Kaliskis Chapter 8.2

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Kaliskis Chapter 8.1

This is a special release! Today is actually a very special day for me. Heh? Can anyone guess why? I’ll give a clue!   Chapter 8.1: Saginrawa and Saminsadi (1) "Amang1!" The young mermaid excitedly called as she ran through the door. She was so happy to what she had found. In her palm laid… Continue reading Kaliskis Chapter 8.1


Kaliskis Chapter 7.2

TN: ‘Someone’, what? Any problem with me using ‘someone’? I just don’t want to spoil, ‘ya know. It’s not really because I haven’t finished it all, no, really. I was hearing some people shouting ‘too cliché’. Shoo! XDD Eh? So you have guesses now who this ‘someone’ is? Good for you! Huehuehue~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ… Continue reading Kaliskis Chapter 7.2


Kaliskis Chapter 7.1

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Kaliskis Chapter 6.2

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Kaliskis Chapter 6.1

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Kaliskis Chapter 4 and 5

Finally! Here are the rest of the chapters today for the commemoration, or just maybe the right of passage, of our new series, Kaliskis: Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Expect for another 2 chapters for our first week. And, once again, (please, please, just indulge me with this quirk of mine, just for today, ayt?) you may… Continue reading Kaliskis Chapter 4 and 5


Kaliskis Chapter 2 and 3

Hello again and again! Here are the succeeding chapters of Kaliskis for today: Chapter 2 Chapter 3   Once again, you may check our randomatic pages: Philippine Folklores - Mermaids Philippine Gods and Goddesses Philippines Facts and Trivia External links: Philippine Mythical Creatures Philippine Folktales, Fairytales, Fables and Short Stories   Let us know of your thoughts… Continue reading Kaliskis Chapter 2 and 3


Kaliskis Prologue and Chapter 1

Hello once again! Here are the Prologue and Chapter 1 of our newest series, Kaliskis.   And since this is my first project, please check my very informative page which is very relevant to this series and as well as the other randomatic pages: Philippine Folklores - Mermaids Philippine Gods and Goddesses Philippines Facts and… Continue reading Kaliskis Prologue and Chapter 1

Announcement, Kaliskis

New Series Announcement: KALISKIS

Hello everyone! In the Philippines, Christmas season starts from the very first day of the ‘-ber’ months (September-December); and since today marks that said season, I have here your advance Christmas gift! We’d like to thank first the great author of Kaliskis, Mikael Lustre aka AngHulingBaylan, who trusted us in the translation of his work and… Continue reading New Series Announcement: KALISKIS