Legend of Gemini VII

VII. Team Southern Terra Nova

“Is it really okay you joining Promenteus team?” Saturn ask disappointingly while waiting the food rations in the queue.

“It’s okay brother. It is your freedom to choose your team and I have no right to dictate in your decision. That’s why don’t mind about Op-art and Kevan.” He said causing me to look at Op-art and Kevan who are at the other side of the queue. They seem to avoid my gaze and their actions are strange. I felt, until now they can’t accept my decision yesterday, because they are avoiding me as if I had an infectious disease. They already consider me as they’re close friend so I don’t blame them. I don’t understand what I feel, am I bothered? No! Never have I been felt guilty, so it’s impossible. I am a prince of Orion and it’s not in my vocabulary to meddle other peoples feeling especially they are just a mere demon that I met for five days. “Oh, why does your gaze to them felt like something?” Saturn ask’s when he notice me glancing to Op-art and Kevan.

“Are they really fine in me choosing Promenteus team?”

“Actually, no. Don’t mind them, it will just pass and they will understand your decision brother.  Get used to it, Op-art gets easily sulk and jealous. “

“Pollux.” Promenteus gently called not far from here. He sat in the second table with his group from where we are. He made a gesture indicating that I should sit beside them. I look Saturn in the eye to ask if it’s fine that I would be separated from their group. Saturn nodded and said, “Go on! You should go to them, after you get your provisions.”

After I get my ration, I immediately went to Promenteus table. They welcomed me warmly at my arrival. Shook hands, greet each other and laughed. I feel strange. 

Just a moment had passed, the gong sounded which implies a public announcement. Reverend Astronomiya face appeared on the wall screen and the three-dimensional diagram of his body is in the in front of every table here in the dining hall. “My dear demons, I announce that starting today the seniors will postpone in farming and fishing, as well as teaching the children. To discuss each team’s preparation for the upcoming Annual Demon Children’s Games. To all the females, you can visit your sisters; Glitter Lestranger, the leader on Northern Terra Nova and Jorgette Alistonie, the leader of Western Terra Nova. And to all males, you can talk to your brothers; Promenteus Smith, the leader of Southern Terra Nova and Saturn Pryor, the leader of Eastern Terra Nova. I’m also sad to inform you that starting today, you can’t join us in the meals for a while.  This is because all the Pillars will go to the different planets to raise funds for the big event. We will only be gone for five days so don’t worry. Good day and I hope you will be full in your breakfast!” The diagram of Reverend Astronomiya disappear on the tables along with the wall screens.

“That’s great! Finally no one will guard for three days.” Virgil celebrated in joy.

All the demons gathered to their team. On my right, Stellar suddenly want me to go to her and lectured me. “You bastard! You will be forever be a traitor! Are you not ashamed to your actions? Why did you left the group of the first friends you met?” She said angrily while pointing and hitting me with her forefinger.  Maybe she want to make a scandal in front of my team. They just shrug and remained calm sitting in our table.

“Brother, don’t mind Pollux! It is strictly forbidden here in the Sanctuary to lecture and to fight our fellow brothers and sisters. It is stated in the sacred tablet that Astronomiya gave!” Anemone weaned on Stellar who seems a bomb exploding in anger.

“Traitor! Your like a sheep, scared of his lion! Coward! Useless!” Stellar’s whispered in the air. She then left after raised her head to me. I can’t explain what I feel. I woke up from what she said. She’s right, I’m not loyal to the people who first trusted me here in the Sanctuary. I feel annoyed and mad at myself. This is the first time I felt like this. I gave the people who witnessed the scene a fake smile. I’m embarrass to show them my true feelings.

“My brothers, I hope you will forgive our sister Stellar. It was her intense emotion that make her say it. I will talk to her later.” Anemone’s apology to Prometeus and the others while politely bowing to them. It is obvious that she is embarrassed to her apprentice because her cheeks is red.

“We don’t mind, sister! We understand!” Promentous’s response to the lady.

When Anemone left, I quickly grabbed her hands and sarcastically said. “That’s what it is my twin. Like a storm, later the blows of the feeling will change again. Don’t worry, things will work out.” I winked at her. I feigned to ease the tension that happened between us earlier with my supposedly ‘twin’.

Shocked, she hid her palms behind her. “Thank you brother.” She said roughly. Anemone didn’t look at me in the eyes and simply walk away from our table.

“No more drama! It gave me goosebumps.” Prometeus’s said. “Eat first before we will discuss our plan in the Demon games.” The leader commanded.


After we finished our breakfast in the dining hall, we all went to Ynamoreven circle. The circle where the games are held. It is situated at the head of the paddy and wheat farm. I think, the extent of the circle is equals to four Mother ship Aviator. Very wide. The gap is wide between the floating seats that surrounds the circle. It was like a mushroom that is floating in the air on this place. From here, you can see the whole Sanctuary. The artificial lake,waterfalls, the castle and the building, the wall-shaped mountains, the sky ducts and the Templar.

