Announcement: The cats are out! Sharramycats on discord!

Hey guys! We are excited to announce our very own channel in discord!  Although a lot of other communities have popped their own channels in discord already, please consider joining our not(yet?) so big family so we can talk about you, us, the novels in and out of our site, and everything under the sky… Continue reading Announcement: The cats are out! Sharramycats on discord!

Announcement, She Died


Hello kittens! I'll be picking up She Died and continue translating this wonderful story. It was last updated last April 14, 2017 and since it has long passed the three months rule of no updates and announcements, we at sharramycats would like to adopt this cute baby kitten. The prologue and chapters 1-7 were translated… Continue reading SHE DIED (ANNOUNCEMENT)

Announcement, Hidden Inside The Academy, School Of Myths

New Projects!

Hello, Guys. I would like to officially welcome our two new projects that are going to be translated here in this site. And they are Hidden Inside The Academy which will be translated by Seiji and School of Myths which will be translated by Zneruol. Welcome, and I hope we they'd be able to satisfy our cravings. Hahahaha