But then, the past can be undone, and life goes on.


by: Luisa Rose

Memories come, memories go,
Memories are such sweet sorrow,
For memories are photographs
No one can undo.

Everything is not forgotten,
Just an abyss in human brain,
Where old thoughts are hidden,
Waiting to rise again.

But be deceived not of the mind,
For memories are deception in kind;
It brings forth thoughts of what could be
When life is what it should be.

It is candle that brings light
To regrets, pain and grief,
While it casts a shadow so bright
To the reasons we chose to believe.

But memories aren’t all black and white,
For they photograph vivid colors, too;
Let these joys brighten each morrow,
And see today what memories can do.

(Date Created: May 29, 2012)

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