Legend of Gemini Chapter II

Starcops, Legions and Pillars


The earth trembled and stones and ashes scattered all around due to the pod’s loud explosion. It made me unconsciously close my eyes and cover my ears. It was as if I become deaf even if we’re already far away from the blasted place. Well, it can’t be helped since ten remote detonating nukes had been used to blow it up. However, the nukes flared up too strongly, it could even burn the whole forest. Fortunately, the place around it was only littered with huge rocks and big chunks of stones and not by trees or else, a wildfire will appear in front of us.

For sure, somebody will be startled by the deafening noise made by that explosion so we decided to leave.

While walking away from that place, I glance on my body. I don’t feel comfortable with my current get up. Aside from the fact that it makes me itch all over, I also hate the stinky and unpleasant direwolf scent. Like this disrespectful woman who doesn’t know how to respect his prince, I’m now also wearing clothes made in wolf skin. The boots which seem too small for my feet and the ripped jeans which look like rags are the same.

“It’s odd but you look more masculine with your new appearance.” The woman complimented.

If you only knew how much those clothes you burned cost, it’s pricier than your life and even if you work to death or even for a hundred years you still won’t be able to pay for it.

I avoided replying to her. Even now, I still feel at lost for my haircut which she cut and immediately dyed using a Reverse DNA Rod. I can’t seem to get use to this. My ash-colored hair turned coffee-colored.

She did not only change my hair’s style and hue, she also changed the color of my eyes. Now those green eyes I inherited from my father became chestnut in shade. She even put a mole under my left eye. Now, I’m no longer Orion Tudor. Not anymore. I see a different person from the clear waters of the lake. My face is being reflected clearly by the waters because of the moonlight which is the only form of illumination in this dark woodland.

“Until we find your soulmate, we have to assume other identities to avoid being hunted by the Legions. From now on, you’re my twin brother. You will address me as Stellar Celestial while I will call you my brother Pollux Celestial.” She reminded me.

“What is with this gimmick of yours?”

“As if you should still let yourself be called Orion Tudor?! You really are not using your brain.” The girl rudely remarked.

Fine. She’s got the point. As long as possible, no one must discover my real identity or else it will spark a huge scandal. A scandal which will surely taint the Tudors’ reputation. History, the people, and all the loyal disciples and subjects will definitely shun me. My father and mother’s reign will also be ended, that’ why it must not happen.

“But why are we twins? We don’t resemble each other.”

“We’re siblings to escape from people’s malice. Also, since we’re fraternal twins, it’s okay to not look alike.”

After several minutes of walking, we reached the sputnik’s location which was near the entrance of the lake. A sputnik is a common transportation vehicle use by the commoners and it is my first time seeing one. This sputnik is only as large as a space pod. I estimated it has a width of five meters and length of three meters. In other words, a small air vehicle, very unlike my thousand Royal Shuttles since it could only fly twenty six meters above ground and with the speed of two-hundred kilometres per hour. It’s not fast enough so it will only suit the poor.

“Ahem… ahem…” The woman cleared her throat. “Voxie will sit here. Go to the back!”

I almost took the seat beside her but her pet snatched the spot. Don’t tell me this girl wants to be with her cat more than her prince?

I stopped myself from complaining since it looks like my words don’t matter to her. Now, if possible, I no longer want her to speak any more depressing phrase. I positioned myself inside the sputnik and the unexpected and unpleasant stench of her cat assaulted my nostrils. This transportation medium is not attended and cleaned for several years, I’m absolutely sure.

This woman is very unladylike! This is too much!

I shook my head and fasten my seatbelt. That’s when the engine started.


We maintained silence throughout the journey. Later on, I slipped into the dream world and had slept tight. After several hours, the sun’s intense lighting irritated my eyes. I opened it up exactly just when the machine noises died down.

So it’s morning already. Probably we’re here now?

“Wake up! We arrived.” The woman informed me.

Because of my wrong sleeping posture earlier, the back of my neck started to hurt. I peek outside the sputnik’s window and see the pit she’s talking about. It’s actually a huge and deep cave etched on the stony mountain covered in darkness. It’s a fascinating cave entrenched on the steep part of the mountain hidden by tall trees and verdant plants. When the sputnik entered, only its headlights illuminated the dark pit. The machine’s piston slowly weakens until it landed on the cave’s deepest part.

