She’s Just Misunderstood


One night, I’m wondering why even though it’s already late at night but Jessica, I mean Jessy is still not here. I am under the bed, looking at the door and waiting for her. I’m suddenly surprised when I heard a noise from the window, so I look at what it is.

“Sht! Why is this so hard,” Jessy said when I saw her struggling entering the window.

I saw her going to fall that’s why I flew fast towards her and catch her. Her arms are holding my neck, because of the little distance between us I smelled an alcohol from her.

“You’re drunk,” I said to her.

“Hehe! Nice! Catcher!” she said while laughing, I knew it she is drunk.

“Why did you drink? Did you just enter through the window?” I ask her.

“You’re so handsome, see I fall at you.” she said while squeezing my cheeks and then laugh again. “Eh! My mom is going to scold me so shhhh! Don’t be noisy okay?” She put her finger in my lips.

She is really drunk, she’s like a crazy person who is not on her right mind. I carried her so that she can rest on the bed.

“Oy! Oy! Why did you carry me?” she said to me.

“Shut up!” I said to her then I put her on the bed and put her blanket. She’s strange, a girl but she’s getting drunk and going home late at night. She’s really different, I didn’t experience this to Jessica.

The next day, I was awake for awhile when I heard her rising and peek at her.

“Ouch, my head hurts,” she said while she’s massaging her temple.

“HO(hangover) attack,” I said to her.

“Yeah I know,” she said frowning at me.

“Why did you drink?” I ask.

“None of your business.” the she stands up, I’m shock when she suddenly started undressing.

“Woah! Stop!” I said at the same time I turned around.

“Haha, I’m wearing bra duh! Conservative much?” she said then she went to the bathroom.

When she entered the bathroom, I turned around. “She is really different,” I said while shaking my head.

There is always no one at home, usually Jessy’s brother is the only one here. When night came Jessy is still not here, it’s dawn when I heard a car stopped in front of the house. When I peeked, I saw a guy drop her and kissed her. As usual she is still entering through the window, she was surprise when she saw me.

“Sht you surprised me.” she said to me.

“Who is he? Boyfriend?” I ask.

“Who? The person a while ago? No he isn’t, I don’t even know him.” she said then jump in.

“What? You are kissing a guy you don’t know?” she turned around when she heard me said that.

“Wait! You sounds like a dad you know?” she says and made a face and turned away.

“I’m just saying that because you are a woman, he can take advantage of you,” I explained.

“Well, I’m not the kind who is weak.” then she lay on her bed face up and closed her eyes.

I positioned myself above her, I hold her two hands which shocked her and opened her eyes. She struggled to get away from me, she tried to shout but I covered her mouth, I saw fear in her eyes. My face slowly approaching her face..

“Do you know that I can do something bad to you right now?” I said to her and she struggled more, but she can’t.

“You’re not weak huh? So why can I do this such thing to you?” I gave her an evil smile.

“I can assault you right now and every guy can do this also,” I remove my hand from her mouth and slowly brought my lips to he lips.

“Learn that!” I said and didn’t continue kissing her. And went under the bed.


I didn’t move, I didn’t move immediately and still stunned.

He’s.. he’s playing on me! What a bummer! He took me there! Argh!

I really don’t know but he seems like he hypnotized me earlier, kinda.. that I’m attracted to him sht! I really hate when I can’t control the game, the day will come that I will make you pay Allen!


I’m laying on the bed when I heard a noise outside so I listened.

“Don’t turn around when I’m talking to you!” I heard Christine’s voice.

“Leave me alone mom!” Jessy shouted.

“Did you know how big a mess you did? You joined an illegal car racing and you crash the car that is not yours.” Christine shouted.

“Well, he didn’t let me pay for it.” answered Jessy.

“But you had a record in the police station, we bailed you out and you disturbed me from my work!”

“So sorry to have disturbed your very important job! I’m sorry!” I heard the door open so I quickly went under the bed.

Jessy entered and closed the door in a stomp manner and locked it.

“Hey! Jessy! Open the door! We’re not done talking!” Christine shouted.

