School Of Myths

Extra Chapter: Class and Clans

Here's the link. Enjoy.

School Of Myths

School of Myths Chapter 4

'Sup guys sorry for the late update. 1 month late release ughhh. Without further ado, here is the link. Kung may interested mag translate nito, pls pm lang medyo mabagal pala ang translation speed ko.   2xbon

School Of Myths

School of Myths Chapter 3

Hello guys here is the link. I have posted this as soon as I have finished translating the chapter so it is still unedited and without proofreading yet. Nonetheless the editor will soon be at work. 2xbon

School Of Myths

School of Myths Chapter 2

So... After a long while the admin decided to give me this project and I shall carry on with the translation. 2xbon here and I shall be in your care from now on. If I am not busy, I shall translate as many as I can. But if otherwise, once a week. So here it… Continue reading School of Myths Chapter 2

School Of Myths

School of Myths

Here's the School of Myths Prologue and the School of Myths Chapter 1. Enjoy this new book and I hope you'll support this as well as the other books posted here especially the other new book Hidden Inside The Academy. TL: Zneruol

Announcement, Hidden Inside The Academy, School Of Myths

New Projects!

Hello, Guys. I would like to officially welcome our two new projects that are going to be translated here in this site. And they are Hidden Inside The Academy which will be translated by Seiji and School of Myths which will be translated by Zneruol. Welcome, and I hope we they'd be able to satisfy our cravings. Hahahaha