When the door opens, I came out to go after the woman who is still clinging with her pet cat. I’m very much shocked when I saw that this pit she’s been mentioning all along is a gigantic laboratory with rocky grounds as its foundations. The place is abundant with water. Surrounding the vehicle’s Landing Circle are waterfalls and rivers which continuously create beautiful water sounds. Truly, this is where anyone’s mind can be put at ease.

“I didn’t know the Maxmillan family has this kind of property.” I said but Stellar ignored me and walked towards the narrow entrance. Together with her cat, I follow her and noticed how the ceiling’s fluorescent lamps automatically lighted up the dark passage.

When we get to the passage’s end, there’s a huge gate sealed inside one of the laboratory’s room. Stellar let the biometric scanner scan her blue retina. “Access denied.” A woman’s virtual voice responded after the scanning process.

“What the—“ Stellar was flabbergasted. She suddenly put off her two gloves and that’s when I learned the truth.

“You’re a demon child?” I blurted out those words after seeing no Gemini prints.

“Yes, so what?” She replied as if it’s not a big deal.

“Why did you not tell me?”

“You did not ask.”

“Aha!” For an unknown reason, I felt joy. “Who would have thought? The daughter of my trusted general is actually a demon. Your father is a criminal! He will be judged by the judiciary.” I threatened.

Now I’m not alone in this precarious situation. Thank goodness that I’m with another demon child now.

“It seems you forgot the son of His Majesty is also a demon. We’re even.” Stellar directed me a sarcastic smile. This girl is really smart, huh. It’s hard to hold her in neck.

She tried putting her palms above the biometric scanner then a green radiation came out of it. “Access denied!” The virtual assistant voiced out once again.

“Why is that so?”

I gave up minding her business. I think it’s no longer fun to be reproached by her.

Stellar tried two ways of opening the gate but all failed. Without further ado, she opens her mouth. “This is Stellar Maxmillan and I demand to open the hatch!” She commanded the virtual assistant.

“Your voice is not programmed in the security system and matches no log records. Please enter the password in the analog box for the fourth log-in option. After three wrong attempts, the firewall will be activated.” Replied the Virtual assistant.

Before she even managed to press the analog box to put the password, loud sounds started to alarm our hearings and it came from an unknown direction. Someone’s coming! Stellar pulled out her laser gun and beam pistol from her weapon bag.

“Shhh!” She warned me. Her cat seems to transform into a wild beast. She and her cat readied their selves for the incoming danger. I can feel them being alert. I don’t know why but I’m being nervous. I thought I’m already out of peril but it seems I am not.

“What’s that?”

“Shhh!” Stellar hissed at me and it looks like her brow arched up due to annoyance.


It was followed by the sounds made by hurried and synchronized steps. There are many of them. But who are they? The light sometimes dimmed out and it only made my racing heart beats faster. I felt the sudden flooding of anxiousness. Then from my peripheral vision, I seem to see something which flew fast at me. The next thing I know, I’m feeling dizzy. While groaning, I reach out for the thing which hit my back. I feel weak. What the heck is happening to me? I try to stabilize myself as I lean on the wall.

“What the —“ Stellar also grunted. The same also occurred to her Meircat. That’s when I realize the reason why we suddenly felt dizzy. On the woman’s shoulder is a tranquilizer dart. I’m sure it’s the same with the thing which dig into my back. “N-n-no… a trap!” She stuttered in panic.

We slowly lose our sense of balance and fell on the floor. The tranquilizer is too potent which result to our fast losing of consciousness. My sight blurred until it was completely devoured by darkness. An unexplainable scene appeared in my mind. It was dark. “Orion!” My grandfather called me in a cold voice which repeatedly echoed inside my head.

A memory emerges as if being viewed by my green eyes. Under the Evelveiss tree, I was hiding, ducking onto the bukawe grasses. I looked serious, my eyes resembled an eagle. Meanwhile, my still hands positioned to fire an arrow – it was aimed to an innocent Fortress Deer which was still unaware of its imminent fate.

“Orion!” Once again, I heard my grandpa’s whisper which reverberated in my own world. My grandpa was the one who taught me archery – the art of hunting using arrows and bow. At the age of eight, I can already hunt in the forest near the palace.