“Leave me alone mom! I don’t want to hear anything from you! So just leave me alone!” Jessy’s cry.

I heard Christine left so I went out, I saw her sitting in the bed.

“What you did is not nice!” I told her.

“And why do you care?”

“She’s still your mom, you shouldn’t harass her.”

“You don’t know anything, so just shut up!” she lay down and covered herself with blanket.

She’s different from Jessica, she is crying loudly not like Jessica that is quiet and don’t let the other people know that she is crying. Jessy cried like kid, you will take pity if you heard her, she’s the type who is hard to calm.

I sat beside her and rub her back, she crying hard, because of it she look like she couldn’t breath. I was shocked when she suddenly sit and remove my hand.

“Stop doing that!” she says to me.

“So stop crying, you’re not the only one who is sleeping here, you’re annoying!” I said.

She suddenly started punching me in the chest while she cried. I let her, perhaps this will let her anger quench and stop crying.

“So you’re finish?” I said at the same time holds her hand. “Stop crying.” I added.

She stopped crying, she wiped her tears in her eyes.

“Look your make up is mess up.” I saw her look at me.

“Go to sleep, good night!”I smiled at her and went back under the bed.

One night I saw her sitting near the window, drinking. I approached her.

“It’s night? Drinking again?” I ask her.

“You like?” she says winking at me.

“What is that?”

“Beer in can, this is good.” she reach a can to me.

“Really? It’s only bottle before.” I said and accepted the beer.

“So, how long have you been there?” she asked.

“I don’t know, very long.” I answered.

“I really looks like it? You don’t know a lot, how about this? Do you know this?” she says and showed something.

“No, what’s that?” I ask her.

“Cellphone.” she said.

“Really? But it doesn’t look like this before? There are buttons on it, she Jessica has that.”

“Haha! That was before, now it’s touchscreen.” she said laughing.


“Yes, you press the screen.”

“Ah, a really long time has passed.That’s a lot. You’ll finish it?” I said pointing the beer.

“We can! You are here right?” She replied smiling.

“So what happened last night?” I ask her.

“Ah that, I crashed the sports car of my friend and I was caught, that’s why I was imprisoned.”

“You’re really naughty! It’s right that Christine will get mad at you.”

“Yes, she’s really mad, she’s mad that I disturbed her work.” I suddenly look at her and saw her crying.

“Hey! Don’t cry.” I said to her then I tap her shoulder.

“I hate her! I hate them both, both her and dad.”


“That’s how she is, she will only notice me if I’ve done something wrong, she’s there if I’ve done something wrong.” she said then drink a beer again.

“Since dad and her separated because dad has a mistress, she’s always work. Kristoff and I can’t feel her.” she said.

“Maybe because she’s only one that’s why she work hard for you.” I said.

“But it should not be only that, she’s there but we feel like we don’t have a mom.” I’ve become quiet when she said that. “But you know I hate dad more than mom, It’s all his fault why our family became like this. If before I believe in the fairy tales and happy endings, but now all they said to me are all lies.” she said while still crying.

“But it is still bad to have an anger in your heart, I know it’s hard to forgive and forget. I know I didn’t experience what you experience but I can still give you advice, I’ve live for long time and experience a lot of things.” I said.

“You know, even though you didn’t solve my problems, you helped me.” she said then smiled at me. “But they can’t blame if I became like this.” she added.

Maybe she’s right, they said that a person became like that because it depends on what you choose to be or because of you experiences.That I just misunderstood her, that I judge her by her clothing and actions. Now I understand her more. “You’re welcome,” I said and went to her and tapped her on the head. I was just surprised when she quickly kissed me. “Why did you do that?” I ask confusedly.

“I don’t know, I just did.” she’s tipsy.

“Don’t do that ever again, don’t fall inlove with me it’s bad for you, so stay away!” I said then turned around.

“I won’t!” I stopped when she said that.

“I will not fall inlove with you.” she added and I look at her.

“Good!” I said and smiled at her and turned again then went under the bed.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    I hope Allen will have a happy ending. I hope the curse will be broken. I wish for Jessy and Allen’s happiness.


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