Announcement About The Friendly Wedding

Hello, folks! It's been a while but I'm not back with a chapter. Haha. So, I'm not sure if you guys already noticed but we already removed all TFW content of our site. I don't want everyone to get confused why there's no more TFW chapters here so I created this post to inform the… Continue reading Announcement About The Friendly Wedding

One Shot Stories

Secret Potion (Oneshot)

Written by: amazingvahn Translated by: ws25 Raws ... It’s hard to be alone in a place crowded with people. I feel like everyone was staring at me. I feel like they’re all talking about me. Let me be a feeler if I really am a feeler. But it’s really how I felt whenever I… Continue reading Secret Potion (Oneshot)

The Peculiars' Tale

The Peculiar’s Tale is Back, Chapter 49

It's been a while, everyone. I'm back in action. The last time, A.R.G officially ended and now I'm thinking of having another side project while working with TPT. Oh my goddess was no longer considered in the equation because the author doesn't want it to be translated and posted in another site aside from hers… Continue reading The Peculiar’s Tale is Back, Chapter 49


Random: Wars and Prediction

Just sharing my cousin’s work. Peace sign to everyone.

Jeepney Passenger Translations

Uh-uh, a random post for this random day.

It’s been a while. And I am in the mood to post an update so I am here. Haha. So here’s my story to share.

Last night I was chatting with my friend when she suddenly introduced me an FB page called Deep Web Enigma. The page was very interesting, the admin posted several articles and posts tackling sensitive topics like religion, terrorism and wars. One of the authors mentioned how the Second Coming of Christ is nearing as revealed by many factors like Illuminati, man-made catastrophes, HAARP and such. Of course those things listed were mainly discussed in the Revelations. Since I’m not very informed about the matter, I don’t want to comment about these things but I can say the relation about these factors and how the author connected everything made me curious. Not on that particular article but on…

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A Romantic Gesture

Real Title: A Romantic Gesture

Haha, thanks everyone for putting up patience for me. Actually I misplaced the book so I wasn't able to find it for quite a long time. Now I saw it hidden in one of my sister's cabinet. She found it yet didn't return to  me, ahaha, such cute 'good sister'. Well, here's the epilogue now… Continue reading Real Title: A Romantic Gesture

The Peculiars' Tale

Peculiar Chapter 48

Hello, netizens. I almost cried, not because of the scenes depicted in the chapter, but because of the word count. Meh~ But I finished it all the same. And here it is. Coincidentally, the chapter also talked about Christmas. Lol, Merry Christmas to everyone. 😀   Chapter 48: Merry Christmas  

A Romantic Gesture

ARG Chapter 9

Yay! Last chapter! There's still the epilogue but for now, here's the concluding chapter. *** Chapter Nine   It’s Ivy’s last day in her job. The day was tiring since she had to call every person she must inform of her retirement. Her phone rung when she was walking towards the parking lot. Issa was… Continue reading ARG Chapter 9

A Romantic Gesture

ARG Chapter 8

*** Chapter Eight “That was the last of it,” announced by Mylie. She then jumped to the sofa and sat next to Ivy and Lexie. The woman referred to the delivery of the furnishings for their Dreams Cafe. After a month of searching for the right materials, canvassing of prices, ordering and scheduling of deliveries… Continue reading ARG Chapter 8

A Romantic Gesture

ARG Chapter 7

Aye~ read carefully. *** Chapter 7   Ivy scanned herself for the last time in front of the mirror. She’s wearing a white halter top dress which was cut above her knees. She matched it with high heels and it really accentuated her long legs, her second best asset according to everyone. It only came… Continue reading ARG Chapter 7

A Romantic Gesture

ARG Chapter 6

Aye~ Enjoy reading. *** Chapter Six   “You’re really lucky, cousin,” commented by Jerome. Jeff gave him a glare. “Why did you say so?” “Because of your fiancée, Ivy. She is a great find – beautiful, smart, but more than that, I think she really loves you, very much.” Jeff had almost dropped the water… Continue reading ARG Chapter 6