I released the arrow and then I saw how time stopped. Like in a slow-mo, I seemed to see how the arrow nailed the Fortress Deer’s side. Blood sprayed out and then everything was drowned in red!


Is only a nightmare.

I wake up in stupor, as if I only came out of a long marathon. That tranquilizer triggered a good memory in me but it later turned into a terrible dream. I regain consciousness due to the pain when my arm was injected with a syringe. A female medic actually put nano-trackers in me. My mind is a mess because of the fast turning of events. Just yesterday, I hunted in the forest, ate fresh turkey meat, reflected on things while lying on my soft bed, and was attended by my servants from head to toe. But now… I ended up into the Legions’ hands.

I observe my arm and notice the swelling part where the medic injected the nano-trackers. I’m aware; from now on I won’t be able to escape from their eyes. It’s because using new technologies, they can now easily guard us, demon children.

On the left corner, I can see Stellar who is embracing a little boy. She caresses his back to comfort him since it is obvious that he fears the giant Legions. Well, it can’t be helped because the Legions who abducted us are genocides. They are like chimera creatures formed from mixing the genes of different species and are developed by our talented Genetic Engineers. The genes are from species like crocodiles, eagles, snakes and other wild animals. All of those genes are mixed with Homo sapiens genes so it turned out into humans with parts from different beasts. They are splices, hybrid species, unique creations... Genocides differ in appearances since their forms depend on the DNA designs put by the Genetic Engineers on the incubator capsule.

I walk towards Stellar while clutching my rumbling stomach. I’m so hungry and I want to feast on fine delicacies. “Aren’t you hungry?” I asked her.

“What do you think?” She sarcastically replied. Obviously, this woman is also starving.

“Are the two of you lovers, Big sister, Big brother?” asked the boy who is covered in dirt and mud. I notice his tender eyes which suit his age and his almond-shaped face. He looks so innocent.

“Oh boy, no! We’re twins. He’s your Big Brother Pollux while I am your Big Sis Stellar.” She explained to the child. “By the way, why are you so dirty?”

“We’ve been captured by those Legions from a quagmire, big sis.” The boy answered.

“Is that so?”

He nodded. “I’m Rigel, eight years old. He’s Regulus, my elder brother. The others are acquaintances. She is Big Sis Virgo, Big Bro Skye while he’s my other older brother, Big Bro Titan.”

“Silence!” They are reprimanded by a serpent-like Legion. Probably his genome is a combination of genes from a snake, lizard, crocodile, and carp fish. His tail is that of a snake, with body full of crocodile scales, head of lizard and whisker of a carp fish.

The whole Mothership Aviator became quiet because of that particular creature.

Well, for me, it’s just unusual. I actually experienced an Aviator ride.

This Mothership is a gigantic ship use in land, oceans, air and even in galactic wars. It is also use when Legions and Starcops chase after pirates, demon children and fugitive criminals of Parthenon Galaxy. It is cylindrical in shape and its armor is coated with a particular element which is very durable against chromatic laser beams. With sonic cannons, beam guns, and remote detonating nukes, it is complete in modern weaponry and it has an electromagnetic shield which defends the mothership’s main deck and compartment. Aside from that, this kind of ship is being used by the two powerful government of planet Chrome and Exilon when conquering newly discovered planets.

If I’m not mistaken, my planet has four thousand Motherships with two million fighting starships. Our army is twice as large when compared to that of planet Exilon due to my father’s effective management of the Defense Department. As of today, our planet has four colonies here in Parthenon Galaxy. And of course, all of these will be mine if my father will pass his crown to me.

Unfortunately, it won’t be realized as long as I am a demon child. Absolutely, this is those deities’ fault.

By the way, planets of Parthenon Galaxy differ from each other in terms of appearance. Since planets vary in sizes, there are those which have longer daytime. Among those planets, Chrome and Exilon are unique since they take similar orbit when revolving around the sun thus they have similar number of day hours. These two hold all the other planets, no matter how small or big it is, and so this allowed our ancestors to decide the Parthenon Galaxy’s calendar system, currency system, and other unit systems. Because of diverse cultures in every planet, inhabitants also differ in language, clothing and lifestyle. Now to ease up commerce and trading issues, the twin planets’ governments mandated one main galactic language.

