Recommended Chinese Romance Stories (Completed)

I'm not really good with words so I can't give you my thoughts. Only just the title and the description. And also the link. If you want to know more about the story you can read the reviews in Novel Updates. Most of the stories I'll be recommending are short since I'm only showing the… Continue reading Recommended Chinese Romance Stories (Completed)


My current reading list (JP novels)

The following are the Japanese LN's that I am reading currently and are also being translated currently. I admit that it is a pain trying to wait for the updates but since we readers are just reading for free, it is improper for us to just complain and complain. Akuyaku Reijo wo Koi Shite (Falling… Continue reading My current reading list (JP novels)


Recommended Filipino Stories

Here are my personal favorites of Filipino web novels. Link



1st Question   — What kind of genre do you like in a web novel? 2nd Question — Do you like a magical academy kind of story? This is just a poll. We may or may not follow the result of this poll.



I'll collect the result on November 11, 2016.



There will be no TPT updates for today and tomorrow because I'm currently busy for some uni matters since our second semester will begin tomorrow. I'll try to post the chapters on wednesday but if no chapter is released on that day, it means the next update will be on Sunday. Thanks for reading and… Continue reading Notice

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Yup! It says Randomatic. I will sometimes post some quotes, facts about girls and boys and some really random things when I feel like it. You can ignore or if you feel tempted, click the randomatic menu above. Let's just say, I just feel like doing this, haha~



seiji96 here! Hey people I will be missing in the next 6 days...The next releases will be unedited.  But I will try my best to open the site if I have time. 😀 whosays25 will be here though to keep you entertained.



Heya~ another random post from whosays25. Since I finished translating two chapters today, I said, I'll take a break first. Then I visited NUF and saw so many  happy birthday posts. I really appreciated those greetings but what made me so happy was the Sharramycats Group Medal which depicts @little dragon's avatar. XD Have a good day people!… Continue reading Medal


I’m Sorry

whosays25 here~ I apologized for the lack of releases this day. It's actually my birthday today and my friends gate crashed that's why I was not able to focus myself to translating. Tomorrow, I and seiji96 will make up for this with more chapters. For now, just speculate about the mystery of this Lucille girl.… Continue reading I’m Sorry