The teams have their own tents and flags. Our team is on the right side of the entrance of the circle. The name of our team is Southern Terra Nova derived from an area extending from the southern part of the planet Terra Nova. Terra Nova is an independent planet that is not covered by Chrome and Exilon empire. It is the smallest planet of the Parthenon galaxy and considered the center of the religious trend because this planet is a place where they train the priests and Pillars.

I don’t like what I am right now. Even before I don’t interact to the people who is beneath me and even with my relatives who I share with the same royal bloodline. My patience is very low especially if the topic does not make any sense. They are noisy and annoying! I found a spot in the corner to relieve my frustration. Noisy! Annoying! I turned my gaze to the tents swaying flags. All the flags are triangular in shape but different in colors and insignia. The flag of southern Terra Nova is red and the insignia is a white arrow. Eastern Terra Nova flag that Saturn lead’s is yellow with a white chromatic sword insignia. The Northern Terra Nova flag is green with  white roses insignia. And Stellar and Anemone’s team, which is the Western Terra Nova, they’re flag is blue and the insignia is a white crown.

“Brother!” The call of a voice behind me. I turned to see him but I pretended not to hear it. “Brother Promenteus called you,” he said in a gentle voice. I followed him inside our tent. Inside, you will notice that the atmosphere is light because everything is white there.  The only different color you will see is the red insignia in our chest.  The tent is wide and there are also cabinets inside. In the center there is a floating table and chairs where my team mates are seated. They all look at my direction when I enter.

“Oh, he is here!” Virgil greets me.

“Brother, I would like to know what is your skills and talent so when can use it in the Demon Children’s Games?” Promenteus ask.

“Why? What are the tests in the game?”

“A lot, but only three test’s which gives big ponts. They are the Space Pod Racing, Galaxy Trekking and the Battle Star Tournament.” Promenteus answered.

“In the past Demon Games, the STN ( Southern Terra Nova) always win in the Battle Star Tournament, but in the Galaxy Trekking and Space Pod Racing we always lose to the ETN (Eastern Terra Nova).” Added by another demon who skin is sun-kissed. I read his name seam in the white jumpsuit. Jokai Stevensmith.

“I’m sorry to inform you but I don’t know how to drive the Space Pod and I don’t know the games that you call the Galaxy Trekking and Battle Star Tournament.” My excuse to them.

“That shouldn’t be! All the demon children are obligated to join the three big tests in the Demon Children’s Game. Teamwork is needed to each tests!” Jokai exclaimed.

“Jokai is right, brother. Those tests forbids the demon children who are under 15 years old to join.”

“Does it mean that only the seniors can play the three tests?” Ask by one of the demons who I think is also new here. Maybe the Legions caught them first before they caught us, with Stellar.

“Yes, this is my second to join the three tests. In my first year here I learn how to drive the pod.” Promenteus.

“But don’t underestimate Promenteus and my ability, my brothers, especially the newcomers. If we just do our best performance in the past test, then we might have won and not the yellow.” Virgil’s complaint.

“Stop Virgil! What happen has happened.” The leader said to Virgil. “Brothers, can I count o you that this year the Southern Terra Nova will be the champion?” Promenteus’s shouted.

“Nothing is difficult, it is just in the mind. The simulator is created for us to practice and enhance our abilities.” Jokai. In a blink of an eye Jokai got the red flag from Promenteus and raise it. “For Southern Terra Nova.”

Some members simultaneously answer. “For the championship!”



After the meeting, we immediately began to learn how to maneuver the space pod simulator. I remember my bastard teacher in the palace patiently teaching me the Space Odessey despite my temper, tss. Until now nothing I still haven’t learn how to run the spaceship. I always bumps in the floating prismatic rocks in the space. Because there are four of us newcomers aged sixteen to seventeen, we are the only ones they taught by Virgil, Promenteus, Jokai, Marcus, Barish, Brandon and Lucas.

“Why not Marcus, Barish, Brandon and Luke join the Pod Racing?” Mareo ask, a newbie like me.

“”Because they will join the other tests. They are the ones I assigned to guide the other members to the small and simple tests. In fact, we have many seniors but they are scattered among our members. It small points would be a waste in the simple tests.” Promenteus.

“The four of you newcomers will be the one we will train of the three most important tests in the Demon Games.” Jokai explained.

“So we are seven?” Asked Mulave also one of the newcomers.

“Yes!” Jokai response. When you know how to run a pod, you’re also proficient in the war strategies by using this vehicle. That way, our job to teach you will be easier.” added the young demon.

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