People who live on Exilon and on its colonies are called Zekek while people under Chrome are referred to as Kromiz people. As an example, I am the Chrome’s prince who was born at Chrome’s colony, planet Jinkai, and is both a Jinkish and a Kromiz.

The uniformity in language, systems and other stuff like this citizenship issue became part of Parthenon Galaxy’s law. All of these have been implemented for the sake of not confusing the masses.


An hour passed by. The medic team gave us our uniforms then commanded us to take a bath. After that we’ve been briefed by them for the near docking of this Mothership at the Sanctuary of Demons. I can still remember how I used to mock those demon children wearing white garments. I always watched them before on the Space Broadcast Television. Right now though, my wheel of fate drags me to its bottom. I’m now wearing the clothing made in linen and with long sleeves and collar. No other color beautified the uniform. It’s clean-looking, the only saving grace when compared to the hunter clothes handed to me by Stellar earlier.

“Where do you think Voxie is?” I heard Stellar whisper in the air.

“It’s dead.”’

She gave me a death glare when she reply. “You truly deserve the gods’ punishment!”

“Shut up, the first thing you must worry about is on how to find my soulmate!”I stressed my words but in low voice. I still fear being heard by those Legions.

“Are you stupid? You should realize that things had just become easier for you.”

“How so?”

“Have you forgotten where we are going right now? This ship is going to the Sanctuary! For sure there are several maidens there with no Gemini prints which means your chances of finding your soulmate increase. You should be grateful that the gods and goddesses even gave you this chance.”

Fine, she’s smart and it’s her only merit.

“Demons, get ready!” The lieutenant who leads the Legions’ genocide squad barked at us. His head is that of a hawk. He’s got half of a human body but his legs and feet resemble that of a horse. “After a while, we will reach the Sanctuary. Form a straight line. Don’t make a fool of yourselves when the Pillars welcome you!”


When we reach the Sanctuary’s entry point, the mothership’s accommodation ducts slowly landed on the station’s harbour.

The Sanctuary is actually a space orbiting station on the outer space. I observe the place which is shaped like a sponge cake and it makes me remember my own home – the planet Chrome.

I feel so lonely. I can’t help but think so before continuing my observation.

The fortress is covered by a crystal-like element which intensifies its beauty projected to the eyes. Verdant plants are too numerous and the buildings are uniformed in style. I also can see some animals like the flocks of dove which is flying on the atmosphere and the fishes swimming and occasionally jumping out of the artificial lake’s clear water. I suddenly remember what one of my tutors said. The Sanctuary is called as the safest place in the universe because of its ten-layered electromagnetic field.

The Legions led us to the mausoleum of the gods and goddesses which serves as the entrance of the whole Sanctuary. We’ve been welcomed by a female Pillar levitating above using her hoverboard. She’s being radiant in joy.

“Come on! Welcome to the Sanctuary of Demons – the place of peace, serenity, justice and equity! The haven created by the deities for their condemned offsprings! The sanctuary where you all belong!”

The female Pillar who gave that introduction has very long eyelashes. Her complexion is almost as white as her white judicial gown which fits to her willowy body. She has heart-shaped lips but due to its paleness, it gives a vibe which usually comes from a cold corpse. Moreover, her aggressive eyes have the same color as that of a pale star apple.

She looks frightening.

“I am Astronomiya Voltaire, the right hand woman of Prime Vangart Copernicus, the Sanctuary’s Headmaster. I’m tasked to welcome you all, obedient demon children. Come and don’t be bashful!” The female Pillar’s words sounded lame. It’s obvious she’s only forced to act like a good host in front of us, demons. However, I can’t deny that her voice and manner of speaking is unique.

The Pillars are people entrusted to manage the Demon Children here. Their statuses and responsibilities are on the seers’ level. Sad to say, they dress and speak in creepy manner. They look like a group of cultists.

We follow Astronomiya who is walking like a refined lady but also wobbly due to her very high heeled shoes. When we pass by the last gate for the entrance, the other Pillars walk towards us as  Astronomiya give introduction of the place. “Witness the Templar! The sacred altar for the idols!” She said while showing off the location where all of Parthenon Galaxy’s history is recorded and inscribed…

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