Legend of Gemini Chapter V (Part 1)

Reverend Lexur McDarmarius


“Aren’t we going to work at the fields?” asked by Regulus.

“It’s very obvious that you were not listening earlier. Reverend Astronomiya said not to go to the fields today. Why? Do you still want to work your bones under the sun?” answered by Op-art.

“Then what the heck are we doing here?” The lad complained.

“We’ll be teaching the kids because it’s been part of the Sanctuary’s tradition for the older demons to teach and educate them. Isn’t that obvious since we’re inside a classroom?” replied by Op-art.

“Are you okay? Brother, you look like a withered plant!” Kevan worriedly asked me.

“I didn’t get a single second of sleep last night.” I said. I supposed the dark circles under my eyes can be seen clearly since he immediately noticed. Actually, I’m still pondering about many things. I can’t help but think that the deities really have a grudge against me.

Saturn left. When he returned, he put a medicine on top of my hand. “Here, take this. It can alleviate headaches.” I looked down to my hand and saw that what he handed me is a stimulant drug. I thanked the young man for his thoughtfulness and then swallowed the medicine. After swallowing it, the girl’s group arrived. We gave each other a greeting. Somehow, it gives me a weird feeling. Before, only I have to be greeted and welcomed but from now on, I also have to return the greetings. I’m still not used to it.

The Sanctuary’s classroom is wide and spacious. It looks like an auditorium, a white themed lecture theatre. Everything inside the place is white in color and it gives the impression of extreme cleanliness and purity. Suddenly I came to the conclusion that all of the things that could be found in the whole space station are white – from the uniforms and garments, to the passages and even to the animals.

We’re currently standing on the stage. Facing us were the rows of floating chairs. The platform of the stage was made of glass. It seems to be breakable but I think the glass is the kind which can deflect bullets from ray guns. Probably the glass is chromatic-laserproof and when I tried tapping it with my foot, it’s durable like iron steel but thin and glistening.

After waiting for a while, the group of Pillars and the young demon children came in. They are not making any sound and quietly took their seats. Meanwhile, our group sat at the edge of the stage. Almost all of the cursed children are here, except for the children with ages 8 years and below who are attending the nursery curriculum. The room is not cramped but the number of people inside is really overwhelming. Suddenly, I thought of my problem. I sweep all the women who are in the Lecture hall a glance. Their seats are separated from the boys. Their number is too many to count. Since there are so many of them, I couldn’t tell who my soulmate among them is.

Bear in mind, Orion. You only have three more months to locate your soulmate. Only three months are left.

Reverend Astronomiya arrived late. Like the first time we saw her, she’s wearing high heeled shoes while walking in a wobbly manner. This female cultist is actually not finding her walk laborious while bearing so many accessories on her body. “Good morning to all of our behaved demons!”

After she finished her never-changing, never entertaining greetings, the lights inside the auditorium suddenly went off. The room was blanketed by darkness. However, because of this that I learned how our white jumpsuits can glow in the dark. It becomes the sole source of illumination of the place.

“Good morning, Reverend!” All of us replied in unison to her. Though, I only feel like getting tired of greeting.

“Once again, we’re here for the older demons’ peer teaching. Are you ready to receive more knowledge, little demons?” Astronomiya asked the children. “If so, then let’s begin. Children, you better listen well. This day, the discussion is all about the Battle of the Prismatic Rocks and the one who will teach you is one of your older sisters, Glitter Lastranger. Glitter, the stage is yours.” Astronomiya’s introduction. From her seat, a girl went up the stage. She’s a female demon who seems to be in her seventeenth year, the same with me.

Here we are again, a boring lecture. This is not different from the lesson given by my bastard instructor when I was still in the palace. Really, it’s better to sleep than to listen.

The three-dimensional diorama started projecting. Skye and Regulus were immediately amazed when they saw it. Using her fingers, Glitter made the pictures shown to us appeared alive. Her discussion is accompanied by a 5D animation. “Good morning, brethren! Who among you know how many Prismatic rocks are revolving around the Parthenon Ring?” Her lecture started so everyone’s attention was shifted to the woman with masculine air.

Skye and Regulus were very much engrossed to the animation so they tried touching the images of the Prismatic Rocks which are floating in front of them. Of course, it’s only something digital so they touched nothing. “Wow! It seems so real! It’s like we’re really at the outer space!” Regulus exclaimed his astonishment.

For me, nothing’s really new and amazing. Our palace also has these things and our diorama is way bigger than the one that the sanctuary has. “Obviously, these two had only seen something like this. They’re really poor and deprived.

“Look, Regulus. Our planet!” Skye whispered to him shyly. On the right side, there’s the hovering image of the Planet Exilon.

“Sshhh!” Saturn warned the two newcomers. “Don’t be noisy or else the Pillars will scold us.” The two ignorant children followed him. They become quiet. However, their yearning to touch the image of their planet.

At the right side, I noticed the representation of my beloved planet. The very beautiful planet of Chrome. Because a part of my chest started hurting, I averted my eyes from it. I think I’m feeling homesick. I’m badly missing my mother.

The discussion of the older demons continued. Each of them has their own topic about the said war. Because of boredom, I didn’t notice that I actually fell asleep. I’m sitting straight but my two eyes were closed.

“Ahem…” Reverend Astronomiya cleared her throat. She also looked at the name sewn on  my jumpsuit. “Tell me why Chancellor Wilma Violet had needed to visit the planet of Riote, Pol-lux Ce-les-tial?”

Saturn suddenly woke me up from my nap.

Dead! I actually fell asleep.

I became dumbfounded because I didn’t understand the question thrown by the Reverend.

“I repeat. Pollux Celestial. Why did Chancellor Wilma Violet visit the Riote planet before starting that war?” She repeated the question while giving my tired eyes a glare. She then shrugged her shoulders, as if belittling my level of knowledge.

What the hell! This female cultist is actually questioning me? If I could only flaunt my prince status, your tongue will surely drop to the ground!

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