1 [Gemma]

 Translated by: whosays25



“Where am I?” I no longer knew where I ended up to. I’m so tired and thirsty. Plus, I’m dragging two travelling bags with me. Great. Just great.

I continued walking. Tsk. Why did I even run away? It should be done if I know a place to stay in, eh. But I truly disliked that house. They are nothing but hypocrites and idiots. I can stay with them no more.

However, it is true that my feet are already hurting because I started walking more than two hours ago. I don’t even know where to go to. All I know is I’m not at White Division anymore. I also don’t want to return to that place since even if only wealthy and elite people only lived there, I didn’t feel that I’m included to those types of people. Moreover, my stepmother and stepsister are there and I don’t want to ever see them again. I’m only worried about Dad because I left him alone together with them. But I just can’t stay and live together with those two women.

I escaped from home earlier. I planned to board the transit but I learned that a permit is needed before someone can go to another division. Unfortunately, only officers can freely ride those so I have no choice but walk. I took the route which depicts the border line of the White Division and East Black Division. The whole Black Division surrounds the White Division and it was divided into four quadrants – North, South, East and West. I’m now here at the East side of the Black Division and I don’t even know why I went here. But yeah, I’m already here eh. And it’s also easier to have my through this borderline since there are fewer guards on standby.

However, what made my day worst is, I’m lost. This is because it’s my first time exiting the White Division. After all, all my life, I was always at that place.

“Miss, are you feeling lost?” I was surprised when out of a sudden, five men appeared before me.

I knew it.

This rumor has long been circulated at the White Division. They said the Black Division is the hometown of delinquents, hoodlums and other kinds of worthless people. And here I am, facing a group of them.

A gang.

I can’t help but sigh. Okay, Gemma, how much unluckiness have you received from the heaven? Great. I was lost and all, and I even encountered some gang members? What a bad luck.

“No thanks,” I smiled at them and started walking away. However, they suddenly surrounded me.

“How snobbish of you, Miss Beautiful. Don’t you want to be with us?” said the guy with brown colored hair and two golden front teeth. I suddenly felt the chill.

I’m slowly falling into bad mood due to all the misfortunes I’m receiving. First, I was forced to run away from home because of those two women whom I can no longer tolerate. Second, I’m lost. And now, it seems I would have to fight my way out. I’m having it enough!

“Are you going to let me through or not?” I dropped my travelling bags and then held the thing I tucked at the back of one of my bags. I didn’t expect to use it so soon.

“Well, are you going to fight? Don’t you know that we’re from a well-known gang he – “

I swiftly ran towards him and hit him with what I’m holding. Then I jumped and anchored my weapon to his neck. He was easily downed.

“BOSS!” shouted the other four while I was sitting atop their so called Boss.

“Now, are you letting me have my way?” Then I smirked at him.

“What the hell is that? A-a sword?” I want to laugh at his reaction because it seems that he saw a ghost. But I only stood up and pointed at his neck my bokken. I saw the bleeding edge of his neck where I anchored my sword but the blood is not spilling.

“It’s a wooden sword. Wanna try it again?”

The moment after I said that, he suddenly grabbed the center part of my bokken and my right foot. We stumbled together and he put me under him and he’s pressing his weight to me. But what’s worse is, I landed on my butt. Shit! That hurts!

“Heh. Don’t underestimate me, Miss. After all, I’m the gang leader,” then he pulled out a knife. Uh-oh. Shit. Is this the climax of my unfortunate day?

I tried my best to escape from him but he sat on my stomach so I couldn’t move. I also couldn’t move my bokken because he stepped on that. Damn!

I started uttering my prayers because I expected that anytime soon, the knife will be stabbed to me. But I opened my eyes when I heard the screaming behind us.

“B-boss! Help! Help! Aaaaaaggghhh!” Even if I couldn’t see what’s happening there, I’m thankful with all of my heart because this boss shifted away his attention from me. During that split second, I poured all of my strength to change our position and to roll away and free myself.

And I succeeded!

I hurriedly stood up while he was still hugging the ground after I pushed him rolling. Then I saw what’s taking place at the back.

It’s a girl.

She’s fighting against those four faggots and I was amazed because she can fight evenly while alone… and bare-handed. But my eyes almost popped out when someone from behind her also took out a knife. I don’t even know when but all I know is, I suddenly ran to reach her side. However, at the same time, she also ran at my direction and I’m not aware why. But I focused again to the guy who was holding a knife. I targeted his hand with my bokken and then he finally dropped that knife. I kicked his face hard and smacked his back with my weapon. After that, he immediately collapsed and the next thing I knew, he’s unconscious.

I hurriedly looked at the girl and I was surprised to see her stepping at the face of their unconscious boss.

Then she looked at me. The skin on the back of my neck tingled. It seems I was frozen by her glare.

“You should always…” What shocked me is she suddenly ran again towards my direction but she passed by me. “…watch your back.” Then she grabbed the faces of those maggots who were targeting my back and she smashed them on the road.

Ouch. I’m sure it hurts.

She once again eyed me. And this time, I smiled at her.

“Tell that to yourself, too,” I said before throwing the knife the man was holding earlier, and she immediately caught it. Then, I walked to fetch my travel bags which became dirty due to the mud.

“I’m Gemma by the way. Thanks for helping me. I thought all of my bad lucks will continue to the point that I will say bye bye to Earth,” then I laughed. Who would have thought something lucky will still occur to me?

After getting my stuffs, I approached her. Sad to say, she’s still not speaking and it seems she has no plan to talk to me.

“I didn’t help you. It’s just that… they are my targets.” She followed her words with showing a small flag with a symbol.

“Target? Them?” I pointed at those guys who are now kissing the earth.

“Yeah. Their gang.” After saying that, she turned her back at me and started leaving. Oh well, I guess she’s not that willing to converse with me. However I can’t complain because in the first place, she’s the reason why I’m still alive. Well, it’s our first time seeing each other. I also faced the other way and walked towards… err… to wherever. I already made five steps when…

“My name’s Krystal.”

I looked back at her and saw that she’s still walking away. I don’t know why but I suddenly broke into a grin. And the next thing I knew, I ran fast to her until we’re already walking side by side.



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