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Just sharing my cousin’s work. Peace sign to everyone.

Jeepney Passenger Translations

Uh-uh, a random post for this random day.

It’s been a while. And I am in the mood to post an update so I am here. Haha. So here’s my story to share.

Last night I was chatting with my friend when she suddenly introduced me an FB page called Deep Web Enigma. The page was very interesting, the admin posted several articles and posts tackling sensitive topics like religion, terrorism and wars. One of the authors mentioned how the Second Coming of Christ is nearing as revealed by many factors like Illuminati, man-made catastrophes, HAARP and such. Of course those things listed were mainly discussed in the Revelations. Since I’m not very informed about the matter, I don’t want to comment about these things but I can say the relation about these factors and how the author connected everything made me curious. Not on that particular article but on…

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PH facts and trivia

Philippines Facts and Trivia   Small land area but longer coastline The Philippine land area is just about 1/30 of the United States, but the Philippines has a total of 36,289 kilometers of coastline while the US has only 19,924 kilometers of coastline.   World’s most expensive seashell “Conus Gloriamaris” (‘glory of the sea’) is… Continue reading PH facts and trivia


Talk about Bad Girls

  Well, before, I posted something about bad boys so I'm now posting about their counterparts. XD Lol, I just want to share the best list of reasons on why boys might like dating rebel girls. Please be aware that I only found the article when I searched the net randomly. 8 Reasons why Boys… Continue reading Talk about Bad Girls


A Talk about Bad Boys

I just found this interesting list so I posted it here. XD 7 Reasons why Girls can’t resist Bad Boys By: Rachel Fernandes   They are confident Yes, bad boys wouldn’t be able to pull off half of their antics if they weren’t brimming with confidence. The interesting fact is that this attitude of confidence overflows… Continue reading A Talk about Bad Boys


RinYang’s random post….

Top 3 characteristic  Women notice about Men 1. Eyes Eyes usually tell us a lot about a person so we aren’t surprised that eyes are what draws us to the opposite sex. 2. Smile Women find men trustworthy when they smile. Men who seem more trustworthy are also more attractive for girls. 3. Body Most women prefer tall… Continue reading RinYang’s random post….


Luisa Rose Poems

Luisa Rose - is my high school classmate, she won a national award in literature during our high school years. — seiji Prisoner  On the Edge  Gone  The Greatest Conquest  Far Ends Memories  Rain  Seeking Perfection  As I Die  Hear Me, Young One


Philippine Mythology

This post is very random. You may or may not want to learn about it.



Pain was written by my sister. It was nine months in the making, when she learned that our grandmother was already on her late stages of bone cancer and the doctor said that she already has 3 months to live. But God is the greatest, those times we  cannot accept her fate and let our grandma… Continue reading Poems

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